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Eric Church
Stay High
"Making Mirrors" Gotye
Great, 24/96 is on my Mac using the Amarra player which I'm upgrading to 3.0 today (it is suppose to stream once they get my email correct) and a lot of high rez from HDTracks.  I also have a number of AIFF and ALAC converted FLAC downloads, Portable setup is with Rockboxed 5.5G iPod which outputs CD quality 16/44.
David Chesky's ultimate headphone demo disc at 24/96 or just  standard High Res 24/48 or CD 16/44  I can source at any level but comparing HP's it makes sense to keep the playing field even.
The HD600 is "better." If you want even better HD800 and amp those HP's, this is Head-Fi so better open up your wallet and find out.   
My favorite Steve Winwood album, on better HP's this album rocks 
  My butt is kicked     
"Blackbird" The Beatles
Yellow Claw
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