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"Long Live Rock" The Who
HE400 perfect condition in box + 2 sets of pads = $150 Senns HD595 perfect condition $100 Shure SE530 PTH IEM used but still in great condition $125   I need to off load to up load!
Screwdriver, just posted on the HD800 thread his HP with Draug 2 cables, good lord they look nice    My wife claims I'll come back with more stuff than I'm leaving with 
"Wheel In The Sky/Lights" Journey
Eric Clapton
"You Really Got Me" The Kinks
I have had 6 iPods the 5.5 was at a crossroads with Apple, as they were still upping the ante on audio and not fully devoted to video yet, that Wolfson DAC was special.  The best analogy I can think of is:  Stereo Receivers and the HP out just prior to the onset of the Stereo Receiver as outputting to a home theater system.  Rockbox the 5.5 for free and play CD resolution audio on a portable player, arguably a better than most lower end CD players.
"With Or Without You" U2
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