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 Replied  Can you fix a 97 Saab <3
Welp, once again I'm putting my D2k up for sale. It doesn't get enough use in my hands, headphone is in good condition. Modifications alone cost me about $250.   Headphones additional since May of this year have been sitting on a padded Headphone Stand as well.    Additionally the cable is about 4 feet long and terminated with 4pin XLR    The mods included Cocobolo Wood cups from Martin at Martins Custom Audio which run about $200 The Balanced Cable is from BTG runs...
whoa is that an Audeze Can on his head, hooked up through a 4pin XLR to SE adapter... dang 
you broke a pair of 990s q.q what did u do to them 
Glad your liking it! There are actually new Ear Pads for the HE 400, check the Hifiman Website they have new angled pads now that are more comfortable and improve the overall sound and comfort of the HE 400, they are like $40 or so
agree'd I liked the new one 
I KNOW RIGHT *high fives*  let em I say though, I respect Apple for it's simplicity and "ease of use" Apple is very Friendly at the very least 
I'll be honest with you, if I where you I would get the Audio GD Amp, I have one and it's amazing   the next reason I suggest that is because of the Hifiman HE 4, I found the HE 4 to be the most linear upgrade to the DT 880 250 and 600 ohm, and the Audio GD will do a terific job driving the HE 4, to the point at which it surpasses the DT 880   Although do get your HE 4 some DT 880 pads as it brings out the HE 4s strengths and gives you more of a "super dt 880" sound to...
Touch The Sound   wow 1000000/10   I personally feel any one who dares to call him self an Audio Phile needs to watch this... this women is deaf... and yet... she has such a profound understanding of sound. not even an understanding of sound but an appreciation for... a physical connection with it! ... not to mention the entire music sounds amazing    goose bumps for sure and YES LISTEN TO IT with your Thousand dollar RIGS, your going to want to hear and feel every...
Oh ironically I usually only watch Dubs now, since I can NOT watch an anime by it self any more... too dull :/ so I play my GRIND FEST mmos while I watch my anime now <3
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