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Tommy Shaw
New Order
"Girls Around The World" Lloyd
I want to apologize for my bad attitude last night.   I totally agree its a journey. Maybe the thing I love about the HD800 most, the more you go up the ladder (Amp, DAC, Source) the better it sounds.
"Halfway Around the World" The A-Teens
Natalie Bedingfield
Hotel California is the only 24/192 I have from HDTracks.  I hit the wall with that download, compressed it down to 24/96 and maybe it's my equipment, but I could not hear any difference.  A bunch more expensive and takes a up a lot of space.The rest of the Eagles catalog I have on CD and vinyl. The Beatles and The Cars are the only two groups I have all three versions in CD, vinyl and hi res.   I get the point about remastered albums, sometimes they are very good, and...
"All Around The World" Oasis
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