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One secretary at work was able to get tix, I posted the info here as soon as I saw it work, my guess is a Haslem was throwing Vol fans a bone, or someone was, as it showed up on the Volquest website of all places. Someone else at work was too busy at the moment then tried 15 min after I told them and it was sold out. Limited to 2 max and require ID and escort into the show after a will call pickup so no resells  I was hoping that anyone here could have snagged those...
Rollingstones tix $30 now go to their website and Lucky dips gets you there Beat the bots!!!!   in 15 min they all sold out, other cities are still going Atlanta?
If anyone likes live Rock get $30 Rollingstone tickets go to their website tour dates>Nashville>Lucky Dips> takes you to ticketmaster seats are assigned randomly 2 tix max do it now I think the stones decided to beat the bots!  $30 seats for seats that will sell next week $75-368   You must do it now   Well that didn't last long Just told within the 15min I posted it they sold out
Mick Jagger
Sonic Youth
"The Inner Light" The Beatles
That's my take I'm a T1 fan but sold mine after spending time with the LCD-3F, for Rock I have yet to hear a better HP. Still would not give up the HD800, its better with acoustic. I'm heading to a meet with multiple higher end amps so the HD800 may scale up. Given my current set up LCD-3F=HD800 
"Paradise City" Guns N' Roses
Arlo Guthrie
Manfred Mann
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