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Granted, for some one who's not a huge fan of teh Tube Sound, I did greatly enjoy the sound of the Vali, I'm sure those of you who enjoy tubes more than I do, find other amps with better background and less mircophonics along with the option to tube roll to be superior to the Vali but for me :D If I had to start from scratch... I'd go with a oDac Vali and DT 880 :3
I'm mildly ashamed to admit, my D2k pretty much serves as my "buddy" headphone atm. I have a spiltter now for my pb2, so when I'm on the go and want to share my music... I hand my buddies the D2k and keep the w1000x for my self   truthfully, the bass is SO WONDERFUL, but everything else is very nuetral, nothing stands out. In addition the headphone is rather warm compared to the rest of my gear... It just doesn't WOW me outside of EDM, and even then at home the HE 4 does...
 thanks for that troll, yea it rang when ever I plugged it in, but I never heard the ringing when I rapped the chassis. I think ohms and sensitivity, headphones with a higher resitance to voltage showed less audible microphonics then my low impedance high sensitity cans, I could rap my chassis with the dt 880 600 ohm and I didn't hear anything, with the W1000x I could hear when I moved my feet on the freaking floor :/ 
  it's not mircophonic with the  600 ohm cans and as to why, I didn't feel it was at all pedisterian. It had nice subltle cues of the Tube sound, I found it to be more balanced overall and simply betters sounding than all of the previous Solid States and tubes I had at that time!  I didn't feel the hype was to much at all imo ofc I prefered the sound of my balanced Solid State but :3 that's another story And the Vali is a very simple amp to enjoy, well for a solid state...
  IM TELLING YOU GUYZ! The dt 880 600 ohm LOVED the Schiit Vali! I was super amazed at how well it sounded! For $120, I don't think there is an amp that combines the warmth of Tubes with the transparency of a solid state as well as the Vali did :3  and it was magical on the DT 880
The reallly sick part, is when I got my HE 400 I found it to be too heavy for my neck, it was part of why I sold it... and that was around November of Last Year when I Sold it, so fast forward to 10 months later and I found the LCD 2 to be extremely comfortable :/ Long story short, you get used to the weight quicker than you'd think 
I had the LCD 2 this week end it was more comfy than my D2k was imo :/ 
THE HE 400 is much brighter and for me it was a little wonky with vocals, it didn't worth well for metal either. The bass how ever had very good speed but for me lacked slighty in impact this is ofc with a Stock HE 400 Now the D2k after like $300 of mods :/ has better bass impact, almost as much speed but a MUCH more balanced overall sound 
Honestly I think your going to find the UE 6000 to work very well for you, and if your serious about audio I'd suggest getting an amp for you iPod as the DAC chips in the iDevices are just fine, the amps how ever are a touch sub par BUT if you'd like to stick purely with your iPod and no amp, the AKG K812 has been said to be very forgiving with low end gear! It retains it's hi quality sound even out of something like an iPod :3 
:3 thanks for that, I prefer the "Beyerish" sound of the HE 4 with the 990 pads, the pads give the sound signiture a great sense of tactility, and push the upper mids and treble a bit, I got the HE 4 as an upgrade to the DT 880 so, you can imagine I prefer that some what bright an almost cold [ish] beyer sound although I don't find the treble to be niether harsh nor artificial, but that's ofc my opinion and I'm sure you guys know I like rather birhgt headphoens
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