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It's gone down in price  I remember it used to cost more
So OP you'd get the best of both worlds. the Surround Sound and other cool DSPs from your Sound Card, with the increased quality from the Dac in the NFB 15
I'd go HE 400i, but I like Hifiman :/ 
Hmm well I'm still in the 7XXX series and I thought it was the "greener" of the two either way, my point is both have their merits 
Oh good I've been needing a thread like this :3, I grew up on classic Rock though I have NO clue what I used to listen to <.<
No, if you want to use the Digital processing of your Sound Card you can use SpDif into the NFB 15 to get the best of both hard ware units 
lol Prime Demographic... yea half of us here still feel that anything beyound 24/96 is just a waste, heck I don't even download 24/96 as much any moar. seeing that to benifit from it I'd need to listen at dangerously loud levels [still get a few albums in the format when nessicary]  Though I do know own a Sennhesier HD 600... so something must have worked on Sennheisers part 
ignore issues about cables it's speculation, all cables run the risk of well being ruined. Plenty of people like to spread "fear" about things they "hear" about I would get the HD 600, and if and when the cable dies, could b a month could be 3 years, when it goes then get another as it's only a cable 
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