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nope, Th X00 is rather mid forward actually! I was impressed how it compared to the some what more withdrawn but articulated mids of my LA D5k, and as others has said the TH X00 is one of the easiest cans I've owned! It just sounds good with everything, yea I can nick pick [and often do] but if you don't want to own a headphone for like every genre, the TH X00 is a great way to go! 
One of them is flipped upside for refferance, is wasn't too bad, I think your spot on with the Ceramic pan idea... I used to LOVE mine espically for Salmon an other really delicate proteins  ...what ceramic pans do you enjoy man? 
omg YES, that's fantastic man! :D we should put it in our sigs xD
Sooo... yea there's been some activity I'm not really a fan of in both the Impression thread's ran by Hifiman on their sponsor board in addition to the main one, so let's give this another shot   I'm still waiting for my demo unit to be shipped back, after Hifiman "didn't find anything defective" with the first one, at least they've been kind of enough to cover the shipping at least from me to them and them to me.    Oh and here are some...
  well "bass Lean" can be taken as it's lean in the sense that it lacks fat, which is doesn't There's still a good bit of decay in the bass even with Alpha pads and if you want the tiny hairs on your ears to Vibrate the TH X00 will do that for you xD, trust me man the Alpha Pads cut down on the mid bass a little and tame some of that decay, giving you a more even sub bass, an it CRANKS, nicely!  Either way the TH X00 is a BASS heavy headphone, it's still very balanced...
I still use EAC my self honestly, rip to flac with logs ect... but I use dBpower for my transcodes,  still though I don't recommend buying software to rip, I've used FooBar for transcodes as well and it works too :3 EAC an FooBar are enough imo, they take a little extra work but I think given the "free" price tag, it's not an issue 
OP we need PICS PICS!!! lol 
bass lean, slap on some Alpha Pads an crank the Volume, and the TH X00 still kicks a LOT of bass imo, while still maintaining nice mids and upper extension 
yea my issue is the my stainless steel, we had a good Ceramic but I lost it in my move  also did I ever post this pic? 
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