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One of the best imo, love the mood he creates with his music! Utah Jazz
Curiousity is pretty cool, and I'll say the $1000 range tends to be a cap of sorts I know for me, I have one last upgrade to make, it's running me about $500 and once I make it I'll b done. The only reason I even choose to make the jump was curiousity and longevity  also Instant Ramen isn't bad for you, the "spice" packet how ever is. Cullinary Arts Student... eating Ramen 24/7 q.q [minus the salt packet ofc] 
I think you just insulted my favorite composer *sheds a single tear* Tsutchie 
Wow that was this fellows First post here after being a member for almost 2 years now :O thank you very much man! It's... kinda good n bad to hear the MDR Z7 is Darker than the D2k [which I felt was already rather Dark] Though, we did already know that the MDR Z7 was a dark headphone. Though "less of a V" compared to the D2k is nice :3 :D but one more impressions confirming a "dark" sound ^^ 
Yea and here I am sitting on a Mango Wood Cupped HE 4 :/ Full Teak would be for me a nice upgrade forward, I'm a little worried the Veneered Cups might have to much body what I LOVE about the HE 4, is the mids have just the right amount of body! There are some albums that literally "dance" on my ears so to speak, you know that lighting fast attack and decay is for me really magical. It's mostly in my Metal that I wish I had more body, though TBH the LA D2k that I had was a...
That's creepy I just started listening to a track by Hiroki Kikuta 
Kenji Yamamoto 
If so that's well nice to hear! There are times when I wish the HE 4 had a smidge more body to it. Rare times, but times lol  I can confirm that, I owned the HE 400, great bass terrible everything else mids n Treble were wonky to my ears.  How ever I've yet to hear a HE 500  STILL the HE 560 isn't so much on my current list of stuff to get just yet, well if I saw a pre production one... I might jump on it >.> 
I like a lot of what I hear about the HE 560, another fun fact that Bill P him self can confirm. The HE 4 and HE 560 measure very simmilarly! With the HE 560 having a touch less distortion and being a smidge warmer, so as an HE 4 User. I look forward to getting an HE 560 in the near future xD 
Well I had the LCD 2 Fazor and I compared it to my HE 4, in short I felt the LCD 2 F was very warm and mellow, but it wasn't aggressive enough for me. There was some strangness in the Upper Mids I didn't enjoy. Vocals sounded a touch interesting to my ears Though the HD 700 does sound nice... I like the Forward Nature of the Grado Sound... still though I think the HE 560 might be one of my last Open Backs for a while 
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