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whats nice though is the Beyer pads, add to the Sound Stage and imaging a lot, with Stoc Velours and star felt, yea the image is rather fuzzy, with myt worn out Beyers I get a much clearer image I used Cheskys 56 Song CD Pack, using the bell tests, moves from up right to up left channel, with every position in between, much the beyer pads image much nicer than the Velours, at least with the Star Felt on 
matter of choice, I rock Star Felt and Beyer pads, which is what like the birghtest you can have your HE 4? Either way though, I've got wood Cups and a recable, both of which added a smidge of warmth over the stock 
Indeed I own two entirely different headphone rigs atm, my ESS Sabre Balanced Amp which Drives a Modded HE 4, it's ultra transparent  then the Hifiman HM801 into Ibasso PB2 [LME 4990 OPs and dummy buffers] into a Modded W1000x, which is pretty colored xD so both sounds, colored and not are enjoyble and tecnically worth while 
Honestly guys, why not just Falt Rate ship em? $5, comes with tracking, a nice little box and $50 insurance, 
Fair enough, it's just nice to have the pics on the add :D so we can see em! I like to recommend new members buh in the FS threads, so I will usually hunt for good deals to share with new members, I like to share though adds with pics since they seem more legit 
gonna need pics of the dmg if you want a sale. Price is good, but if there's a dent pictures I think would be a must 
hmmm drier sound... me gusta. Ill have to try em. Heres to hopin sounds good has both focus pads for us to demo... still uber happy with worn in beyer velours
Gone with the wind Wes Montgomery on my portable rig
My exact question I think it popped up on FP earlier this year when it was released, might be a re hashing or an accident either way great album! 
xD I know right but the question is which Flavor of Modded HE 4 lol, after they try one modded he 4 they might want to try another different modded he 4 xD
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