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I'll just post the measurements of it, @Bill-P will have to tell you exactly what he did :3    Sounds really nice though, bass is very clean better than all of my dynamics, and almost as good as my HE 4 it's nice though. With laid back, and mellow jazz it's a very mellow can, with screaming edge HEAVY METAL, it screams. Which is pretty cool. My HE 4/pW1000X SCREAM with everything, which isn't a bad thing, and my LA D5k is... the I guess... most even of all of them with...
well see that's my concern, The Stax Elctrostats have a 5pin connector right? It's not XLR, but my issue is. Has this fellow wired his T1 to run off an Electro Stat amp [I think that's... a really bad idea right] so it'd be nice to see the pins frankly http://www.neutrik.com/en/xlr/xlr-cable-connectors/xx-series/ Neutrick sells both a 5 and 4pin XLR Cable, I have no idea why you'd use the 5pin I've never seen an amp that has it. But I really doubt he's counting the pins...
  I'd imagine having to re answer questions does get annoying, I'll take a look at that  also I have the Starlight so I don't have caps to clear. Chances are I'll wind up selling my Starlight with all the tubes I don't like when I'm ready to buy the Ember, and I'll invest in new Adapters at that point
uuuugh, I can use my 6sn7 adapter if I must 
Oh thank gawd
ok so do I plug that Right into the amp or... do I just use this adapter or do I pair it with another adapter 
He did refund me, again he was a fantastic fellow to buy from. Though given the well trip I may refrain from making any purchases from that far away. As he... well he SERIOSULY packed that tube REALLY freaking well, it was in a bag which had the Plastic Air Stuff, then in a box with Peanuts, then wrapped in like 1 inch of small bubble, bubble wrap. An despite all of freaking that... the damn thing came to be busted as you saw [and I have no idea where the adapter went to]...
let's hope so. It'll b March before I can listen to it either way   Mhmm, I did some digging too, an they are possibly French. They appear to be a European Tube brand either way it seems. In terms of sound, there is not a lot. Also the Ecc 31 Adapter is set to arrive as easrly as March 9th :/ with the Mazda Adapter, set to arrive around the 24'th of Febuary so we shall see! Here's to hoping these tubes sound good, an reach me in good condition 
some said it was plastic, other says it's glass <.< I dunno I guess screw it. I'll hope for the best 
 I think almost everything I have on the Starlight Hums just a little in the background [except the GE GTA 6sn7] I just hope they bring me a nice addition of sound stage though "good, warm and sweet" are usually not my prefferance. I like the sound of my VokShod Rocket, rather hard and well spaced, my only aim for a set of Duals is to get a wider sound stage So I guess we shall see!!! 
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