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Purchased this headphone 2 years ago, I'm the second owner. Presently it has Purrins Orignal mods for the W1000x, in addition to Authentic L3000 Leather Pads [they were $100 a set back then] in addition to a pigtail mod and I have a SE Cable that I will include, teriminated to 3.5mm. You can swap out the cable for anything termianted to dual Mini XLR 4pins    I did have a BTG Audio SunRise calbe made and pictured for the headphone, I'd be happy to include it for...
Currently looking to down size my collection, to raise funds for my wedding!    So I'm selling my hm 901, I've owned it for a year and presently I use it without the Stock Amp Card to save on battery life, but ofc the card will be included. Unit was purchased New from Moon Audio in November of 2014, single owner    I'm also including about 3 SD cards, 2 32gbs and a 16GB with music preload [Flacs only] as a bonus   I do think how ever, that since I purchased the...
I'm getting Married in July, Looks like I won't be making this one. I'm selling most of my collection presently, trying to raise funds for my wedding 
Yea it's sold! 
 but they are very nice! I enjoyed them very much with my HM901/601, also congrats to the fellow who's having one built for him ^^ happy I was able to get him here! 
Possible Sale Pending 
My Project Starlight is the CnC'd Aluminum Top  Purchased New from Garage 1217   Tubes Included are  1 Pair of sylvania coke 6c5, 2 pair of the national union 76 / 6-5 coke bottle, 1 pair of the hytron straight glass 6c5  Telefunken ECC 81 12A_7 (with original box) 1 Mullard Ecc 31 [Loose Mica Filament] (additional pictures included)  These Tubes I Purchased second hand here on Head Fi    VokShod Rocket 1975 Single Wire UFO Getter Grey Shield 6n23p Rca 12A_7...
SennGrado, with Black Walnut Cups and a PigTail Mod by @PETEREK (with Audeze 4pin XLR PigTails and a 3.5mm Termination  There is a small scuff to the wood as show in the picture.   Here's a link to my review of them   Price include Shipping Within the US. If your International and you'd like to make a purchase I will ask that you cover the additional shipping and tracking costs in full. 
can do man :D I'll have a full post with everything up here shortly 
So I'm going to be selling all of my Tubes and my Starlight Amp, I'm engaged to a forigner and it seems that is much more expensive to get her here to the states than I was initially aware of 
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