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well I'm not longer in team Denon, my LA D5k shipped out today. Still I did enjoy it for the year or so that I had it. Frankly, with the FULL Lawton Mods it wasn't as fun as my TH X00 Alpha Pads or as transparent as my Modded W1000X,    Non the less, I did enjoy it. Might have been one to keep if not for the others in my collection still you'll have a new Denon fan here shortly ^^    That and I might wander back in with a LA D7k ona these days [might just pony up the...
    I'm 100% with you there, I'm chopping my collection WAY down and honestly the HE 4 is still the one headphone I listen to HOURS a day best thing I've ever bought! An I like the old school build style on it. easy enough to take apart and gently clean from time to time!   I will say this though, after hearing and getting my hands on the HE X and dealing with Hifiman Customer service when that unit failed, I'm am jumping the Hifiman Ship   Though I just hope there's still...
Enjoy them man! They are one of a kind and they sound excellent! 
I've got a modded D5000 that is wonderful  How ever the TH X00 is a great place to start as well 
I'll be 100% frank, I've got way to much going on to be able to do a serious review video. My car just died, and I have a K1 Visa to apply for and a wedding to pay for. Thus I'm going to offer my spot up to any one who is able willing to take it 
That's what I usually do, just keep things listed on line. I wouldn't want to attend for the sole pourpose of advertising what I have to sell, that doesn't sit well with me. Ofc though if any of you are interested in hearing what I have, I'm ok with a 2 hour Drive to give u a demo [just not this week end, as I have to drive down to my Local USCIS office] 
Well I thought of that, but I need to Drive down to Charleston to meet with USCIS, the soonest date that I can be there is the 18th [which I took off for the meet :/ 18'th/19'th] and my Car won't be able to drive to both Charleston and the Charollette  But I would like to head up there, how ever I'm short on PTO and transportation 
Price Drop to $185 for teh Senn Grado 
Purchased this headphone 2 years ago, I'm the second owner. Presently it has Purrins Orignal mods for the W1000x, in addition to Authentic L3000 Leather Pads [they were $100 a set back then] in addition to a pigtail mod and I have a SE Cable that I will include, teriminated to 3.5mm. You can swap out the cable for anything termianted to dual Mini XLR 4pins    I did have a BTG Audio SunRise calbe made and pictured for the headphone, I'd be happy to include it for...
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