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Humble Pie
"The Devil Went Down To Georgia" Charlie Daniels
I have upgraded cables for the P5 (original) ordered and the P5 S2 on the way.   I'm done with IEM's, they irritate my ears despite trying multiple tips (Comply, Shure, Rubber, and Foams), and they suck on plane trips as well.   I have tried multiple noise isolating HP's over the years and the P5 is hands down the best for comfort, sound and preservation of fun.   Comparing the P5 to other HP's, that are not noise isolating, is like comparing IEM's to Over the Ear...
"Devil With A Blue Dress On" Mitch Ryder
Modern Lovers
Smokey Robinson
"Journey Of 1000 Years" Kiss
"Just The Two Of Us" Bill Withers
Neil Sedaka
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