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Strongly suggest hitting Hotwire for motel rooms in the Franklin area and pick the price range you want.  This area of Nashville is nice, hard to go wrong, and a whole lot cheaper than downtown Nashville.   
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^^^I've gone full circles with HP's over-ear>IEM's>over-ear   I stair stepped up on the IEM's going from the low end of Shure up to the top and then onto the Westone 3MX which beats any of the other Shures'    I've never heard any IEM that can beat a really good conventional HP but I haven't heard any of the really high end IEM's either (JH Audio) or the ASG   Bringing your own tips is a great idea 
The Audioquest Dragonfly is a crazy small USB DAC (weighs less than 10 grams with a USB attachment) that plugs right into the computer and synchs with Amarra on the Mac a semi-decent amp that can handle a Sennheiser HD650 and below, but its even better with a nice amp, the newer versions have dropped in price to a point it makes no sense to do computer audio without one. The GT40 is compact and small so very easy to transport, its a Jack of all trades, master of none, if...
I'm bringing the 1st version of the Audioquest DragonFly DAC I use it with my MacAir which is now upgraded to Amarra 3.0. I'm also going to bring my Furatech ADL GT40.  I've been using it to rip vinyl lossless 24/96 off my turntable, which I'm not bringing because it weighs 30 lbs and  would be a pain to pack up and haul in, the ADL GT40 is a crazy prephono amp/headphone amp/USB DAC/ADC. So plenty of equipment to mix and match with HP's. Theogenes never ever leave a resort   
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