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I presently own an HE 4, any one have any input on how the T1 Gen 2 or Gen 1 compares to the HE 4? I'm looking for a linear upgrade, something with better everything, my HE 4 was a Linear Upgrade to my DT 880 if that makes sense 
Oh duh I totally forgot about this! I used to have issues with hum on both my Solid State and Tube amps back in the day, as of now I have a Power Conditioner all of my Amps and sources are hooked up to and I don't use wifi in my room. It's all Ethernet. Granted I keep my phone like 10feet from my tubes, though every now and again if I touch my amp while it's running, I can hear noise from the TV Tuner in my Monitor :/ which is strange   but other wise, when I remove my...
Ok just hoping I got the right adapter, pretty sure I did though still excited! I have like a dozen tubes to roll q.q 
So joe! I got the tubes today and I have a problem... I don't have room for all these Tubes xD ehm, but I noticed they... don't have 8 pins? They have like 6 is that normal?
Really happy to see the traction this meet is starting to get :D 
   So guys, I have a question? Do the 6j5 tubes work with the Starlight? An how about the 6sn7s do those work ;3  but yea I have 4 PAIRS of 6j5's [not the good Visseuax's] in bound to me from joespride, so let's hope they sound decently ok, at the very least I hope at least one of those pairs is a step up from my single 9pin 
haha right, I figured it would be according to location 
Wait what is the order that these are being shipped? I am listed after NMathies? So is that my spot in the list or... how are we shipping these out exactly    also I just got a nice Modded Wood Back ES10, that's also really dark [paid $350 for it] so that'll be a nice comparison for the Meze imo :D 
well I also have an iBasso Balanced amp with a hiRose 6pin, but I use a 6pinHiRose to 4pin XLR, strange that he chose to use the 5Pin, but well what ever still I Prefer 4pin XLR and while this has the 5pin to SE... frankly I'd rather just buy it stock with the SE already soddered. Having a recable adds Value, having a Recable to a 5pin XLR... well detracts at least for me [as 4pin XLR is my standard]  either way GLWS 
I'll just post the measurements of it, @Bill-P will have to tell you exactly what he did :3    Sounds really nice though, bass is very clean better than all of my dynamics, and almost as good as my HE 4 it's nice though. With laid back, and mellow jazz it's a very mellow can, with screaming edge HEAVY METAL, it screams. Which is pretty cool. My HE 4/pW1000X SCREAM with everything, which isn't a bad thing, and my LA D5k is... the I guess... most even of all of them with...
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