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Yea it's sold! 
 but they are very nice! I enjoyed them very much with my HM901/601, also congrats to the fellow who's having one built for him ^^ happy I was able to get him here! 
Possible Sale Pending 
My Project Starlight is the CnC'd Aluminum Top  Purchased New from Garage 1217   Tubes Included are  1 Pair of sylvania coke 6c5, 2 pair of the national union 76 / 6-5 coke bottle, 1 pair of the hytron straight glass 6c5  Telefunken ECC 81 12A_7 (with original box) 1 Mullard Ecc 31 [Loose Mica Filament] (additional pictures included)  These Tubes I Purchased second hand here on Head Fi    VokShod Rocket 1975 Single Wire UFO Getter Grey Shield 6n23p Rca 12A_7...
SennGrado, with Black Walnut Cups and a PigTail Mod by @PETEREK (with Audeze 4pin XLR PigTails and a 3.5mm Termination  There is a small scuff to the wood as show in the picture.   Here's a link to my review of them http://hifilowlight.blogspot.com/2014/10/senn-grado-modded-wonder.html   Price include Shipping Within the US. If your International and you'd like to make a purchase I will ask that you cover the additional shipping and tracking costs in full. 
can do man :D I'll have a full post with everything up here shortly 
So I'm going to be selling all of my Tubes and my Starlight Amp, I'm engaged to a forigner and it seems that is much more expensive to get her here to the states than I was initially aware of 
I might be, I paid $83 for the Adapter an the Tubes, my SEller is willing to let me do an "equal value" exchange but I'd rather sell em both to some one here for like $70 or something, but I'm not sure if I want to sell these or try to buy a Ember II first then try the Mazda 76s in that amp 
I might just jump right to the Ember II so I can use my HE 4 with it as well  Well my seller has offered me a equal value Trade, and appreantly they have higher Plate Resistance and a low Mu, meaning they clip with a low plate voltage, I'm going to adjust the Output Resistance and see if they improve 
yea I might adjust the output resistance on my starlight n see If I can't get better results. That or just sell it with a bunch of tubes n buy the ember iithe store also offered me an equal ish exchange, so I'm not sure yet what i'll do
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