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    Ok I've got the HD 600 out of my NFB10ES2/Vali level matched to the HE 4 out of the NFB10ES2 [Amp]    time for a serious review to get under way   I said I wouldn't compare these to the HE 4... but to be fair I think I should, honestly. Open back vs Open Back! The HE 4 is my referance. That said I've posted my postives on my youtube Channel! I'll be posting an positive toned HD 600 review to my blog, and then linking it to this more critical review to the HE...
Oh you have the W3000 ANV ok then :D enjoy the TH 900 xD 
yea, this has been the case for a while now...  the joke used to be if your running a cross fire Nvida, you'd better life in the artic lol 
DING DING DING, I have the HD 600 with my now... and MY GAWD that headphone + the Schiit vali makes Low fi sound GREAT, the   HE-4 how ever destroys low fi music <.< [as it should though]   Well I had the LCD 2F and I felt the HE 4 was more balanced around, an faster  YAY, I actually compared the LCD 2F to my HE 4 and while the LCD 2F actually had better detail  presentation, I felt in the end it was too weird in the mids and not aggressive enough. 
oops I meant meduim thanks <.< 
Honestly, my Wood Cups are dampened with something... not sure what as I'm not opening em up! But my D2k had Non Dampend wood cups and Dampend drivers and it sounded pretty great with Lawton pads, now my D5k has dampneded everything and Alpha Pads and I dare say it has better mids over the old D2k and... less bass? 
Good point, again I REALLY like my HE 4 for metal, as the HE 4 is a  DT 880 with linear bass and other better stuff 
Wow this thread really DIED   anyways, I'm editing my "quick" hit video for the HD 600, now I've spent like the last 3 days listening to ONLY IT and NOTHING else. So RIGHT NOW I'm going to post my UBER POSITIVE video, then I'm going to start the balls to the wall BATTLE again'st the HE 4 with the level matching and the super long posts, and the here's every song Ive listened to in the last 3 hours kinda thing   BUT FOR NOW, positive exteneded Impressions are going...
YEAP Actually though, there is FAR to much negative on the internet, to many haters man. I just did a quick hit vid for my HD 600 and you know what... it felt good. I think I mentioned like ONE negative ONE, for like 20 seconds out of the entire 4 min vid. Which I think will be better than 8 mins of HATE or 8 mins of Reapeating your self OVER n OVER n OVER again but yea, Free HD 800, YEA. No actually if I did win it, I'd proably send it out for a Tour so a LOT of ppl can...
Yes it will, the Hifiman Headphones all have a linear bass response which means the deep notes and the mid ones [for bass] have a great sense of body an impact  Well I had both of those, the W1000X is nice for Rock, but doesn't have enough sub bass for Metal I think, the DT 880 how ever was pretty good with metal!  THough I forget to mention, there is also the Hifiman HE 4, it's the headphone I'm using at the moment, and it's New price is $450, and compared to the W1000X...
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