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That's the thing, costs have gone up for multiple reasons, check out stubhub and the artists can get immediate feedback on what people are willing to pay for tickets, compound that with a drop in income for the artists via the internet and it is a perfect storm. I feel a bought bargain tickets for Elton John $150, great seats, as the sale wasn't on ticketmasterNoel Gallagher later in the year at the Ryman (Nashville) less than $100 via his fan site If I have a rant it is...
Harry Chapin
Just a few more thoughts on Vinyl cleaning systems out there:   I just sold my Spin Clean Vinyl Record Cleaner for about what I paid for it around $100 (used with 1/2 the cleaning fluid gone). Clearly there is demand for clean vinyl. I'm not out to bash brush cleaning systems, but I am convinced they are worthless for restoring sound. Brushes remove exterior dirt and grim only.   My 5 L ultrasonic cleaner cost $125 and the DIY setup maybe another $25, the disco ball...
below the mean
Ultrasonic DIY, vinyl 30 years old sounds brand new, highly recommended!!!
Sister Sledge
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