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hard vs soft water, it's possible hard water with it's higher mineral content could soften the pads more 
oooh yea Pacfic Rim was most dope with the D2k
ANB has free leech if u guyz didn't know   also heres what I'm watchin atm    
I've got a Koss TD 75 Semi Open that still sounds pretty stellar :3 it was such a BASSY can and a SEMI open at that ;3 
agree'd here in the states, at the TRIPLE DDD theater in my town... it still sucked... a very anemic film 
... I got to hear a Gretch today... LIVE and in PERSON <3 it was glorious, a buddy of mine played me some Chet Akins on his Gretch, it was glorious, and going home listening to Chet Akins on my set up :3 is pretty awesome too! 
oooh what did u get in the trade :D [if u dont mind me askin] 
q.q now I want the old velours 
*slaps upside the head* shame on you lol [just kidding] GOOD BURGER 
  My new favorite movie... captures everything that was brilliant about the 90s TV wise, 10/10 watch it now, then watch it a second time, then watch it with a dude   also watch it for these guyz    
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