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 ooh, I'm curious about the [I know it's not Chinnese so maybe I should ask] but the vmoda XS my self for my Gym headphone still I'd like to find something like the XB700 I had but well smaller, sound stage is sucked out mids, tons of sub bass and a large sound stage as when I work out I only listen to EDM
ehh honestly, I got to end game with my Civic last night... and after tuning like 8 different cars, I really do like the MX5 the best, I prefer to use Street X Tracks to test my set ups with seeing as the Dyno track is pretty small so it's a lot of hard stops, sharp turns and accelerating. I got down to 16.4 with the MX5, the Civic, Impreza and even the Lan Evo, best I could do with those guys was 17.34  and I did tune the engine and gear ratio for a lot of acceleration,...
wait wait wait... EKE is listening with mp3's on his hm901
 what... the ES3 is already out dated q.q I go tmy ES2 in AUgust and by Juanry the ES3 was out and the 2 was replaced, don't tell me kingwa made the ES4 already xD, that guy is really a mad scientist I really like my ESS Sabre Dacs in my unit! 
for good phones theAudio technica es11beyer dt1350vModa XSare some of my recomendationsas for songs i use the same 7 songs. pick music u like n music thats different from the other songs
like wise which one?The nfb10es3 should b good as well. not at the lvl of the 28 but still very good!
for what it's worth I had a iPod back in the day, and first   I found the ZUNE HD to be a better interface, and then I got my HM601 and it sounded so good I stopped having time to fiddle around with UI :3
  True, the iBasso pb2 sounds VERY good, for about half as much as the NFB10ES3, it does a nice job of spiltting a SE source into a balanced signal.  But, I actually remember'd today that I wanted an Audio GD amp, since I first joined here. I suggest you do get one! Better than every one says they are! And cheap as dirt! [although built like... something better than dirt xD]  and yea balanced is another can of worms, there' have been a fair amount of debate, wheather the...
XB700 wasn't a 70mm but yea it was popular, I owned one. Easily the bast bang for your dollar bass head can back in it's day! For a closed Headphone it had a nice amount of sound stage! 
Are you running the 1.2 patch? If so LINK THAT SHIZX for me bro   but yea...  I might just start a new game with the Miata, honestly now that I've deicded to wind up with it as my next car of choice... WINNER   that said, now it's time to save >.>
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