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ehh it's like an E6 with a dac added to it. 
No the best way to use an Amp is with a Dac or a Line out, the Line out from either an internal dac of ur mac book or an external dac will feed the amp the cleanest signal. What amps offer is Quanity and Quality of power, both quality and quanity give you a clean sound as a result 
oh, what is the differance between the LA D7k and your TH 900 
I've got an HD 600 with me now and they are a little more than forward in their mids q.q 
I mis read ya, thought u were talkin bout getting a Sound Card for Spdif out, but u was talkin bout gettin a sound card for DSP which needs spdif out
You know since you've got it apart you should start tinkering, and build your self a nice new upgraded Cable :3 some one will buy it then xD 
Nope you can use your NFB15 USB out or Spdif out from your MoBo 
xD u got the TH 900 so there's that I in stead went with a LA D5kfor like $450 [already balanced that most likely sound almost as good [if not as good] as your TH 900 ;3  but  yea upgrading to balanced gear is expensive, you either have to like wait to find a headphone that's already balanced [took me a while like for evers]or recable everything you own, which ran me like $100 a headphone 
"thinner" and "brighter" in referances to the rest of the W series you say... dang it... I like thin n Bright <.<  well in that case I have no idea what to tell you, heck I used to use my W1000X with my HM 801... then one day I felt like the HM801 made my W1000X [which was modded a little dynamat to make it even thinner] and it just felt... boomy and... syrupy with the HM 801 :O So, I have no idea what you will think of it. Word is the New W1000z is more balanced than the...
Oh well then :3 In that case.... uhh well portable or At home? if at home try one of the ... nvm Hmm I don't know  Most of what I've got are balanced Dacs, amps ect... I don't know much else outside balanced gear q.q 
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