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It's gorgeous! 
that's every one's consolation prize! Runner up get's 2 years lol 
awesome dude enjoy it! 
or try the he 6 thread. If it drives the 6 itll drive the 4 like a champ
gorgeous man is that n Hd 6xx ur using it with
Hmm you know this song wasn't too shabby, yea he was screaming a little bit, but not the LONG extended SUPER disorted Growling... I've got an event I'm heading to but later Tonight I'll give these a listen! 
oooh Grats man! I wish I had an amp that could run 3pin XLRS but I don't  I just have these filthy disgusting 4pin xlr'd ones lol  whoa is me xD 
Grats man! My first balanced cable was from Frank at Toxic Cables!  I paid like $140 it I think [maybe less] either way I got it second hand here on Head Fi ;3 It was for my HE 400 
thanks much man!   So guys who did your cables? 
It's not a myth, not in a sense, I've seen the chart and it's all about proportions, it's highly un likely you'll eat nothing but patatoes, there fore if your eating  a patatoe pair it with another veggie and get more of the amino acids you need. Diversify your protein in take sources and yea, I can believe that about milk  speaking of protein, that is a little absurd. When I was weight lifiting I was consuming like maybe 125 grams a day, though my overall calorie in take...
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