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 I think that is true, mine at least like 500 or so hours, and I've gotten like 100 hours on my beyer pads and it's still sounds to die for <3 I wonder how the Focus A Pads will sound :D them angled pads though ooh all Velour sounds like a winner, and yay for the non modded HE 4 getting more from the new pads xD seeing as my stock HE 4 is nice n bright or nice n overly airy  let us know how the Focus A sounds 
Do you have a Fazor LCD 2 or a pre Fazor? Also the Beyer Velour Pads have a nice bass presentation to them, that and if you get a more powerful amp or rather you go with a powerful solid state the bass get's pretty nice!  I don't know if I mentioned it but, the LCD 2 Fazor for me didn't have a tight enough bass, it was too loose, to much body, The HE 4 how ever had a much more aggressive an taught bass... although I agree with you on the mids, the LCD 2 was very good for...   yes I know its a link'   but I swear to gawd in the last like 6 months I've seen... at least a thousand of these. I work Retail and it blows my...
it's like a TRRS Tip ring ring sleeve and it's 2.5mm, which has 4 connections for +- L R it's a stupid small little thing look it up, the standared 3.5m is TRS  and there's my point, ITS A CHEAP CABLE from eBAY yea... I mentioned Brian at BTG might be able to do a 5 foot, Canare balanced hifiman connectors for $85 shipped... might, I don't see why he couldn't. And Brians here in the States [faster shipping] and the man does wonderful work there is also the DIY guys who...
Hmmm how bout the HE 400 and HE 4, both with linear bass levels 
actually there is a head fi member [if your ok with that] who enjoys building cables who will build you one pretty cheap, he quoted me like $65 for a 5 foot Canare cable balanced... I asked for Audeze Connectors, on headphone side, it might be cheaper for the hifman ones let me get ur his name in pm'
so best player in the world sounds best with... the Koss Porta Pro or an Iem xD brilliance   but seriously though, with a lot of cans getting easier to drive it should start to really shine! Cans like the K812 for example 
    soo... to get the best out of this little dap I need to double amp it :/ 
consider me jelly 
and what we have noticed, is that uber powered amps tend to have a better quality over amps with less powering, for example. It's commnly accecpted that balanced amplifiers sound better than those non balanced, even Jason of Schiit attested to this, it's also noted that a balanced amp can offera bout 2-3x the power as a non balanaced amp can due to it's design so that trend has been... reliable. Generally, more powerful amps often sound a little cleaner due to their...
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