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ooh I'm tempted to pick up a pair of the Alu, though how are the upper mids? On my HD 25-1 plastic, theres a nasty spike around 8.5k ish hrz that makes the letter "s" VERY hot
More than likely that's what I'll do. If there are two included an one color wise they are listed as "warm an wide" an "cold an narrow" more than likely I'll go with a colder OpAmp an find an equally cold but very wide sounding tube Personally, I like the 12Ua7 RCA Clear Tops I had in my last hybrid but I want to try a TungSeoul, I've heard A LOT of positives about them 
ooh nice, do you have any other recommendations for good J Metal Bands?  I to will need to start working through this list! 
If your coming from the LCD 2 everything is going to sound dry,  Oh nice! Thankfully I've never had an issue with the headband an as others mentioned, it is nice to see which amps are being used when we get "muddy" bass 
 Ahh my bad, not sure where that number came fromVery nice! An do enjoy it, plus something like the Clip might be nice for a trip. Any where you might be traveling that you don't want to run the risk of taking an losing ur X1 
Oh nice I owned a number of JDS Labs products in the past, I'll have to give their site a read 
Yea as much as I like the feel of Velour, I can't say I'm impressed with those diminished upper mids an the overly rough treble, looks like Beyer nailed it with the Pleather/Leather ePads this time around  curious to see what Hawaii thinks of these though! I've had my eyes on the DT 1770 for a while now  
man the Hm 601 RockBoxing I tried was easily 3 or 4 years ago, I'd imagine they ought to be much more stable now than it was an @25hours play time a rockboxed Clip is tempting 
Nice nice, an yea this is starting to get dragged down into a Pads for the Th X00 Thread   I had the Mad Dog... wow a little over 2 years ago an the bass was what I loved about it, that "darker side of Neutral" is something I think the Alpha Pad does  bring to a lot of headphones, including this one indeed, I usually roll ePads onto most of my Full Sized Headphones. Including my HE 4 which has a pair of DT 880 Pads on it [an those pads are VERY worn out, but imo they...
My issue with a RockBoxed Clip is... well the rock boxing part. For your First DAP going with rock box isn't always the best idea imo. I did a Rock Box on my HM 601 an bricked it :/ it was a very difficult challenge getting it to work again   either way though if your some what tech savy the Clip Zip with custom Firm ware isn't a bad idea 
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