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I paid about $220 for my HD 600, the one that's on my head at the moment! An the DT 880/990 run for around $170 or so, so about $50 between the two though as MUCH as I LOVED the beyers [I upgraded to the HE 4, which is like... a Super DT 880 [I'm DT 880 Pads on my HE 4 too :D ] I will state that the HD 600 is a different animal all together from the Beyers, headphone like the Beyers and my HE 4 are very articulate, very subtle, tactile, very transparent and a touch...
Oh gawd, just pick the HE 4 back on my head after 3 days of HD 600 [that's like 22 hours of HD 600 X Vali listening]   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   I've missed you HE 4 [and btw guys I've leveled matched the two headphones before the switch tonight!]   I'll post a full comparison of the two here and on the HD 600 thread :D    muhahaha 
Oh hey, here's my list   Black Sabbaths- Paranoid Scott Williams- Scott 4
  seriosuly, at that volume you will go deaf  or worse 
oh gawd... I know what headphones your wearing in your avatar >.> it's STARTED  still though  
  ooooh I'm so tempted to walk into KillGor Trout here in Myrtle beach and just RAID there classical section >.> 
Of course make sure you in Low Gain
loookin good paul what's the wood youve got on yours :3 
    Ok I've got the HD 600 out of my NFB10ES2/Vali level matched to the HE 4 out of the NFB10ES2 [Amp]    time for a serious review to get under way   I said I wouldn't compare these to the HE 4... but to be fair I think I should, honestly. Open back vs Open Back! The HE 4 is my referance. That said I've posted my postives on my youtube Channel! I'll be posting an positive toned HD 600 review to my blog, and then linking it to this more critical review to the HE...
Oh you have the W3000 ANV ok then :D enjoy the TH 900 xD 
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