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The 650 clamps hard compared to my other HP's.  Still love the sound. Clenching is not recommended 
(The) Decemberists
"Box Set" Barenaked Ladies
"Box Of Rain" Grateful Dead
King Floyd
Modest Mouse
When I saw them on this tour they had Bernie Leadon (original member) come out and join them on several numbers, that was very cool. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers/Steve Winwood @ Bridgestone Nashville 9/23/14 Winwood lives in Nashville and has joined Petty's tour as an opener on several of his shows this year.  He sounded better than when I saw him in Charlotte 5 years ago. Petty sounded great, but every other night X months takes it's toll on a 65 year old, and this was...
An epic review, I can't say I've ever seen a more comprehensive review of HP's anywhere.It's been knocked around, heavy hitters like Skylab would be ideal, will it ever happen, who knows.Obviously a lot of great HP's out since the original review 2 years ago.
System Of A Down
Tube rolling on some amps can change the sound dramatically, of course in audio the really good tubes can price out above the amp cost. How are you pairing the HD650, with same setup at the meet?
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