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thank you, I'll have to do that right away  mmhmm I may do that as well, just to have the parts for my self too 
I like the Alpha Pads on my D5000k, though I prefered the Lawton Pads after a while as they were a tad drier overall, still i've got Mr SPeakers pads on my TH X00 and I realy like them  my only issue though is FIT xD the Lawton pads have more room, when I have more hair 
has any one yet to well rebuild a PB2? Like from stratch, I wonder what it would cost to manufactor a clone with a larger space for opAmps. Granted that might bump into some copy Right infiringments, but I keep getting the sense that we all really need just more space in this Amp to work, an there has to be a better solution than what were currently doing imo    with regards to the sound of the different gain settings, I've also enjoyed running low gain on all my dynamic...
oh thank you :D 
at some point I'll need new wood cups, but my HE 4 is still kicking strong!  let a friend hear my fully balanced system and the HE 4 the other day, her exact words were "this is the BEST I've EVER heard this song in my ENTIRE LIFE, if feels like I'm RIGHT THERE" was playing some music from Adele's Live @ The Royal Albert Hall CD 
HEY gals, guys and apparently as of this time HybridCore    I need your help, I've started spending less time on imgur and want to spend MORE time reading comics! I found a GREAT app for my Phones, the only issue is it hates EVERYTHING that isn't a pdf... and I've got a TON of Scanned Manga thats... mostly PNG or JPG folders. Any one know a GOOD method to Compile these files, I've thought of dumping them into InDesign but... I think that might be time consuming. Ideally,...
I've also got a PayPal story :/ as a buyer, either way an alternative to PayPal is needed imo, as they've gotten to big over the years and have started to well not deal with either buyers nor sellers as they used to I tried Etsy once, an that was equally horrible  
I can speak for the quality of the Lawton mods, they sound amazing as do his Chambers, I've had 2 fully Tuned Lawton DX000 my self! Worth every penny    only sold mine when my car's broke down [twice q.q] 
smart idea!   Nice promotion guys, this is a great plan for people who have... large collections
UGH a pb3 without opAmp Rolling >.>  well on the plus side, I've decided I'm going to do an ASC in EET here in the fall, as there's a part of me that's terrified about not being able to fix my own gear! So much so I think I'd like to move into that feild either way, I've still got my PB2, an it's been running like a champ for maybe 3 years now! I've never had an issue with it. Here's to hoping they make a Modular PB3, though I doubt they will. "Audio phile" is getting...
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