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Michael Bay loves the long movie so 3 hours of what some critics claim is historically bad, well I think I'll stay away.
Hands down my favorite critic, I have three of his original review books, the rare critic who loved movies that seemed to go over the head of the serious critics. He was one of the few early critics who got "Jaws" and "Star Wars"  I have seen nothing but positive reviews about this film, I will check it out. On the other hand the reviews on the new Transformers movie are beyond bad, some of the worst I have ever seen, makes for comical reading on Rotten Tomatoes.
Scouting For Girls
"Song For A Future Generation" the B-52's
Part 1 of The Beatles Anthology series, highlights The Beatles version of "How Do You Do It" they refused to release this as they wanted their own songs released, George Martin felt it would be a #1 hit so The Beatles gifted the song to their friends and frequent stage partners from Liverpool Gerry and The Pacemakers and they made it  #1.  The Beatles version is better.  The Anthology includes "I Wanna Be Your Man" penned by Lennon-McCartney they choose not to release it...
"Song 2" Blur
Salacious Crumb
Actual Proof
"Song Sung Blue" Neil Diamond
"I Won't Dance" Ella Fitzgerald
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