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buffalo cheese meatballs
I'm just trying to be helpful thats all
Coax and SE I've been there and done that, why are you so stubborn about this you are are wasting a seriously great amp  with what you have, and you have no idea, but you have to defend that position no matter what, and why?
or hot potatoe 
he needed sleep-learning
I just watched the video, it was awesome!!!!
Right 6db 2X's gain
drop a pill
Here was my problem earlier OPPO BDP-105 XLR Balanced out but RCA leads in to the GSX-mk2 OPPO BDP-105 XLR Balanced out Balanced leads in to the GSX-mk2 that was the issue for me so 6X's gain which was a huge improvement
You own a GSX-mk2 so take advantage of what it can do, as I said earlier RCA leads are a bottleneck I had to find this out myself,  XLR balanced in 6X's the gain is about right, think of what that could do for your HP's, only saying and not trying be difficult
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