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I hear you there, why u sell ur audio GD? to fund motorcycle stuff 
No idea what the iFi device can do honestly, I'd have my doubts. Still the Vali is a tube and it's been reported to pair very nicely with the HD 800, a tube will cut the treble of the HD 800 that some ppl complain about, the Asgard 2 might leave it too bright the Vali though sounded AWESOME with my dt 880 600 ohm, the HD 800 shares a simmilar sound sig to my old DT 880, so it should benifit from the Valis sound as well! Still I've heard a lot of happy HD800 and Vali demoers 
but why
umm I'd love to get in the tour ofr these q.q
Some have said the Schiit Vali sounds super duper with the HD 800, I'd give it a try! Maybe get your self a BiFrost and a Vali, from Schiit and njoy! 
lawl that it is man, that it is
well sadly the ZMF are also a good deal, both are modified T50RP headphones and both are getting very rave reviews Although Dan offers a 7 day return policy if you'd like to try them 
Indeed I like mine alot! GOD no, it's on the bright side  also agree'd that head band is like really TOUGH... I've warped mine pretty badly and it's never given me any issuesYea Audio Cubes sells the L3000 pads for $100 :/
LAWL   I just had to tell you guys this, I've moved around a lot this month, and haven't had interenet for a year... again this year :/ non the less lol, I talked to frontier About getting an internet service, they tried to sell me a DSL line for 52.98 a month with 6mbits down and 1 up...   LAWL, I hung up the phone at that point, thats... so assine. I get that it's non contracted but what a freaking joke! granted it's non contracted but.... at that speed I think I'll...
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