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yeap, I love that whole Album they get better each time. Their next one should be stellar too!!! 
looks good Saw Into the Storm not sure what I think of it tbh, maybe like 6/10 maybe 6.5?
pff dude I've been rocking out to those guys since like Jaunary xD, I've mentioned them a few times my self as well :3 but I second the motion, I like Woven Web to, great speed on that bass line 
Bump de Price Drop
  Honestly, give me a closed back with the K812 sound and I can live with that [not to mention the price of the MDR Z7] how ever it's good to hear there's a more workable cable option. If the headphones already has a quad cable running into a 3.5mm, Let's hope it's at least 2 meters, give us some room to chop off that jack and sodder in a balanced termination. The cable it self looks great, it'd be a shame it if wasn't at least 2 meters long, give the modders some room to...
hmmm   Looks nice, wish it was wood but for a 70mm driver, I might just deal with what ever it is, my only question is in regards to the Cable Termination, what is it going into the headphone, and I'm curious as to how easy or difficult these will be to make balanced cable fore. I'm REALLY hoping it's not a 3.5mm going into one side,    IF it is how ever 2 3.5mm ins, one for each side... that would be passable. Hmm and for the price I might have to grab these when I...
I know, I heard the horror stories.  What they should do is offer the Full Wood Version, with an upcharge and do it proper.  Instead of making me pay some one else to make wood cups for it and then have it fitted :/ 
There kinda is, the schiity Hifiman HE 560 has a Veeneer Finish, which means it's some kinda of Non wood, with a thin layer of wood atop it. I say schiity cuz... It WAS FULL WOOD cups, but then they switch to the veeneer. Which is a smart move, cept now I have to hunt for a Pre Production full wood back model :[ 
I pulled them out of the Box, and they were in that condition :/  They sat in the USPS mail room for like a week, there was an issue with the delivery. When I got them they were in that condition.  Thujones Focus A Pads have a simmilarly weak looking "glued" seam on them as well, so it's not that we the users were rough, but that hifiman gimped on the quality. My old Velours have a nice thick Plastic Lip that sits over the Ring, these new ones are glued... I get that ur...
True, but wood does act as a natural dampener, and it looks good ofc I was being a little silly :3, pushing the Doctrine of the WoodBack Mission forward!  
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