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I prefer the OLD Black n Gold Hifiman Style [an craftmanship]But gawd the Scroll wheel on my HM901 is still horrid lol. Beautiful player, but man that feature always gets me Have any of you tried the 901u vs the 901sI'm wondering if it wouldn't be worthwhile to sell my 901 an just buy the uVersion for the better battery life an the better... scroll wheel feel lol 
I won't argue again'st the K 702 as I've not heard it, but the last thing I'll say is don't forget your going to be wearing these for hours on end. I've had issues with AKG as a whole in terms of comfort, an there's also the matter of "seal" I've had a issue getting AKG phones to seal properly, so the sound tends to change a little depending on who's wearing them   While I've Tried the AKG K 550 an when it sealed it sounded WONDERFUL, but it was so darn picky with the...
Contact cCasper he builds great quality cables for a lot less than the botique shops. Just tell him what materials you want an he'll build it for u 
The HD 600 wasn't my first can, I had heard a LOT of others before I listend to it, an I'll agree that it has growing room. It has it's own sound signiture like everything but I feel despite that it's resolving enough to grow. I would play around with tubes on your Crack as I enjoyed my HD 600 with a Schiit Vali.On the Dac side, I prefer the ESS Sabre Chips my self, an I tend to stick with Balanced Audio GD gear, since almost everything I own is balanced nowThough I also...
    Yea, I love my UAC 202, not the most resolving Dac ever, but if it's your first it'll be a noticeable improvement! An yes you feed the Berhinger into the Schiit AmpAn the HD 600 is another good choice, as is the DT 880, sadly the DT 880 and HD 600 both tend to cost more than a DT 990 Pro Yea the AKG 701 an DT 880 both sit around $240 on amazon, the DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm is still at like $180, bout the same price it's been for a while now. An the HD 600 will also be north...
I've never listened to the X2 so I can't comment on it's sound first hand. People generally like them though I think they are Open Back Headphones, meaning others around you will be able to hear what your listening to 
honestly, my favorite under $100 was the Koss Porta Pro, though it's comfort was... lacking lol
honestly, I'd go with the Beyer DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm. I enjoyed it over the DT 880 for classical. As far as amps go, you can get a Berinhger UAC 202 [$30 dac sounds, listening to it now actually an really it's a steal] a a Schiit Vali Amp [tube sounds nice with the Beyer Open Backs] That imo would be about the best way to go, an all three would be under $400 total 
Honestly, if your looking to spend around 1000 on a portable rig  There's a couple way you can go, You can sink a lot of money into your portable player, something like the Hifiman HM 802 [$699] an then spend the last $250 on a set of headphones or vice versa  Knowing what I know now, if I was in your shoes I'd go with the HM 802 an a pair of Sound Magic HP 150 headphones. I had the Previous Model [sounded the same looked different,] An I enjoyed the HP 150, it's...
if no one else is going to post, I will! Great opportunity guys thank you got offering us this chance! 
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