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Honestly I think your going to find the UE 6000 to work very well for you, and if your serious about audio I'd suggest getting an amp for you iPod as the DAC chips in the iDevices are just fine, the amps how ever are a touch sub par BUT if you'd like to stick purely with your iPod and no amp, the AKG K812 has been said to be very forgiving with low end gear! It retains it's hi quality sound even out of something like an iPod :3 
:3 thanks for that, I prefer the "Beyerish" sound of the HE 4 with the 990 pads, the pads give the sound signiture a great sense of tactility, and push the upper mids and treble a bit, I got the HE 4 as an upgrade to the DT 880 so, you can imagine I prefer that some what bright an almost cold [ish] beyer sound although I don't find the treble to be niether harsh nor artificial, but that's ofc my opinion and I'm sure you guys know I like rather birhgt headphoens
agree'd that was really very good :D
I found the D2k with Cocobolo Rose Wood Cups, the Lawton Pads and Lawton Driver mods the D2k works well for all genres, bass is always controlled, treble is very smooth yet not dark, and it has a nice presentation of subtle details I enjoy it with a lot of Progressive and Smyphonic Metal
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ET also my father had his first Ear Gasm, playing him some Classical Spanish Guitar, on my HE 4 
BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH POR QUE *sigh* I want a FULL WOOD CUP for my next open back, WHY hifiman WHY must you make me CHOOOOSE, ugh what ever it's Veneer if it looks and feels like wood let's just hope I forget it's not... *looks at his Mango Wood Full Back HE 4 q.q*  I was HOPING to just get the Pre Production unit and be done with it... but NO they decided to make the post production VENEERED piece of glory, sound a little lighter,...
like legit, see and hear for tubes sound like tubes 
oooh are you saying the new verision is a touch... less full bodied? If so than me gusta! 
You know what, ppl are enjoying the HD 800 with the Schiit Vali, you could go that route    feed the Vali with that glorious Dac of yours ;3
POR QUE +1 for a brighter and/ neutral verison 
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