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"Sex Room" Ludacris
(The) Sex Pistols
Sorry the Apple MacAir is my only PC. For most HP's I honestly don't think I could tell a difference between 320 or 256 MP3's and Hi Res 24/96 or above.   The higher end HP's, properly amped, and with an above average DAC, and 24 bit makes a difference to me, no further claims at all. If you want to run a double blind placebo controlled study using controls that account for age groups, music sources, and every HP, DAC, and Amp, I would love to see it and that includes a...
Simple as pie with XLD, I do it all the time, for instance I was blowing leaves in my yard today and I wasn't using my AK 100ll, I was using my iPod and loaded up with 128 and 256 MP3's, no reason to do serious listening just background music which is fine.
Diana Krall
What are the controls? Specify DAC, Amp, and of course HP, my own setup is OPPO BDP-105>Meier Classic>HD800 what are you going to set up, for me?
Todd Snider
"Room 21" Hinder
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