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I love the Headamp GS-X mK2 for both HP's a tough pairing for an amp to get right Dan (Mr. Speakers) Yggy>WA5 (fully pimped out with Sophia Princess $1000+ tubes), was the best amp I've ever heard with the HD800, jaw dropping, but only so so with the LCD-3 From my stand point the LCD-3 is better with solid state and the HD800 is better with tubes so a tough combo to get right
Nice combo what amp are you using now?
Check out the P5 and P7 at Magnolia in Best Buy, the P5 is lighter and more comfortable, for portable use I'm using mine with the AK100ll
The HD800 and the 3's are my current combo but the 4 is very tempting. I need to try them out at a meet at 4K they better be good 
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