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That is my favorite Muse album and just downloaded the HDTracks 24/96 version  Initial impression:  Vocals and Synth are thrown forward and I rather like it, more complex and musical, I own the CD so easy to compare, I love this band and saw them on the "2nd Law tour" if you want to sample the album go to the HDTracks album and hit the button right of the song title. My beef with HDTracks outside the cost, the song sample is really short. For a brief time BUY2GET20 will...
Well I'm late for the party again,    Amp Headamp GS-X MK2 (arrives tommorow)   DAC Meier Audio Daccord Astell & Kern AK 100 ll   HP's Audeze LCD-3F HD800   Source Mac/Amarra   Hopefully this time I won't leave 1/2 my gear at home
I'm expecting the GS-X MK2 tomorrow, outside of no stacking any other ideas regarding setup?   I'm currently going to use the OPPO BDP-105 balanced out for CD, SACD, & Blu-Ray audio, and or the Meier Audio DACCORD for computer audio 
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I have the LCD3 and HD800 as well, different strengths and weaknesses. Just bought a Headamp GS-X mk2 arriving any day now, so expecting to scale up from the Meier Corda Classic Amp
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