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"Big Me" Foo Fighters
Thank you, and I might add I could not be happier with the GS-X mk2 as a headphone ampI can't wait to get the preamp up and going
Pioneer Elite SC-67 is going to say bye bye any other thoughts on another integrated amp that would do
"Teach Your Children" CSN
The White Album
Head East
When I bought the Pioneer Elite SC-67 6-7 years ago it was for home theater use.   The GSX has a loop out but same problem too much power for the input looks like its time for a new AMP
That's what I'm attempting to use, if it help the Aux specs to input 600mv/47 ohms on the Pioneer amp
I've posted already on the Headamp GS-X MK2 thread and I need help   My Pioneer Elite SC-67 does not handle the input from the output via preamp GS-X MK2 via a Fisher T100 pre phono from a Technics 1200 mk2   Do I need a step down attenuator?
I'm using the CD input, no aux and phono won't work either,  can I loop out?
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