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haha I'll have it in the mail for you Thursday man! On it's way home I've enjoyed it an I'll be doing a write up here in the next two days [before I ship it out] 
that's good to hear :D I really like those kinds of details! 
  Ugh gawd yes, I tried to like my 9pin, I spent an hour with it... but sounded small AND looked small >.> so I'm with you man, I don't think I could handle that metal jacketed tube... though it might look really great with the black CNCed Alluminum on my Starlight...   Then I here by declare the establishment of the Round Plate Mafia lol, may we work together brothers for the glory of the round plate! 
haha well I've got 100% Mid Fi offerings at my table so hopefully that'll be a treat when coming from the TOTL table, honestly I'm really stocked to hear the TOTL stuff, though one piece of TOTL gear is going to run more than my entire rig atm xD
my GE has a nice Round Plate in the middle as well, it really does sound great! The Admiral I have on the other hand, is... staggered or something either way it seems that this plate shape is holding  a positive feed back! 
ooh if you can confirm that, we might have a inexpensive way to get around the lack of Visseaux
I'm curious how did you guys get the Adapter installed like front to back as opposed to left to right 
ooooh! Maybe when I get my old tube sold, I can start trying these out! 
oooh yea Nightcrawler was very enjoyable, I actually wanted it to be a super hero movie, an honestly I'm kinda glad it wasn't! Sad news, I just spent like 45 mins with Tony Jaa's Protector 2 :/ it was kinda disappointing The first one... well it was a while ago and they did so much RIGHT with it! Yea it was a B Movie, but it was action! That was it, the second one has WAY to much crappy CGI imo :/ they re did a lot of the stunts to be... more "epic" I guess but they just...
Holy Crap $4 I'll bit on that! Are these Dual or Single Triodes? 
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