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Honestly, I heard the LCD 2 Fazor, and Dark n Creamy is how I would Describe it! I think any revision of it is going to be enjoyable as even the MIGHTY FAZOR Revision was still REALLY dark and like organic an creamy! 
ooooh, it's got a PCM dac chip in it! If the implimentation is right your REALLY going to enjoy some nice organic sound from the Vali and the HD 650 :D 
  If you don't need Dolby Surround Sound I think you'll be fine! An I must say your in for a real TREAT! I really like my HD 600 with my Schiit Vali 
ooh it's pretty! What's the hardness on it 
WELL    I got a rather large ton of Classical, I'm still getting some of it on my Drives   I'll let you guys know what I found and what I enjoy though for the time being here are a few composers/bands/what evers that I've found and enjoy     Ravel- Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte- The Clevland Orchestra [Unsure who it's under]   Tan Dun    Tan dun espically, I found to be very moving. I think he's a composer or something :/ either way I'm enjoying his works Oh...
I agree I have the NFB10ES2 which is the "slighty less powerful" verison of the NFB 28, implimentation on the two units is simmilar minus the slightyly better and beefier power in the NFB 28 [which ofc just replaced the NFB10ES series all together :/ and it costs like the same now *sigh*] either way, yea the balanced out of Kingwa's ESS 9018 implimented Dacs and Balanced Amp/Dac solutions is... well it's beyound words! I mean it's REALLY good and REALLY COOL, the left an...
ehhh I'd go with a Hifiman HM 802 with the IEM card, my self honestly   I would recommend the HM 901 but I think the Standard card would be a little to much power for iems, though it sounds realllllly goood 
I used an E11 back in the day my self with the Beyer DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm and I agree, the battery life was pretty great!  It Charge through the USB port, having the wall charger an extra batteries just gives you a 0 down time for the amp since you can charge one and use another at the same time 
hahaha yea no  This guy lives in Poland [I think] Seriously though @CrucifixationOfFaith for a Sale add it would be nice of you to list your Location, so that we US buyers know to expect extra shipping 
Oh and speaking of amps I do have one, it weighs about 20 lbs and sounds amazing <3    though I'm not really a tru Extreme bass Head :3 though I do like to pop in from time to time and try to win some converts [muhahahaha] of course when I do, Hawaii E-Bitch slaps me q.q [as he rightly should]    still though, nice post to the EQ Apo, that's seriously like... awesome! That needs to be stickyed some where for real!    It's posts like that, that keep me popin in here...
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