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I need help please!   Running GS-MK2 preamp into my Pioneer Elite 67 and using the CD input and overwhelming the the Receiver.   Any ideas, I assume I need an attenuator, any ideas?
Ronnie Lane
(The) Cars
of living dangerously
low on gas
Chris Cornell, Acoustic Tour, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN   Dead center in the middle of the "Cathedral"   Beautiful acoustics, incredible voice, broke out the Beatles "A Day In the Life"   Soundgarden  (Fell On Black Days, Outshine, Blackhole Sun) and Audioslave (I Am The Highway and Doesn't Remind Me ) and Temple of the Dog   Voice with acoustic Guitar and accompanying Cello, audience was quite when it needed to be, a really good show
in the Animal-House
"I Want To Hold You're Hand"  Beatles
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