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if any one's interested my Modded HD 600 is up for sale now 
I agree, I've owned two Lawton Modded Dxxx headphones, and I really love my D5k for gaming as well, the extra bass gives everything a touch more body plus I get a little more isolation over my HE 4, and sonically the sound is still very pleasing and revealing  Sadly for my music listening it's mostly on the go these days 
well I think a side grade for portable use is going to run you around a grand or so, my hm801 was a step behind my NFB10ES2 [the only differance between the 10ES ES2 and ES3 is csometics and buttons] So I think keeping it will be your best bet, as anything portable thats not on par with the HM901, AK120ii or the like will be a down grade 
cool let us know how you like it when you get them
Up for sale is my modded HD 600, it has an HD 580 Headband and a HD 650 Cable  and grills on it, for the record the Drivers are the white drivers from the newer revisions of the HD 600 Headphone    They are in perfect working condition as well,    Price includes US Shipping ONLY   International buyers will be charged an additional $30  No Trades    I currently have an issue with pay pal, Long story short they over charged me for a payment and I am disputing a...
  yea just remember what you did lol, other wise it might sound really wonky! I tried it and It threw me for a loop lol 
and yea it should be fine, I think you can seat two op amps across two of the 4 sockets and still get a balanced amplification check the user manual for insctruions, I'm pretty sure iBasso has a PDF of it 
7Keys Hmm I've not been on head fi for like a week now, still thanks for derailing the thread 
I'm sorry to hear that, Though I am currently using my HM901 n Classic Card with my MS1i-W on the go, as when I'm out of the house I'm listening in noisy enviorments Though I've not heard a lot of positives about the Sound of the AK120ii when compared to the HM901, and my second point is the PB2 Balanced out with LME 49990 and Dummy Buffers sounds better both SE and Balanced than the hm901 Classic or Standard card my Ultimate point being, I think you may find the AK120ii...
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