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oh, what is the differance between the LA D7k and your TH 900 
I've got an HD 600 with me now and they are a little more than forward in their mids q.q 
I mis read ya, thought u were talkin bout getting a Sound Card for Spdif out, but u was talkin bout gettin a sound card for DSP which needs spdif out
You know since you've got it apart you should start tinkering, and build your self a nice new upgraded Cable :3 some one will buy it then xD 
Nope you can use your NFB15 USB out or Spdif out from your MoBo 
xD u got the TH 900 so there's that I in stead went with a LA D5kfor like $450 [already balanced that most likely sound almost as good [if not as good] as your TH 900 ;3  but  yea upgrading to balanced gear is expensive, you either have to like wait to find a headphone that's already balanced [took me a while like for evers]or recable everything you own, which ran me like $100 a headphone 
"thinner" and "brighter" in referances to the rest of the W series you say... dang it... I like thin n Bright <.<  well in that case I have no idea what to tell you, heck I used to use my W1000X with my HM 801... then one day I felt like the HM801 made my W1000X [which was modded a little dynamat to make it even thinner] and it just felt... boomy and... syrupy with the HM 801 :O So, I have no idea what you will think of it. Word is the New W1000z is more balanced than the...
Oh well then :3 In that case.... uhh well portable or At home? if at home try one of the ... nvm Hmm I don't know  Most of what I've got are balanced Dacs, amps ect... I don't know much else outside balanced gear q.q 
You could also go with an iBasso DB2 for a portable Balanced Dac it's like $300 ish   Are you going portable or at home 
What? well yea if you don't get a seal on the W1000X you get that sound How ever the W1000x has Forward Mids [VERY forward and full bodied mids] though it's still bright but yea the Pads on the W1000Z should prevent a thin sound as a result of "bad fitting ePads" 
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