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I never doubt'd your counting ability, but it's more that a 5pin XLR is very... well not rare but very uncommon 
price wise what would you want for them? my La D5k is pretty Bright on the top end, mids are taken back nicely 
yea you might b onto something, I have the Metal Topped Starlight my self, and very little noise 
yea my ATH bESP 10 is like that, it has a touch of buzz with my Starlight. 
I presently own an HE 4, any one have any input on how the T1 Gen 2 or Gen 1 compares to the HE 4? I'm looking for a linear upgrade, something with better everything, my HE 4 was a Linear Upgrade to my DT 880 if that makes sense 
Oh duh I totally forgot about this! I used to have issues with hum on both my Solid State and Tube amps back in the day, as of now I have a Power Conditioner all of my Amps and sources are hooked up to and I don't use wifi in my room. It's all Ethernet. Granted I keep my phone like 10feet from my tubes, though every now and again if I touch my amp while it's running, I can hear noise from the TV Tuner in my Monitor :/ which is strange   but other wise, when I remove my...
Ok just hoping I got the right adapter, pretty sure I did though still excited! I have like a dozen tubes to roll q.q 
So joe! I got the tubes today and I have a problem... I don't have room for all these Tubes xD ehm, but I noticed they... don't have 8 pins? They have like 6 is that normal?
Really happy to see the traction this meet is starting to get :D 
   So guys, I have a question? Do the 6j5 tubes work with the Starlight? An how about the 6sn7s do those work ;3  but yea I have 4 PAIRS of 6j5's [not the good Visseuax's] in bound to me from joespride, so let's hope they sound decently ok, at the very least I hope at least one of those pairs is a step up from my single 9pin 
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