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"Back In The High Life Again" Steve Winwood
I like it, my wife started a scrap book, but I like the idea of a collage a lot better.   Agreed the newer tickets are only of interest for the name and date only 
Beatles at Shea stadium, now that's pretty cool.  I would take that any day over my fat and soon to be dead Elvis. The 5 posts prior to yours were impressive as well. I love live acts new and old.
"Again and Again" Keane
(The) Dead Kennedys
Thats one very fine amp, for me it is a matter of how far to go (cost) being a factor.   I'm using the ALO Audio MKlllB+ for portable and the Meier Classic for the desk. One of these days I can see a bigger badder amp as the HD800 scales, it's just a matter of dropping 5-10K that's all.
"Hello Again" The Cars 
"Against All Odds" Phil Collins
Iggy Pop
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