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No, dude if you haven't heard a headphone don't start knocking on those of us that have because what you "read" on the internet doesn't match what those of us who've heard it are saying. The reality is, the D2k is a dark headphone, it's got a good bit of Bass Decay, which isn't bad. N a some what recessed Treble  That and Tyl's article is rather old, at the time they wrote it they where pretty balanced compared to the rest of the market. Let's also keep in mind Tyl's paid...
N thats my concern. Can it topple the modded D7ks? There's a metric schiit ton of em for sale now so... I guess the hype is real! 
ugh, yea some of the guys on the W1000X Tried upgrading to the w5000 and didn't like it. I Pair my w1000x with the hm801 which is a "slow lushious" Dac <.< grr 
ahh, silly me Still a killer deal
I'm interested in it my self too, just waiting for some reviews and comparisons here my self
I know your pain, Paid $about 750 for my Fully Modded D2k, sold it for half what i paid for it <.< glws you might be hearing from me soon <3
Bwah but no LawTon Pads you silly banna. Still though nice nice 
*chops off arm* ehhh, I got this spare arm here! I can throw in a left foot too my good man! 
Yikes, thats not a bad Deal. Do you have the Lawton Angle Pads on there too? Either way nice nice 
either way, it sounds like something I'd like to know more about. I'm running balanced headphones and amps through and through. An I have little interest in a SE headphone, or a balanced amp using a new connection type. I may wait for some of the companies to start making the cables for the Sony before I consider getting it, I also didn't realize they where selling the Kimber Cable in addition to the Headphone. So it's what like $950 to get the New Can and the cable, if so...
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