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well that's good to know, time to cancel cancel cancel 
I went with a dual set of KenRads honestly, they were super cheap for the pair. so I'll bite and I do have some pictures that I can post  Oh duh, actually, I meant to say I didn't go with 6j5 I grabbed a pair of Daul 7193's KenRads an the adapters    these are the pics also, again my Seller was excellent, super easy to work with. Super easy to deal with given the damage, 
That's what he says, but optimism does not always reflect reality? My question is what happens when that plastic comes into contact with the metal, It'll melt if it melts then what? I guess I'm just paranoid and I may eventually get around to trying it, though if it's plastic I guess it'll b ok, but if it's glass is it ok to have a free floating piece of glass rummining around and with regards to the seller, he's a great guy! Super helpful, no qualms about buying. I only...
I agree 
 My Ecc31 Tube arrived with a shard of glass busted internally, my seller refunded me in full for it, so I can't give you guys any feed back on the Ecc31 so I digress, I'm just going go with a dual tube set up, I like clarity, and sound stage above all. What do you guys recommend, and I have $100 for 2 tubes and an adapter 
ugh don't we all, I've already got a growing collection my self  I'll also let you guys know how the ECC 31 goes as well in terms of sound, it's a nice coke bottle Mullard, here's to hoping she sounds really fab! 
ewww ugh, that sounds like fun what I've found is a lack of power usually winds up with a "thin" sound, nice sound stage and little bass so who knows, Guess I'll find out 
ehhh maybe like 1 or 2 I'd recommend skipping on it, buy from members here on Head Fi, I've had no issues with them' eBays not bad either 
Hmmm are we talking like the GE 6SN7 GTB treble head? That tubs was... well ugh it was bad... just too hot up top! Still I'm hoping my Giant Mullard will have a nice sound stage as you've described but with a cleaner sound maybe, not so much up top 
Nope Audio GD Ships from China, it should be pretty cheap too! Since ur not to far away [shipping to the US was pricey for me] 
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