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I'd friggin hope so! At the price of the TH600 it's better be a little faster lol but my modded D2k sounds very wonderful. I like it much more than I did the HE 400 it replaced 
POR QUE   still though people BUY THIS. It's a lot less than what I paid for my un modded HE 4 q.q  [Mods are a good thing btw] 
I've got a blog, a crap ton of reviews. A love for Beyerdyanamic and almost 10k posts in 2 years do I qualify ;3     That said I'd love to be in this test run ^^
yay another Chesky Album :D   I'll b picking this one up soon ^^
not sure what the prices now but I paid about 330 for my w 1000 X stock usedand 4 300 it is one of my favorites and I think a lot of the give you 1000 X owners sell their can so quickly because they wanted to upgradeadditionally I'm not finding a whole lot out about what an upgrade could be some see the alpha dog as a side grade 2 a modded W 1000 Xsome like dr. Cosmo feel the LCD Xc is to shoutyothers have tried the w5000 and just didn't like it as muchso I've had mine...
I love statistics very cool postI own three headphones n love all three equally headphone has a designated spot n pourposeI use my modded he4 at homeand I used my w 1000 X moddedand Deanon d2k moddedon the go. my d2k is strictly for EDM which is about half of my portable collectionwhere as my W 1000 x is for everything else which is the other half of my music collection
Honestly, I'd LOVE to try the LCD XC my self. It's a serious consideration of mine, I hear that the LCD XC has a upper mid range coloration simmilar to the W1000x, the LCD XC should be wonderful regardless! I mean Azudze Flag Ship Wood Closed back, should be an easy upgrade to the W1000X! 
Guys SHAME ON ME there is an ACTUAL record Shop, and apprently a rather famous one near me called Killgor Troue, here in Myrtle Beach sc :O. I've NEVER been and I'm TOTALLY going to go in there in about the next hour! With my POrtable gear with me :3. Let's hope I can find some AudioPhiles there ^^ 
Ahh... either way I'll Post what I have here soon enough!   Thankfully both of my portable woodies, are 32 ohm highly sensitive headphones, so power wise I don't need much.    My HE 4 isn't good for any where outside of home, seeing as it's open ya know! 
actually I can comment on this I dont have a D5000 I have a very modded D2000 [which might as well be a D5k considering the wood cups on it, recable, the lawton pads ect...ect...] Anyways, the Sub Bass and highs of the MD/AD something D2k are better, the soundstage and overall level of detail a a step up. The D2k after many mods is really my favorite closed back bass can! I do like it ALOT Non the less where the D2k falls shorts is the mids, I remember the HP100 had such...
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