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The Modi Magni and O2 ODac are going to be compareable! Get which ever is cheapest for your area    I think both will do well with the Mad Dog 
I agree, the O2 oDac Combo is going to be a great bargin or the Price!  I'm glad that you like the Mad Dog though! They are a nice yea :3 What do you like about them 
Hmmm I might keep the HD 600 n Vali around, it does wonders with really old recordings. Got some 40's Vinyl rips that are pretty rough... I can hear the grain despite the HD 600/Vali warmth! 
With you budget you may not be able to find much how ever, I got a iBasso DB1 PB1 set for about $200, which was balanced and ran from USB I think the DB/PB 1 is going to be your best bet at that price point. Unless you want to spend $350 on each individual unit 
I've not found myself frustrated with really much of anything I've listened to, so I appreciate your advice but may I ask what your favorites are and why you like them. 
Well thanks for the advice, I have a bad habbit of writing how I speak  but the Captials aren't nessicary man :/ 
ehh $650 I'd say go for the Hifiman HE 400i or the HE 500, you will need an amp for it though, the HE 500 is like $450ish dollars right now, for $200 you could a Schiit Magni Amp and a Beringher UAC 202 Dac, the dac is like $30 the Amp is $130 ish so like $180 with tax n shippin n stuff    Though this is assuming your in the US   What is your location and  what is your source? Cell Phone, Computer what do you listen to music on 
If you'd like twerk I have a pair of Lawton Modded Pads [he's got like a circle of Foam and a plastic Ring to keep it in] 
So I'm discovering a LOT of new music today, which is good, as I'm exploreing some new genres today as well. I'm also putting together an 8GB demo SD card for my hm 901, with well a little bit of everything. So I can demo more stuff with it exclusivly, as opposed to my limited 7 song list I've been using for a year or so now 
Oh hmm I see what you mean ehh do you know what air quotes are, it's a figure of speech here in the US. WHen I'm typing and I put something in "quotes" I mean to imply sarcasim. SO the logitech ue 6000 sounds "better" out of my hm 901 than my iPod by putting better in Quotes, I mean to use a sarcastic tone or to down play the meaning of the word. Since the UE 6000 sounds the same with like everything 
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