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you need mo SUN SHINE in you LIFE oooooh wooooooo, yea yea yea yea SUN SHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEE ah or sumthin like that. 
It's gorgeous! 
that's every one's consolation prize! Runner up get's 2 years lol 
awesome dude enjoy it! 
or try the he 6 thread. If it drives the 6 itll drive the 4 like a champ
gorgeous man is that n Hd 6xx ur using it with
Hmm you know this song wasn't too shabby, yea he was screaming a little bit, but not the LONG extended SUPER disorted Growling... I've got an event I'm heading to but later Tonight I'll give these a listen! 
oooh Grats man! I wish I had an amp that could run 3pin XLRS but I don't  I just have these filthy disgusting 4pin xlr'd ones lol  whoa is me xD 
Grats man! My first balanced cable was from Frank at Toxic Cables!  I paid like $140 it I think [maybe less] either way I got it second hand here on Head Fi ;3 It was for my HE 400 
thanks much man!   So guys who did your cables? 
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