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Mhmm, I'll be staying the night 
I'll be excited to hear the LCD 3 my self! Happy to have yet another :D this meet's growing by the day
Indeed, and those still on the Fence, these are a little more fun than an old D5k, I've had my D5k for around a year now, it the previous owner had it for maybe 2 or 3. My point is the D5ks are aging, this is a breath of fresh air to a once great headphone, and for Dub Step I prefer the TH X00 out of my Solid State to the LA D5k out of either my SS or my Hybrid Tube 
Indeed man! That's a gorgeous braid too
yea I wish my Starlight had Line outs, but alas it doesn't :/ non the less as I move up to the Ember I'll be sure to grab a set of the Visseauxs 
I agree, with the strong low end presentation on the TH X00 I strongly prefer Solid State, my LA D5k an apparently my ES10BP are both have better grip and faster decay in teh bass and mids, with a touch more energy in the highs, making tubes the better choice to my ears 
http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021814&p_id=5346&seq=1&format=2 it's what I'm using, I'm considering having some custom made 3pin XLR to Rca cables made for schiits and giggles  but I've never had an issue with those, and when I have my newest cable made I can see what differance there is if any 
Yea, I just grabbed the HM 601 as well :/ 
realllly great price on a good balanced Setup hope this sells quick man! 
5pin or 4 
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