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I'm talking about Need for Speed Underground 2, we had no cops :D  BUT Most wanted [the orignal] is also SUPER fun. NFS U2 was imo a better "car game" you could VERY finely tune your car and I LOVED it, I would literally tinker in the Dyno for hours and hours getting my supspension and transmission timing's right for my drivng style on each of my cars. I NEVER did that in Most Wanted, I instead spent HOURS running from cops lol my biggest issue with MW though is I can't...
You may be right, and my biggest delimna now is do I go for the DX1000? Or do I buy my self a LCD XC? THE XC apparently has the same edge to it's upper mids as my modded w1000x 
Does my Sig show my heaviliy Modded d2k... if so it should <3
The vali might be just the magic you need... maybe AND this is why I own a Audio GD NFB 10ES2 and an iBasso PB2 [LME 49990 OP amps Dummy Buffers] hohohoho, I don't think I'll need to worry about power ever again in my life [assuming I don't get an electro stat] but yea ehm *cough* *cough* if you've got an O2 buy a DT 880 and njoy it. I've you've got an HE 4 or even HE 400 put some power behind HEY GUYS you remember that watts =Volts * Amps, yea the o2 may have the wattage...
IF you ever want to sell that DT 770... I might have to take it off your hands. I do like a well modded can >.>
Yea Easter Weekend I'm have a HARD time getting the time off from work... I got verbal confirmation like a month ago, then some onre realized OMG this is EASTER... NON FOR YOU <.< so I'm going to talk to my manager again today and see if I can't get Saturday and Sunday Off... I doubt it though... stupid managers 
Be better If I could read the text, and she is super adorable 
    +3 Get the JDS one I've bought 2 amps from those guys, they are amazing to deal with. Nice dudes, and they make great products! The day they decide to make a full fledged balanced portable amp, or balanced Solid State I'd buy it!
EXACTLY, curse that add... But yea MOD what's with that piece o crap add on our front page! I've got an almighty i3 in my note book 
 That too, didn't you mod the crap out of ES11? Though  THAT BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I worry it will be to much. 
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