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Oh my friend I can assure you I'll be posting pics when I get my ECC 31 :D I am EXCITED for it, doing some reaserch though, there may be an issue with Gain on the ECC 31 compared to the 6SN7, I know the 6SL7 apparently runs at a much higher gain than the SN7 variant, making the two technically compatible but really not so  either way, I'm looking forward to hearing if there's an improvement 
I'm getting a second demo from Hifiman, I may do a Video Unboxing this time around, just to make sure every one is one the same page 
looking forward to getting these :D I've gotten my self a AH A100 and a heavy modded ES10 [wood] so I'm curious to see how teh stock Meze 99 compares to these two super rare and heavy modded portables ^^ [each was around $300 ish] 
good to hear, I dunno I've not seen the new Star Wars movie... to much positive feed back makes me think... well it's all fanservice. Good to see some negative points, to give me a realistic perspective  Really need to see this one, I've always enjoyed his movies  I have mixed feeling with that statement lol, something like Transformers is... what I'd consider the Epitome of pop corn over the top thoughtless cinema. Mad Max is however... it has the retro theme... I only...
indeed first I've seen his name on the 3.5mm jack :D 
I can help with that in Short it comes down to sound stage, the Z7 is VERY intimate compared to the THX00, though with some mods the Z7 has better bass control and overall detail in the bass and up into the central mid, how ever the TH X00 has a wider sound stage and layers a little better imo, especially on the top end  both cans are tilted toward a darker sound, with the Z7 being the darker of the two. So if you like a more intimate can than the Z7 is the way to go, if...
I might try one out, depending on how I do or don't like the ECC 31 I got 
  we had this confirmed by a moderator as well :/ talk about leaving a sour taste in my mouth! 
well what's the fun is already having the solution you need lol! Problems and having to solve them is enjoyable... comparing, and breaking down the pro's and cons of each software is part of what makes this fun  
Oh :/ well then... I guess were back to FooBar 2000 and EAC [with Tag&Rename if you want to "fine tune" your meta data] 
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