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"Time In A Bottle" Jim Croce
Wildcatsare1 the Cerwin Vega/Beats analogy is so true it hurts. I owned a pair of Cerwin Vega speakers in my youth, so hard for me to "hate on beats."   I'll trade, swap or sell (cheap) IEM Shure 530SE, HP's HD595, and HE400 (Velour and original pads), once I started to assemble my stuff it dawned on me, I've accumulated a lot of stuff.  I'd rather pimp the HP's I listen to the most.   Any idea as to where we will meet Friday night.  Puckett's hot chicken sandwich has...
"Happy Jack" The Who
"Walkin On A Pretty Daze" Kurt Vile
My kids, are more into style so Apple ear buds are what everyone else wears at their age, at least the new buds sound better than they used to. Although seemingly unimpressed with HP's they did question who gets the T1 and HD800 in the will 
Sammy Kershaw
"Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes" Paul Simon
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