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Indeed man! That's a gorgeous braid too
yea I wish my Starlight had Line outs, but alas it doesn't :/ non the less as I move up to the Ember I'll be sure to grab a set of the Visseauxs 
I agree, with the strong low end presentation on the TH X00 I strongly prefer Solid State, my LA D5k an apparently my ES10BP are both have better grip and faster decay in teh bass and mids, with a touch more energy in the highs, making tubes the better choice to my ears 
http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021814&p_id=5346&seq=1&format=2 it's what I'm using, I'm considering having some custom made 3pin XLR to Rca cables made for schiits and giggles  but I've never had an issue with those, and when I have my newest cable made I can see what differance there is if any 
Yea, I just grabbed the HM 601 as well :/ 
realllly great price on a good balanced Setup hope this sells quick man! 
5pin or 4 
Nice price, fantastic condition! GLWS 
I'm wondering how that would sound, with the LME 49990 Op amps, having the addition of the capcitors
So now the question to ask, is what Octals sound like the Vokshod Rocket, 1975  Single Wire Grey Sheild? 
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