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Nineteen Ninety Nine
Steely Dan Song
Sister Sledge
Vanilla Fudge
rear window killer
I haven't read any spoilers on The Force Awakens as I want to go into the movie fresh   All I needed was 228 + out of 240 reviews of major critics on Rotten Tomatoes,  my respect for JJ Abrams' TV and Movies and my love of Star Wars to push me into buying a ticket for this movie   I'm going for it 3D in IMAX
My disco ball motor (thank you Analogsurvivor for the advice) is on the way, looks like a DIY Christmas for me.   One thing I am absolutely sure about, you cannot clean vinyl better than ultrasonic, you can spend many $100's or $1000's on cleaning devices, or you can buy a 5L or 6L ultrasonic cleaner off eBay or Amazon for less than $150 and create an amazing vinyl cleaner using distilled water and a DIY setup to hold the vinyl in place to suspend the LP's in the...
like a virgin
+1 Long live the worst date thread and the king of bad dates 
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