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According to the Guys at Audeze the Fazor makes the headphone more balanced, and quicker. Which was noticeable in the mids, but the sub bass was meh, it lacked aggression and wasn't my cup of tea. But to my ears, technically it was faster a a smidge more resolving... just not my cup of tea either 
I found the HE 4 to be technically not on par with the LCD 2 Fazopr, but sonically it was more balanced and much better overall imo  granted the LCD 2 is a touch faster, but it's lack of upper mids and now rolled off sub bass don't do it justice 
indeed, Martins a respectable fellow, I also have Colobolo cups by Martin [standard depth] 
Micheal Bay is to movies, what Dr Dre Beats is to headphones :3
Oh gawd, please let's not bring rule 34 into this >.> 
My gawd I want a gif from that commerical, xD that was brilliant on so many levels.  SO true I do feel how ever today's rock is better than a LOT of the American Music From the 80's [gawd 80's music does not sit well with me] and I had a chance to listen to the "Super Deluxe Remaster GOLD Edition" LEad Zepplin Album tonight on the ride home, I also got to hear Jimmy page remind us that he mastered it with the "colored beats headphones" amoungst other things in mind so...
  Who knows, but 15% sounds about right, the movie offers two things, special effects and xPlosions. That's about it... the acting is horrendous [including the voices] this movie more than the others REALLY felt like a Transformers commercial, it was pretty much all one liners,  I'm starting to find that I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies, and every Micheal Bay Film reassures that fandom for me a little more
yes try the Schiit Modi and Vali combo, the Vali sounds wonderful with the DT 990  In addition the Little Dot 1+ also sounds good with the DT 990, the differance is the Schiit does not allow for tube rolling or fun experimentation as some call it and rings when u first start it up [tubes need about a minuete or two to come to temp for best sound so chances are you won't hear it] the Little Dot 1+ however is nice for rolling tubes, but tube rolling can get expensive, and...
classic man, old school calc, Flyod Wall papper.... and giant glasses <3   A Tribute to one crazy Summer I had... 
You  know my sound profile,  everything opposite of warm 
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