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Luke Bryan
"Happy Jack" The Who
Time for more updates:   The Cars 24/96  All 6 albums 1) "The Cars" 2) "Candy-O" 3) "Panorama" 4) "Shake It Up" 5) "Heartbeat City" 6) "Door To Door"   All 6 albums are as good as any vinyl that I have, and hands down better than the CD versions available, very well done.   Weezer 24/96 "Everything Will Be Alright In The End" an excellent download
"Back In Black" AC/DC
Sheena Easton
I love the AK 100ll as a portable player    AK 100ll>balanced out ALO MKlllB+>HD800
New Order
"Songs From The Wood" Jethro Tull
SACD Hybrid-DSD   By pure accident I had my receiver off and was playing the OPPO BDP-105>XLR>Meier Classic, well the fidelity on the album was good but not great, something was wrong   Flipped my receiver on and just like magic the quality of the audio skyrocketed up, since the HP amp is not connected to the receiver and only to the BDP I must have flipped on the SACD and it then shook my HP amps' hand, well now I know.   "Come Dancing" is on this, but the cut...
"Knock On Wood" Eddie Floyd
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