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Get a Beyer DT 880 250ohm and a Schiit Vali, feed the Vali from your Sound Cards analog out  and then pocket the rest :3
Indeed, I find the HE 400 had a very 3D sound to it! Watching movies it scared teh tar out of me xD, I'd keep hearing foot steps and doors closing behind me [happening in movie but projected very realisticlly]  still a decent stero movie recording should have the 7.1 sound already. If your have your mic centered on your Actor, then natrually sound from left right, behind, in front ect... would be recorded. Dolby 7.1 more than likely enahces that, but it's still there. An I...
Seriosuly, and RoMee Stop insulting him we both know it's rude that said OP the E12 isn't the bassy amp, try getting a Zo2 and it you want MORE BASS, try amping the crap out of a Sony Xb1000, that 70mm with enough ampage should kick you in the face also I don't remember what it's called but there is this new... device. It's like a portable Sub Woofe, clip your DAP into it, then it into your amp then your headphones into your amp, but it... Physically KICKS. It produces...
neato!    This is priced a little under the A&K 240 I think [or a little more?]   either way it'll be neat seeing how these ultra High end DAPS settle once they all hit the market 
$400... the DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm has been about $150 USD on Amazon and other places for a while now q.q    The Pro version of the DT Series are really the only worth buying if this is your first headphone   $145 on Amazon Today 
.... 7 hours of StarBound later... I now have a moon base q.Q' 
The old Xb 700 and 500 are nice! The 500 should still be around $50, how ever the 700 USED to be one of the best under $100 now though it's way more than $100 >.> How ever the UE 6000 is under $200 and I liked it very much for bass :D  still OLD XB PILLOWS for life q.q 
Oh gawd YES, Except black! Why didn't I think of that!  heck I might buy a fancy sock just to put over it <3 
yea I agree, although the only reason I have a 600 ohm is cuz I found one on sale, with a balanced recable for like $225... I kinda HAD to buy it since it was selling for half of what it cost the owner... that said that's how I wound up with a slew of balanced amps [I own 3 now] and headphones, as my D2k is going to b recabled and re Balanced [for the THIRD time] this week, and the W1000x is shortly to follow in Febuary 
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