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Oh well then :3 In that case.... uhh well portable or At home? if at home try one of the ... nvm Hmm I don't know  Most of what I've got are balanced Dacs, amps ect... I don't know much else outside balanced gear q.q 
You could also go with an iBasso DB2 for a portable Balanced Dac it's like $300 ish   Are you going portable or at home 
What? well yea if you don't get a seal on the W1000X you get that sound How ever the W1000x has Forward Mids [VERY forward and full bodied mids] though it's still bright but yea the Pads on the W1000Z should prevent a thin sound as a result of "bad fitting ePads" 
How did I miss this thread?      I really enjoy the sound of my Allessandro MS1i-Walnut with the Classic Card, an I really enjoy the combo! It's a very simple set up so that's great for when I'm walking around on Campus or even  trying to get some work done on my Laptop    Now I also have my iBasso PB2 [LME 49990 opAmps Dummy Buffers] that I use with all of my balanced headphones.   I use my balanced cans when I'm away from home but not "on the go" such as if I...
If your using MP3s then I'd get your self a Audio GD NFB15 and call it a day, it's an accepted fact that your Red Book, or lossless standards offer a better sound over mp3s How ever as you improve the quality of your Dac your get a better sound out of Lossless, and a degredation in the quality of your Mp3s which imo lack a natural amount of decay in the Treble or the upper end of your hearing  SO, If you want to stick with mp3 then stick with your HD 600, grab an Audio GD...
My HD 580 Headband n Pads are pretty darn comfy, almost as good as my ole Beyers      Schiit Vali is here    I've slept on it and I've not touched my HE 4 all day today   I will say the mids are these are different, they don't "dance" like the HE 4 do, rather they kind waltz over my ears, the HE 4 mids are like a break dancer going to town on your ears [I think it's cool as schiit] where as the HD 600 with the Vali is like a more majestic waltz over mah ears 
indeed  I used to keep my Zune HD at like 90% that way I always had a little extra umoph if ever I wanted it, 9/10 I forgot it was there, till I needed it and some times I remembered xD 
could also maybe get you an Logitech UE 6000 
WELP I have offically heard all three, minus the q701 [whic sounds un comfrotable]   Any who, the DT 990 and 880 and HD 600 are all equally comfy    In Terms of sound    1 Dt 990 Most Bass Most Treble Least Mids WIDEST sound stage  2 Dt 880 Least Bass, Middle Mids, Middle Treble, Middle Sound Stage 3 HD 600 Meduim Bass, Most Mids, Least Treble, Least Sound Stage   that is like legit my impressions of them without getting to deep into it 
I'd go e07k as neither headphone needs a lot of power, and the DAC function of the E07k [when used with a Computer] will make for a better quality of sound 
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