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Seriously though, I'm with you dude. Chances are the military has it under raps... waiting to unleash a barrage of flying tanks upon some poor little dictator 
yea what did end up happening with these, any news yet? 
got through half of   Legend of the Drunken Master     pretty epic stuff, it's nice to see Chan at his best though tbh, I'd love to see him to a proper re boot of the series, seeing as it's got a touch of comedy... I might even tolerate some Chris Rock if they can nail the fight scenes 
ooooh BIGGER xD 
Finishing up 13 Assassins,  [[SPOILER]]
 eww Country with more bass, and RAP... country has always had roots in Folk, it doesn't need Rap bass lines or "flow" it's a story told to the rythm of music, anything more than that :/ well no me gusta  also, today the D2k proved it's worth. For Deep House and other Deep Genres, the HE 4 isn't heavy enough, for those big slow bass lines the LCD 2 Fazor was nice, and the D2k is nicer 
Them white bars... it needs re sizing bro :3
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   the D2k is getting some listening time, Deep Ambient Tech really does sound better with the D2k, anything with a real mellow slow bass line works nicely for the D2k, the HE 4 while FASTER HARDER AND SCARIER, doesn't really have the mellow laid back groove of the D2k for Deep Tech and Ambient 
I traded my HE 400 for an LA D2000, very good move on my part how ever I did like the LCD 2, it kinda reminded me of the D2k, with a touch less bass slam and less upper mids. 
as much as I DO NOT LIKE HARD Rock, Five Finger Death's Punch Remake of Bad Company is pretty bad! ;3
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