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ooh does the 1075 come in bricks like that? I've mutilated a few cases trying to cut out foam with the right shape I might have to pick one up if it comes with removable foam bricks!  an yea the PB2 is still one of my favorite amps! It sounds better than a LOT of desktop amps I've had over the years 
there's the question to be asked 
I have the same pads on my HE 4 as a matter of fact, an yea I like the sound stage that they add 
Wow... I guess this is both good and BAD news   I don't have Stock ePads on have some off brand... and well they weren't super duper in there [you could kinda hear something... moving ish] so I glued them inside of the assembly... but now like 4 months later it seems they are REALLY in there [and one's upside down] either way the bass is level an I can't hear any real differance despite the upside down ePad    Either way I guess I'm not selling these I did kinda wanna...
so there are two sets of pads :o I wonder how it sounds 
I've got a full day off tommorow, so I'll finish up my written review ^^ thanks for waiting for us @MezeTeam    http://www.head-fi.org/products/meze-99-classics/reviews/16313
Bro I just got the Buzz cut yesterday xD and honestly I'll be sticking with it from now on LOL my head and ears are too big for all this extra hair
yea the Timing couldn't be better honestly my V10 just went belly up as a DAP, the last couple of Updates for Neutron have been REALLY pissing of the HifiDAC fix [mod/app] I have installed and it likes to crash a lot now :/ an believe it or not my RockBoxed HM601 sounds better [with the same headphone and the same Graphical EQ settigns] though tbh that's most likely due to how metallic my HD 25-1 sounds, either way with my HM 601 replacing my V10 and iPod as my on the go...
So let me say this, my LG V10 just crapped out as my music player due too... well updates   that said, I've got a Rock Boxed Little HM601 lying around that I don't use all that much but paid $100 for, non the less I also noticed my iPod isn't sound as clean as it used to either :/    SO thankfully I learned a little about how to properly run a graphical EQ, I put my settings from neutron android into the ROckBox EQ settings and LOW and BEHOLD... it sounded a little...
the online cbz to PDF converter HybridCore posted to me has been working well I'll try out PDFx-change viewer and see what Adobe ACrobat costs
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