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thus far I'm really enjoying Pig Latin! 
ooh I'd be curious to hear that!  An frankly, I do think the HD 25 is a step above the aformentioned Solo 2, it takes something as simple as a Fiio X1 or even a in expensive oDac/Amp to bring the HD 25 to a level above the Solo 2 
The K550 is a gorgeous sounding headphone... when your perfectly still an barely breathing lol. Personally, I found the K550 to be to picky with it's fit. Any time I... moved my mouth, head or even took a breath the seal around my ears with the K550 changed an they started to sound rather poor imo  honestly though look into a Audio Technica W1000X, I really enjoy mine for Classical, though mine are modded <.<  how ever, the sound Magic Hp 100 [not the 150] are also very...
Sadly I cannot comment on the XDuoo X series, but the UI on the Fiio Daps is very polished! 
Nice to hear they improve on comfort, shame the bass response isn't any better though  I like that about them as well, my LA D5k is simmilar in that regard to, but both my HE 4 an W1000X have very good transient response, an ANYTHING poorly recorded or mastered is a little... hard to enjoy 
I suppose that is to an extent true, an honestly you guys might have watched my review, but the HD 25 is imo only better than the Solo 2 when you have a proper source an amp, other wise just get some beats ;P  still though if you have something simple like a Fiio X3 or a Hifiman HM 60X I think the HD 25 is a better headphone, but if your source is your cell... for now I'd say get beats. Though the LG V10 is one of what will be many "good" sounding phones  right lol still...
well actually, carriers like tMobile offer Audio over Cellular without any effect on your allotted Data Cap, meaning you can listen to as much Internet Based Radio as you'd like without worrying about your "data" I do understand what you mean about Battery life though, still as much as I appreciate Radio the technology is a bit old an I doubt you'll ever see support for it. Though according to some sources, LGs V10 has Radio Support depending on which region you purchase...
Oh yea know that you mention it, I'm so caught up in the Kick Drum I forget that I don't really hear the Bass Guitar oops >.> oh well part of me is like "it's not cliff so what am I missing" 
I've given their Slave Design album a listen an I'm not a huge fan, Industrial doesn't seem to be my cup of tea an I'm not crazy about the vocals either 
Listening to it now an that's actually really good! I suppose I shouldn't right off an entire genre based off one negative experince either way thanks for sharing!   just in case you guys haven't heard it! The videos is also interesting  actually I'm listening to a Solo Album of his from the 80's an it's pretty good too :O 
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