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I don't have teh Balanced Amp Card, though I feel my iBasso PB2 is very simmilar and on par with the Balanced out of my NFB10ES2, the only differance I can hear in the two is in the bass. With the NFb10ES2 being a touch tighter, though with my HE 4 it could be the Extra Head Rooma nd power that gives the Headphone a Tighter Bass out of the NFB10ES2 though for balanced amps go, my iBasso PB2 with LME 49990 OP amps is end game for me! The battery life is great, the sound is...
Yea do not double amp headphones :/ run the Vali from the RCA Out on your Sound card as you want a clean line out to the amp. And I think the HD 600 really benifits from a nice Tube Amp, the HD 650 is darker than the 600 so it may sound perfectly fine without the extra body n warmth of a Tube, but heck if your going to own a HD 6XX series headphone, go 100% all in and get that sound as thick, lush and warm as you can, while keeping some nice air and detail! I think the HD...
I've not heard the AKG Q701 sadly, but I lied, I actually got an HD 600 for  $240, I offered him $220 [he accepcted but asked if I was comfortable paying $240, I was so I did]   but the HD 600 and DT 880 are VERY COMFORTABLE, I've heard some negatives about the AKG comfort 
and boy does that distortion sound GOOOOOD, but the Vali will add color, color that my HD 600 REALLY sounds good with I think 
That sounds like how the Headphones sound too lol Though I recommend you get a Lawton Modded Denon DxK series headphone, I've had an LA D2k and I now have an LA D5k, the Lawtons mods remove the "tizz" from the highs, make the Denon Headphone shift from Warm to Dark  Dark meaning, it still has BIG bass and smooth mids, but with a lot less decay and more sound stage 
I hate a LOT of Growling, I am very pick with my Growling in terms of metal so yea strong enough word I used Anyways, Metal head buddy of mine recommended me some nice bands NevermoreOpeth Between the Buried And Me Protest the Hero Orphaned Land I really like the ones in bold :3  and I really like the music out of my LA D5k at like 80 Dbs xD  wow... Nevermore did a Doors Cover... officially my favorite Metal Band ever... a shame though I think they are like no longer...
Actually a quick note on the HE 4 vs the HD 600, with Metal I find them both to do a nice job, what I Really like about the HD 600 over the HE 4 is vocals, a lot of vocalists have a rougher tone, growls and what note. The HD 600 really pulls a lot of the beauty out of those deep emotional growls that the HE 4 doesnt 
I think I finally found a new Metal Band I don't hate   a little screamy, but IMO the lead singer is a TERRIBLE growler [might by why I can tolerate his voice lol]       I didn't even realize this was some what popular music at the time <.< oh well they are short of 1 million views so I guess I can live with them    hopefully their early music is better 
  I bet you do 7keys I bet you do xD  though you sound like Magpie at this moment my friend 
Though Frank how does a Lawton Modded TH 900 sound :/ 
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