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Them white bars... it needs re sizing bro :3
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   the D2k is getting some listening time, Deep Ambient Tech really does sound better with the D2k, anything with a real mellow slow bass line works nicely for the D2k, the HE 4 while FASTER HARDER AND SCARIER, doesn't really have the mellow laid back groove of the D2k for Deep Tech and Ambient 
I traded my HE 400 for an LA D2000, very good move on my part how ever I did like the LCD 2, it kinda reminded me of the D2k, with a touch less bass slam and less upper mids. 
as much as I DO NOT LIKE HARD Rock, Five Finger Death's Punch Remake of Bad Company is pretty bad! ;3
Yea I rather enjoyed it my self 
Actually this is realted and also un realted. The job at which I work as requires me to wear a sort of sports style over the on the ear ear piece thing that sits atop my ear... I've been tempted to buy an iGrado simply for using it to replace that crappy on ear thing, with what should be a more comfy and open Back iGrado!    I would 1) Look like some kind of secerct agent [and who doesn't want to buy a PC from a secrect agent ;3] 2) COMFROT, those stupid ear things HURT...
According to the Guys at Audeze the Fazor makes the headphone more balanced, and quicker. Which was noticeable in the mids, but the sub bass was meh, it lacked aggression and wasn't my cup of tea. But to my ears, technically it was faster a a smidge more resolving... just not my cup of tea either 
I found the HE 4 to be technically not on par with the LCD 2 Fazopr, but sonically it was more balanced and much better overall imo  granted the LCD 2 is a touch faster, but it's lack of upper mids and now rolled off sub bass don't do it justice 
indeed, Martins a respectable fellow, I also have Colobolo cups by Martin [standard depth] 
Micheal Bay is to movies, what Dr Dre Beats is to headphones :3
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