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"My Way" Frank Sinatra
I'm selling the Meier Corda Classic, a really nice HP amp, but at 300mw>300R vs Rag 1.7w>300R I need more power and a balanced out. Given "bang for the buck", Schiit made more sense to me. I've spent weeks on this HP amp search and just comparing tube amps (Cavalli, Woo Audio) and other transistor amps (HeadAmp, Buda) you can spend 2-3X's more for roughly the same power.  Not that power is everything, but at the last meet the Schiit amps were really impressive at their...
Well I'm embarrassed, as much as I'm on Head-Fi, I missed the new thread!?    I should be able to bring:   HP's  Audeze LCD3F stock balanced Sennheiser HD800 Norne Draug2 balanced (thank you Wildcatsare1) Sennheiser HD650  ALO Audio Green Line balanced   If anyone is interested I will bring in my old but still great  AKF K240 Sextett LP version Fostex T10   Amp Schiit Ragnarok ALO Audio MK3B+ with all the balanced interconnects for XLR (as opposed to the...
Linda Ronstadt
"The Way" Fastball
Ying Yang Twins
Kid Rock
"Come Sail Away" Styx
"Dance Naked" John Mellencamp
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