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Steely Dan
9/26 sounds good to me, jibzilla SR-009 seriously cool!
You Make Loovin' Fun" Fleetwood Mac
Rikie Lee Jones
Burnley,   Chattanooga is closer to me than Nashville,   but the Music City Meet would need to have a name change, plus    I can't imagine how difficult it would be for you to scout out locations.
 Danger Mouse
"My Life" Billy Joel
I would 2nd that,  I have basically come to the conclusion the higher end HP's need more than what a portable amp can deliver.  When I go portable I stick with portable HP's>B&W P5/Senns PX100/Grado 60 and 80 etc. When you get to a point where you are driving high end HP's (T1/HD800/Audeze LCD2+) via portable DAC's and Amps and interconnects you are dealing with a stack of expensive weights, not so portable.
New Posts  All Forums: