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*high Fives* I have to admit, the W1000x doesn't get to much home use, sadly out of my NFb 10ES2 it's much to bright and shrill, how ever out of the HM801 it's a god send! It is my Portable Headphone, and I'm hard pressed to find an upgrade to it atm :/  my biggest worry is what happens when my HM801 dies, I might try the HM 901 as I hear it's still "fun" and "dark" when compared to stuff like the AK 240 and such, or maybe the HM 802 That said though, it is a very good...
I had a D2k with Cocobolo Wood Cups and out of my NFB10ES2 the mids were top notch! The entire sound as a whole really was rather nice! It was really very ideal for those genres, though to be able to say you know the tree that your cups came from, I have to admit I'm a touch jealous! 
A favorite for sure and yea a fully modded one sits at around $500  If this revision is a touch bassier, it'll be nice to see how it compares to the old D5k Line, we know ATH has a nice presance on the low end End Head Can with the Solid Bass Series  So we shall see! 
Indeed, I can't get away from the Denon Sound for EDM. If I want deep heavy bass it's gatta be a Dennon!  I know the D 7000 though might be the very Top of the chain for me, though I'm hoping we can find something new to hit the market, that or wait for the Modded TH 900s to show up for around $1000 even in the days to come 
Yea what I've found is the wood is important for the tone, and the grain, as far as color goes I'm aware that there are... ways to color a piece of wood, such as the Hydro Dipping you mentioned, so find a good tone wood if that matters to you, with a nice grain pattern as I think it would be more cost effective than an Exotic naturally deep colored wood, but ofc the choice is up to you :3 
An that's what matters man! 
The idea, was that the G3 had better caps and a few other upgraded parts on it, but yea as you mentioned either one would work fine. I heard the G3 so I can recommend it, the Cheaper Bravo might be a better idea as you can buy a nicer tube for it. An Still get the price under $100 
Yea a fellow in the D2k thread just upgraded to a TH 600 and from what he's said it is well an upgrade to the D2k, from his impressions the TH 600 has the bass head signiture, Heavy thick bass, good texture, lots an lots of BIG bass, said the mids an treble are a touch better. So that's good to hear   and Gents I'm getting a LA D5k, yes a D5k that's been sent to the Bass Slaughter House! I like it though, I'm hoping it's still good n heavy like my D2K was and it should...
I may wait just a little, I like my HE 4 still. That and I need to get my Closed Back an portable situation in check before I get another At home can. I may Shoot for the HE 560 in the Spring, still not a HUGE fan of the Veneer but meh it looks enough like wood so I'll get over it ya know 
I found the D2k to be dark an some what smooth  but I like just having the wood backs if only as a statement. That and I do share my music with friends, so different or opposite colored cans serve me well! Most all of my friends like the D2k over my W1000x, though I found a nicer D5k that I'll be closing the purchase on shortly 
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