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So I've finally decided to just buy the damn HE 6 already, I've heard enough positive feed back about the Ember [2.4wpc that my NFB 10ES2 should be more than enough honestly!]    I'm going to get my self some Vegans pads, an yank out that fiber Glass crap    any one have a link to some disassembly instructions 
I should mention there is a "hiss" that I hear not so much a hum 
Yea I'm glad you got them working man! and yea if those clips aren't all the way in you will loose your seal and that's no beuno! 
It really is, build was good it came with 2 nice cables an a variety of Cables. The sound was just a little less than "stellar" but a quality product non the less  I'd love to see Hifiman adopt the same build quality as Oppo honestly  :/ their headphones sound GREAT... build could be more "consistent"  ehm, I'm getting my TH X00 here shortly :D 
what is the uber mod? An I might invest into recabling my HD 25... it get's a fair amount of head time honestly 
this will be my First too :D 
Hmm I also have a Furman Power Conditioner as well, but I'm still using some pretty low end cables. Still, if I have to purchase after market cables to get rid of the hum, I might as well take that extra investment an buy a better amp right? Either way, imo the Vali 2 is a great entry level Amp to drive High Impedance or Low Sensitivity headphones, and with that class of cans it's rather quiet  But I am hopeing to invest in a set of 3pin XLR to RCA interconnectors for my...
well I just saw that the Yggy costs more than the Master 11 Dac/Amp combo... so I think I can safely save a yggy Purchase for a few years down the road!  BUT! I am going to hear it at a meet in march :D then I get to cry over how poorly my NFb10ES2 sounds in comparison xD  
I actually posted a link to a video demonstrating how to q.q a few pages back if you are un able to get them on there, I'll post it again honestly, I had the pm 2 an I felt at the time... it was the BEST worst headphone I've heard. Or the BEST headphone I've EVER heard... that I hated xD It's very consistent... like REALLY REALLY consistent and for some people that can be a real plus! As it will NEVER suprise you, I think for an entry level mid fi open/closed back it's not...
very awesome to hear :D 
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