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Nice I too have been curious about how they compare to each other 
I finally got it to work xD 
lets hope not I'll also mention that the Audio GD is better for Low Impedance Orthos like the Hifimans, where as the Asgard two will Drive High Impedance headphones like the Beyer DT 880 or T1 or Sennhesier HD 600/800 better, so that is something to consider as well. 
No, the Audio GD is going to be the best purchase at this time   For the Hifiman Orthos the Audio GD will do better than the Asgard 2 will, as far as power requirements go you won't need to worry with upgradeing unless your spending like $1000 on an "electro stat" 
  Yea not loading on my end 
ooh Very nice! 
YEA if your using Safari 
whoa, no no no The HE 4 and HE 500 sound rather different from each other. Hard to describe, if it helps at all the HE 4 is lighter on your head, the HE 500 may be a smidge heavy and strain your neck a little As for the Amps go, the Audio GD is the best Value, your welcome to go with the Schiit Stack though, but you need a new amp. The Fiio will not drive the Hifiman headphones, so if you go schiit get a Beringher UAC 202 Dac and a Lyr 2 
wont work in chrome, great... to IE it is  Oh wow it didn't work their either. Cool
Mobo dacs are trash :/, the Fiio isn't great so the question is do you REALLY want to spend $300? If you do the Audio GD will upgrade your dac and your amp all at once, if you don't [and that's perfectly fine] then something like the Modi would be fine, though in the long run the best value is going to be the Audio GD Unit if your comfortable spending the money up front for it though the down side to that is, once you go Audio GD  get expensive to upgrade to a product...
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