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I love these HP's, I have 2 one for outside use and the newer version for inside mobile use, I own a Sennheiser HD800 and Audeze LCD3 for serious listening, but these HP's are impractical for mobile use, so beat me with a stick, the B&W P5 are my mobile HP
Keep emailing them, they'll respond eventually
November Doom
I have thrown together various combos, and so far this seems to be the best combo for Vinyl cleaning that I have come up with: distilled H2O+1 tsp of Isopropyl Alcohol+40 degrees Celsius+Ultrasonic bath+5 min per third album.   I haven't seen that rotating at 3 rpm or less is all that helpful, the vinyl needs to sit in the bath to clean more thoroughly, bubbles off the surface of the vinyl while cleaning is a good sign for results!
Keeping the Southeast alive in HP's, Matt you are the man, I'll start making plans to attend!!!
They have changed the promo code and redemption process as well, slow to answer emails or no answers at all.  Either they have grown too big or understaffed. 
Sammy Hagar
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