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oooh yay the LCD XC  I'm also getting into some Exotic tubes my self, I'm rolling a Mullard 6N7 Ecc31, according to the specs sheet they should run in the tube without any issues, about .9mA of current needed, I'll have to see what the gain on them is though Either way if it sounds good I'll be running a little Amp with a Big ole tube :D It'll look pretty funny ^^ 
haha, @DecentLevi you might have to be our first FDD20 adopter ;3, if not for the power supply requirements I'd try one :/ still though Mullard makes a good tube here's to hoping it sounds better than what I have ^^ 
1975 Grey Sheild Vokshod Rocket Single Wire UFO getter [white boxed] NOS Ecc81 Telefunken [With Box and Plastic on the bottom] Gently used maybe 30 hours just got this today. Sound is really great! Clear top end, and excellent dynamics, but intimate GE 6SN7 GTB [you need a bright tube this here's a BRIGHT tube] (with stock box) [Good sound stage really amazing top end detail] Rca 12ua7 Clear Top [white boxed] [it's a baby GE GTB :D] Russian 6n6p [with box] [Heavier than...
 Personally, I like teh sound changes. I juse Recabled mine and the mids are rather forward an teh sub bass is very nice! Bruv, I used to wander around my High School with a Sony XB 700, you want to talk about having couches starpped to your noggin lol 
I just closed a deal with Until then on one of his ECC31s with an adapter :/ so now I have like way to many tubes >.> plus side is I've been wanting to go on a diet!  Now it's Rice/Eggs/Kale all day erraday for months ;3  but no seriously, I've got tubes for sale q.q what's the best way to move them? Maybe like a BIG bundle or something 
I've heard the Starlight can provide up to 1.0 any one also able to confirm this? 
I agree, I think we'd all like to know xD  I might be ready to try a set my self, if they sound as good single as they claim, they might be worth it in the Starlight, with an OP amp upgrade 
  Well that's good to know! And woot, there goes another $100 xD oh well I can give it a shot here in march, hopefully there will still be some floating around out there  I just kinda hope I can return the two 9pin I purchased :/ I doubt I'll be using them much any moar 
So we need a second Adapter to plug into the 6sn7 we currently have, they look very simmilar why do we need to of the same adapter or are they different, if so what are the differances,   also $100 a tube :/ not cheap, might be worth it though. Might give it a shot here soon, I'll have to see what I can afford 
Awesome man good to have ya :3 Im looking forward ot hearing a proper grado lol! 
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