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Band Name is boring lol game works simmilar to band Name   Post the title of a Song [include the Band if your would please] The next person must usea word from that Song, to start the name of the next Song,    Of, and, the, and other pointless words are discouraged, stick to nouns, adjectives and Verbs please :3    For Example  Santana- Shades of Time    AXIOM- Timeshift    or   Brownz- Time for Change   If possible include a youtube or sound cloud link [so...
There's nothing wrong with EQ, it's exists for a reason  and yea they are interesting, at the end of the day they are comfortable and very easy to listen to. But as you've found out they are not perfect, still though a good can to enjoy! I think the HD 600 makes a nice intro can for new members, as again they are super easy to appreciate and a pleasure to own! Though at the same time, they have JUST enough flaws to move those new members to upgrade to bigger n better stuff...
Me too, the HD 800 and HD Tracks one was terrible, we didn't get to much feed back from Senn Hesier, but so long as they annouce the winners some time this month I'll be ok Though nice job on SennHesier with their timing :3 right before the holidays hehe, I can respect em for that 
Nice stuff, though shame on my, as my pb2 doesn't as much use since I got my  hm901 and MS1i-W :/ I'm a filthy non Line Out using Casual when I'm on the go now though in all honestly, I use the Pb2 mostly when I'm sedentary, which I'm not as much any moar 
    Wow how ironic, Just got my First Taste of Opeth about 3 days ago 
I agree if you need something Portable, try the iBasso DB2 an PB2 
zogm zomg zomg zomg 
haha yea I use the same rig with my Cans, though the X5 sounds terrible. compared to my old HM801, I found it to be shrill and with very little sound stage or air for that matter  Get your self a hifiman DAP it will sound amazing with your HD 800, as it does with all of my very BRIGHT headphones  I use it on the go lol  Yea I also have such a connection, though I still think my HM 901 LIne out is a GREAT way to Feed my iBasso PB2
   I find the HD 600 and Beyer to be equally comfortable, the biggest issue I have with the HD 600 is the film across the driver 
you need mo SUN SHINE in you LIFE oooooh wooooooo, yea yea yea yea SUN SHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEE ah or sumthin like that. 
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