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Oh Sup CB wheres your Vader Avatar :3 but... I'm still not impressed with much of their releases, there's better masters out there 
Watching  Tom Yum Goong 10/10 thus far and here's why 1) Flying Knees [[SPOILER]] 2) Real Humor  [[SPOILER]]  and Finally, an evil sexy Villainess  [[SPOILER]]  I mean what more do you need in a movie? 
Oh some one mentioned HD Tracks, I respect them for the path they have paved for the sale of HD Audio but... :3 let's hope some one will steal their thunder and clean up the little issues with their service [and did I mention the tracks they sell, really dont imo sound all that great... still prefering 20 yeard old Vinyl masters to some of the HD Tracks re masters :/] 
well, I've never heard a Grado, but I'd Love to try their totl headphone. My w1000x is a rather colored closed back, and with my mods it's got what I would call maybe a Grado Style Sound, intimate vocals and guitars, with a lot of aggression in the music   either way I just finished hearing the LCD 2 REV 2 Fazor, [finishing my review of them atm] and I've love to get to hear a Grado :3 [btw u got one with a 4 pin xlr connection]    oh snap it's full oik then 
I have the same issue, although I'm finding there is a LOT of good music coming out of Canada these days!  That and being caller #7 on the radio is still a REAL FREAKING challenge lol  as for my  whiny rants... my only one is... well I guess Oh DSD... this whole move to HIGH Res thing just seems like a real pita, granted it's "better" and with hard drives and storage capacities growing, pretty soon gb will be the new Mb [any one remember how AWSEOME the first 1gb Drives...
for realz 
See it's comments like that, that I enjoy hearing. As some one who wants to try the LCD XC, to hear its leagues above the dt 880, and hopefully has the dt 880s blanced freqancy response, makes me a happy camperlol, perfect way to end that de railment man!  but non the less, the 880s are a heck of a deal... 
  It seems my seeds have sporuted muhahah  still for some one like me who considers the DT 880 to be Mid Fi Refrance, any review comparing to the DT 880 and recommending Headphone X as a DT 880 upgrade is imo useful to this thread. For the money the DT 880 is GLORIOUS :3 but well that bug always seems to get us 
More than likely, since I have a balanced splitter now I'll b keeping my D2k as well lol, it's a perfect buddy headphone, as the sound is just enjoyable, farmillar and yet new to a lot of my friends. 
good idea xD
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