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Nice link my friend!  I'd love for that guy to do some photography at a head fi meet or something... oh crud don't we have a oh WAIT ever better! Just made a new friend who's a total Camera o Phile! COULD totally bribe, I mean yea bribe her into getting some swell shots of my 3 lovely woodies! 
So if you strongly prefer your Smart Phone over how ever many DAPS you've tried may I ask why your here? I think head fi does have a rather strong Android forum, :3 I'm willing to bet you'd find some pretty swell mods there as well! 
Oh crap, has any one done the HE 4 and HE 560 comparisions yet? 
I really need to listen to an HE 6 :[ from what you've mentioned it sounds like to me the HE 6 might be the next step up from my HE 4 in terms of sound, as I strongly prefer the HE 4 bright treble and very lean mids... but ofc I'll have to listen to the HE 560 before I can make a final decision :3 
I agree that said...  8gb onBoard storage... GAWD THANK YOU I swear the biggest issue I had with the X5 was it LACKED FREAKING onBoard storage... I'm the kind of guy who owns like 3 SD cards for my portable player, so that said I PREFER to keep my MOST FAVORITE albums onboard, granted maybe 8gbs is only like one DSD album... either way I think having at least 8gb of onBoard is just a poliet thing to do, and I appreciate it although the Hype Train did not favor the Fiio X5...
... kinda like an Android Cellphone... your might find that one of teh Samsung Galaxy series Phones might be the perfect dap for you! How ever I don't think the X7 needs to be a cell phone, with the reviceing and sending of phone calls and texts ya know 
synergy, it could be your iem just sounds better with a cheaper dac and or amp behind it, as the lesser expensive gear tend to have more coloration, where as in theory the more expensive gear should be more transparent    either way, no each iem is different and never make any assumption about an iem or HEadphones sound quality without hearing it for your self, in this particular case your iem sounds better to you ears with your portable DAP, I'd just be happy with that...
Huh, didn't realize this was a compeition lol, a fun thread either way   so how many submissions to we get? Can I just start spewing out things with Ifi in front xD   although I like ifi iSynergy, 
well there's your problem lol you've heard the END of the line, I guess once you hear the best, everything below it is... underwhelming. I've yet to go to a meet, I've tried... REALLY hard but it never works out :/ still the best I've heard is my Moddest HE 4, so i can understand your points a little more now 
YEAP! Honestly... the only reason I went with Audio GD over schiit was one was all in one, and required more space on my desk... I to would love to see a schiit all in one 
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