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I have to thank you guys for this thread, it lead me to a total classic Rock Revival    I've been enjoying,   The Eagles  Hotel California, One of These Knights I grew up listening to the eagles, and my gawd... they are really good!    Santana Caravanserai like one of my new favorite albums ever... it's so post modern and just awesome!   Albert King Born Under a Bad Sign classic blues and the inspiration for a lot modern rock    just a small list thus far,...
Yea :[ maybe so I'm really lovin the LA D5k, more than my old D2k I think, enjoying some Santana on it, and the bass isn't as overwhelming as I remember the LA D2k being, either way it's a stellar headphone! 
that doesn't sound like fun  woooot
really enjoying these after spending a lot of time with my LA D5k    so glad I have them :D 
well sadly no one is 100% Certain hence the low price of the item, it's in good shape but still a Franken phone 
meh I've had not to great of luck with them hit up @cCasper TFG he might have a cable lying around
It has HD 600 Driver, since the Drivers are HD 600 I'm calling it an HD 600, the drivers are what have the largest impact on the sound
if any one's interested my Modded HD 600 is up for sale now 
I agree, I've owned two Lawton Modded Dxxx headphones, and I really love my D5k for gaming as well, the extra bass gives everything a touch more body plus I get a little more isolation over my HE 4, and sonically the sound is still very pleasing and revealing  Sadly for my music listening it's mostly on the go these days 
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