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Sennheiser is usually pretty good about these kinds of contest, the biggest change here seems to be HDTracks of which I hear a lot of negative feed back... guess this is another example for the list 
Hmm might be your pads, the stock pads are pretty boomy, I noticed as soon as I slapped on the Alpha Pads a lot of the Bass Decay was Gone [I.e the pads eat up all that extra nasty decay] 
It's not hard to do but dang it you really need to have finger nails, I tried getting out the BATTERY and I couldn't push that tab as I have no nails :/ the meat part of my finger wasn't able to squueze into that tiny little opening. The Amp card was just as bad to get out <.< so it's not at ALL hard [if you have tiny little fingers n nails] 
It is a laid back headphone with forward mids,  The mids are very forward the bass is a little humped, but the upper mids and treble are very much laid back and by laid back i'm talking mostly about the speed of the headphone, how "fast" it sounds and by fast it's how quickly it presents the ATTACK and decay of a  note, while the mids are forward they are laid back in the sense that they have a very gentle sense of tactility, vs something faster like my HE 4 which has a...
I agree, I paid about $125 for one of these like two years ago, glad to see price wise it's still in the same ball park ish    still an excellent sounding player! I started on the HM 601 2 years ago and I'm now the owner of an Hm 901 ;3 
these are a really great headphone sorry to hear your selling them!
      This SOOO much, when I had my HP 100 I was in my PC class, and I freaking swear there was like a little pop noise in this EDM track. Sounded like the guy behind me had a serious issue with his machine... I must have drove him nuts. I turned around like 6 times, then finally just inspected his machine. DUring the inspection [without my cans] it dawned on me it was the MUSIC and the headphones xD 
BWAHAHAHAHA the HD 600 is in no way a "flat" headphone, that things mids are so freaking forward its not even funny. Honestly the DT 880 is really going to be the most "balanced" of the two and if you want balanced then go for it How ever, I actually liked the DT 990 MORE than the DT 880 with classical, it had a extra touch of bass and a wider sound stage. Though I will say the HD 600 is in no way bad for Classical, rather it's quiete good!  Though comparing the HD 600 to...
Honestly, I heard the LCD 2 Fazor, and Dark n Creamy is how I would Describe it! I think any revision of it is going to be enjoyable as even the MIGHTY FAZOR Revision was still REALLY dark and like organic an creamy! 
ooooh, it's got a PCM dac chip in it! If the implimentation is right your REALLY going to enjoy some nice organic sound from the Vali and the HD 650 :D 
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