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I'm curious as to how the HE 4 is going to sound tommorow, after 2 days with the HD 600. It sounds pretty awesome! I've been listening to a lot of new music on it as well  I can really appreciate the Worth of the Vali and the HD 600, it nice for all the really badly mastered or badly ripped vinyl tracks out there 
Disregard the leaking any open headphone will leak espically at higher volumes   I felt that the HE 400, was a direct Upgrade to the DT 990, so maybe try it as it's a little cheaper. The HE 400i is going to be darker than the DT 990 and HE 400, though you might be able to find a used HE 500 for around $400 
Well the W1000X has a strong Mid Bass Hump, but no sub bass it rolls off very sharply which means some genres it's amazing, others not so much 
Indeed, the NFB 15.32 is a lovely amp/dac combo 
Lol that's what I say about AMD Cards 
A balanced Dac would help bring out even more details lol 
I'm starting to understand what you mean,   One piece of music, but different conductor and a different Orchestra performing it, which is going to change how the piece sounds    pretty cool I think 
the NFB15.32 would do a much better job now and into the future in terms of the power it offers. In addition it's MUCH larger than the o2 oDac and it's not in any way transportable. It's very stationary  I think the NFB 15.32 is going to be the better buy in the long run. But in the event that you move or decide that you want to pair it with something else, like maybe use a lap top on a trip or something  the NFB 15 won't go with you lol. It's very large 
exactly there is no guide line on "loud" which is why we level match things when we do interenet stuff 
I think that statement is subjective, too loud for me is not better. It's worse, it's cumbersome and it hurts at times, while I agree volume matching when comparing is important, loud is not always better not when headphones are as imperfect as they are  how ever brooko brings up a good point, some amps can color headphones. You have a headphone with out much bass, an amp witha  bass boost can add what's missing to that headphone. Espically in the low end amps are nice for...
New Posts  All Forums: