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Totally agree with the Lane Kiffin take above.  Mike Hamilton was given a lot of lee way after the Bruce Pearl hire, until Kiffin went AWOL and Bruce shot himself in the foot. Here's the weird thing about the HD650, a much better HP when balanced. I'll bring the original line and the balanced ALO line as its easy to change out.
Only Saban has a big enough ego to think he can control Lane. Lane is a good field coach, I watched him patiently work with Jonathan Crompton on the side lines in practice.The problem is the dude can't help but cheat when it comes to recruiting.    Butch Jones is recruiting and coaching the Vols so they will be back, Dooley was the sad choice to replace Lane as Lane left the Vols high and dry at a crucial time, good riddance to both the previous two coaches.  
I've been out of town for 4 days and 40 posts on this thread popped up   The Southeast rules, hope to see Matt at the meet.
"Mind Games" John Lennon
Michael Jackson
"Come On" Tommy Roe
Noel Gallagher live acoustic.   A beautiful recording.  For the most part versions of songs that did not make it in on "Definitely Maybe"    MP3 off iTunes
"Baby Come Back" Player
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