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Oh I forgot to mention, I use a program called Tag&Rename for editing meta data, like Album Art, Artist and what not. EAC sometimes works but not always for me 
Adding the Alpha Pads also adds to the sound stage as well!  Though honestly, "width" is... easy there are lots of very WIDE headphones in terms of sound stage, what the TH X00 does really well is depth! For Metal and EDM I find the TH X00 has a better sense of Depth than my LA D5k, though frankly the LA D5k is more transparent so if your metal band didn't actually take the time to record or mix any kind of depth into the recording... it won't be there how ever the some...
Huh... you may have a very valid point, I use dB poweramp on my Desktop rig, and FooBar on my Laptop, though tbh my laptop isn't refferance by any means, so I've never made an attempt to ABX the quality between the two still thanks for adding that in man 
Yea that is really interesting ramen base below the Gyoza  ooh nice that resturant looks awesome! and I'll have to try some black vinegar, personally I really love my self some Plum Vinegar  My sauce is usually, Dark Soy, Golden Mountian Light Soy, Chili Paste, chili oil and lot's a lime juice, I prefer the Thai soy sauces to be honest...I find the Chili Paste has a nice vinegary body to it in addition to the heat of the chili's them selvs I'm also really happy to see this...
I read almost that entire thread, their comments about the GE GTB and GTA are why I own a set, though at the end of the day I spent my $100 not on a 6SN7 but the mullard ECC31, I'll let you guys know how it compares to my modest 6SN7  mhmm, I really liked that thread as well :D 
oooh I've not heard the stock :D I like my LA D5k running SE out of my Starlight so I'd love to hear the Stock D7k  yea I noticed he was near by 
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nope, Th X00 is rather mid forward actually! I was impressed how it compared to the some what more withdrawn but articulated mids of my LA D5k, and as others has said the TH X00 is one of the easiest cans I've owned! It just sounds good with everything, yea I can nick pick [and often do] but if you don't want to own a headphone for like every genre, the TH X00 is a great way to go! 
One of them is flipped upside for refferance, is wasn't too bad, I think your spot on with the Ceramic pan idea... I used to LOVE mine espically for Salmon an other really delicate proteins  ...what ceramic pans do you enjoy man? 
omg YES, that's fantastic man! :D we should put it in our sigs xD
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