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   Ugh I'm there too, I think this has to do with Sony's Launch of the MDR Z7 which used dual 3.5mm in put, they an others  may be trying to push for a some what "simpler" balanced output, as the 4pin XLR is a little alien to consumers who aren't farmillar with quality audio products, having a dual 3.5mm balanced may make more sense to them Still though I'll be skipping over this unit as I don't have any dual 3.5mm plugs :/ an the market has plenty of other balanced amps...
The JDS Labs oDac was my first Dac as well, I used a Matrix M Stage amp, either way I like the JDS Labs products an customer service! I would definatley get their combo unit 
Aww man that's awesome thank your taking the time to learn again with your kid! Part of the reason I wanted to play was because of my pop!
ahh there we go, thanks! I'll have to grab a Clip Zip an Rock Box it, see how it compares to my iPod nano Gen 3 
Oh I forgot to mention, I'm getting a Project Starlight to listen to! Sadly it's not as powerful as the Ember is but I'll b able to get a nice taste of the 1217 style! Just looking over the manual, I feel a little silly for my previous criticisms. These things are CRAZY customizable 
I'll have to look into him 
I agree to some extent, but if all you have is your cell phone. For $200 the beats a nice start, headphones like the Shure 840 or Sound Magic HP 100 will only sound better than the Solo 2 when you have a dedicated source for them, so the total cost of owner ship in the Solo 2 is nice, but if you already have a dap an a nice dac/amp for your PC then yes, there are better options for the money  I agree that they don't feel premium, but plastic doesn't automatically make a...
 I have a bigger issue with new music, I'll hear a really good band on Rhapsody or the Radio and when I grab their album in a lossless format [Cd ect...] some times I find their music to be terribly mastered! j roddy walston and the business is one such example   Indeed :D
ooh I'm tempted to pick up a pair of the Alu, though how are the upper mids? On my HD 25-1 plastic, theres a nasty spike around 8.5k ish hrz that makes the letter "s" VERY hot
More than likely that's what I'll do. If there are two included an one color wise they are listed as "warm an wide" an "cold an narrow" more than likely I'll go with a colder OpAmp an find an equally cold but very wide sounding tube Personally, I like the 12Ua7 RCA Clear Tops I had in my last hybrid but I want to try a TungSeoul, I've heard A LOT of positives about them 
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