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It's not a myth, not in a sense, I've seen the chart and it's all about proportions, it's highly un likely you'll eat nothing but patatoes, there fore if your eating  a patatoe pair it with another veggie and get more of the amino acids you need. Diversify your protein in take sources and yea, I can believe that about milk  speaking of protein, that is a little absurd. When I was weight lifiting I was consuming like maybe 125 grams a day, though my overall calorie in take...
Ugh  On a sad note my dog Died :/ I wondered why he was making SO much noise <.< I do miss him barking every time a good album started up *sigh* with regards to neighbors, mine likes to use his power tools at 9pm :/ which is fine except when I'm jammin out to some industrial metal, I have to stop every 5 mins and figure out "is this in the song or from the neighbor" <.< so headphones with REALLY amazing sound stage, CAN get annoying when you start to think your hearing...
emphasis on the Vocals, I HATE growling, of MANY kinds. I LOVE CLEAN vocals xD so that's my issue, the really HEAVY metal bands tend to growl  So going back to what I think is good Metal, ...And Justice For All is imo a great metal album! I REALLY like Track 8 To Live is to Die, sounds very prog to my ears! 
  Fun Fact the Pro 900 used to be like $300 ish dollars, this was back when a NEW xb 700 was $80 and the XB 1000 was like $200, the fact that the Pro 900 sells for like $500 ish... is horrific, you don't even see these mentioned any more lol, there are MUCH better cans for a LOT less. Nice of Ultrasone to kill it's own legened lawl 
meh Tesserac T wasn't heavy enough like Nevermore, or pretty enough like porhapned land for me I like REALLY heavy metal, and I find Orphaned land get's heave enough in between it's "prettier" parts that I can really dig  Like early Nevermore is ok imo, I like a lot of their latter stuff, though I guess I really enjoy Prog Metal with Clean Vocals, 
  it's a shame that they have not at least annouced the winner yet, If it's not a member here at least tell us teh contest is over 
I have heard many other tube amps in the price range, such as the Indeed G3, the Bravo V2 an custom built Millet Hybrid Tube as well, of the 4 Hybrid Tube amps I've tried, in addition to the many other solid state amps within that price range that Ive tried, such as the Matrix M Stage, the JDS Labs C5 the Fiio E11, I found the Vali to be the best sounding of them I won't deny that there are other higher priced options out there, and OP did not specify a price range. Which...
Fair enough, Though I'm using a HD 600 [not the 650] and I find the sound to be just fine. Compared to the SE Out of my NFB10ES2, I prefer the extra warmth of the Vali with my HD 600  and I'd like to think my NFB10ES2 is a step above the O2 [which it is]  But again I'm only using the HD 600 [not the 650] I'd hope that the two are simmilar but I could be very wrong 
I still feel the HD 600/650 and DT 880/990 boil down to preferance, if you like brighter cans, the Beyers r the way to go, if you like Darker cans, the Sennheisers are the way to go   one set is not better than the other, They are different 
Wow, so no you only demo'd the Vali see whats nice about teh Vali is it scales with dacs, so if your feeding it garbage it sounds bad [very bad] feed it something cleaner and it sounds good. VERY good, and for $130 I've yet to find any thing that sounds as good as it does! I sound better to my ears than my old Matrix M Stage SOLID state, granted it rings but it's not an ugly noise  So I appreciate your input, but "I demo'd it once" is not owning it. I've owned it twice now...
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