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I have to say, I also like the Op amp rolling features too. :D gettin PUMPED to give this amp a listen 
I had the same question an I'm actually getting both a Vali 2 an Starlight amp for demo, I fully intended to see which I enjoy more Just looking at spec sheets, I'd have to say I like how customizable the Starlight 2 is compared to the Vali 2, either way I owned the orignal Vali an it sounded fanFreakingTastic, though soon enough I'll have an answer for you guys :D 
I'm still hoping I get a chance to hear one this year >.> 
Honestly, I'm listening to the Original CD release of Metallica's ...And Justice for All, an as far as masters go... it has to easily be one of my FAVORITE albums like ever... running kernal streaming into my Audio GD NFB10ES2 with my Balanced/Modded Hifiman HE 4 an it's... just great! Bass drums kick, Cliffs riffs are thick an heavy, the guitars them selvs have a great great texture to them as well, an the vocals are nice to   point being, it's a fantastic master, an...
<.< I've got a Guitar that is calling for me! Nice reminder to pick her up ^^ 
UGH   So you guys might know I like my Th X00 or LA D5k for metal, every now an again the HE 4 shows them both up. I'm giving Metallica's ...And Justice For All, a listen an HOLY freaking crap, this mix/master is freaking amazing sounding on the HE 4! lighting Quick, bass is Bumped rather nicely, guitars are... tactile edgy, ROUGH an crystal clear, an the high hats are top notch to!    Point being, the HE 4 is still king in my home lol 
Yea... trust me I'm still wishing I had enough up front to grab a D7000, there's even a FULLY Modded LA D7k on the Fs boards right now <.< to the tune that I just spent fixing my car.  Yea moving away from stock pads does help a LOT 
That too, I really like the house sound from Denon/ Fostex! 
I'll happily push you over the edge!  I love my Hifiman HE 4, loved my DT 880 before it, an was never a fan of the Mad Dog That said, give your nice collection of Planars I think you'd enjoy the TH X00, even though technically my HE 4 is the cleanest headphone I have, do prefer closed  back headphones for Metal an Electronic Dance Music, For that power taut double bass lines, an the Th X00 does just that, offers a nice sound stage with good spatial cues an a nice sense of...
I do know that, but a REALLY BIG dip is usually a warning sign imo, though my point is comparing a AKG K7XX to an HD 800 with well that massive hole is a little far fetched.  either way I don't doubt the pair though! 
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