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  exactly, that floor is gonna be expensive to replace lol and that said, I'm enjoying mt DT 880 pads on my HE 4 again, they honestly make the HE 4 a little thicker in sound, the bass has a touch more body, still a n ice quick decay but a little more organic, which is due to the pads "breaking in" like 100 hours of use I noticed they are a smidge bassier in the sub bass than they used to be, and I also washed them, that's irrvelevant I just hope Beyer does a Remake of the...
and best of all it's the DT 770, a Beyer can. Those things are built like tanks, most likely another reason studios have em, drop a beyer... who cares its a beyer. Drop it again while ur at it lol to... deter THieves ;3, that's what they are doing 
which I found wasn't a bad thing, after my Beyer Pads got smushed on one side, everything sounded a lil nicer. mids and bas where warmer, treble toned down a smidge and better iamging. I have the Stock Velours, and it's a touch to dry even for ME, mostly in the bass there's so LITTLE DECAY with stock Velours the worn out beyers do warm things up a touch 
DId I mention to you guys that my Beyer Pads are now angled due to use, the front of the pad is now some what squahsed in, creating an angle on my face, I cleaned the pads and when they dried the angle was more apparant <3   Good ole WORN IN Beyer pads! Still my fave sound   Hoping to get the Velour Angles from Hifiman when my budget can afford em
I kinda like the old non cross fed records, I think they sound pretty cool.
yea Transformers is horrendous
xD that is true. Though I doubt the government is hiding anything its the people behind the scenes of our current fumbly government 
interesting bit of infor, my Beyer pads have conformed to my ears, they have indentations, or areas where they are a tad smuched that have thusly made them some what angled lol   so beyer pads need some time to break in before they sound the best, I just gave mine their first wash... hope that doesn't ruin the sound
 I think that is true, mine at least like 500 or so hours, and I've gotten like 100 hours on my beyer pads and it's still sounds to die for <3 I wonder how the Focus A Pads will sound :D them angled pads though ooh all Velour sounds like a winner, and yay for the non modded HE 4 getting more from the new pads xD seeing as my stock HE 4 is nice n bright or nice n overly airy  let us know how the Focus A sounds 
Do you have a Fazor LCD 2 or a pre Fazor? Also the Beyer Velour Pads have a nice bass presentation to them, that and if you get a more powerful amp or rather you go with a powerful solid state the bass get's pretty nice!  I don't know if I mentioned it but, the LCD 2 Fazor for me didn't have a tight enough bass, it was too loose, to much body, The HE 4 how ever had a much more aggressive an taught bass... although I agree with you on the mids, the LCD 2 was very good for...
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