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Gone with the wind Wes Montgomery on my portable rig
My exact question I think it popped up on FP earlier this year when it was released, might be a re hashing or an accident either way great album! 
xD I know right but the question is which Flavor of Modded HE 4 lol, after they try one modded he 4 they might want to try another different modded he 4 xD
bout a week
   I'm excited to hear them! I got a pm and I should b on the List so yay I'm always though a big Fan of Wood Back Franken phones 
me too, the reason everything sounds better from an amp for me, has to do with signal quality. 9/10 your E18 is going to be better than any consumer grade music player, now some of the Audio Phile Daps aren't too bad, but even then, like my hm801 the on board amp sounds like schiit, the on board Dac souds glorious, I feed taht epic dac signal into my balanced amp and it's heavenly so beacuse all in one units have to make comprises to have "more function" I usually find...
Oh I should mention, I ofc only EQ my EDM, it's all 320k mp3s cuz it's its edm. Music that is imo made to be eq'd color'd and stretched a little outside teh realm of real I love the HE 4 bass outside of EDM too, without eq ofc 
Oh in all honestly, I liked the Beats Solo, the little 40mm cans. When I had my XB 700 back in teh day, I found the Solo to be on par with it, with the benifit of being smaller and a little better looking, ofc my XB 700 was uhh $80 new? The solos like $200, but the price of good looks and function seemed mandated 
Of course not, but to some extent yea Nothing agains't ultrasone, other than the price of thier cans has gotten silly here in the US, the pro 900 used to be about $300 USD New 2 years back, when the DT 990 Pro is still $150 New, and the PRo 900 is like $500 new... yea some bashing is in order imo as for Bose, they have some AWESOME ANC...  ehm how ever, It'll be nice to see how this law suit works out 
and yea pretty much, lol I love your desciption of that market too  Lawl good point
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