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ahhhhhh me gustah also me subbed 
See here'e the fun part. I need To Recable the MDR Z7 so fixed cable, detachable cable... makes no differance to me really :/ Next Part, the head band. I actually like the Wing System Head Band. It works wonders for my head size thankfully so comfort wise nothing has even been as light on my head as the W1000X I Have now, the only real issue left is tone... :/  YAY 
Well guys, here's some fun new, the new W1000Z is Teak Wood :/    I've got the HE 4 and W1000X now... I sense a twin duo of Teak Goodness in my future >.> 
well guys guess what... the ATH W1000Z is being released, and guess what price bracket it's in :/  I freaking swear this is nutz like every one over there it prepping for a Over Run of the Audio Market :D, let's hope the W1000Z and MDR Z7 [Z and Z ] have a touch of contrasting sound, as we don't need ATH and Sony pumpin out the same Sound sig... 
I'm kinda curious how the W1000Z sounds, the W1000x with a few mods are pretty top notch! 
Wow... that was strangely arrousing 
Yea see that's what I was thinking too, there's a lot that goes into it. But we shall see 
Bill I think what you need is a W1000 and a 12" sub at your feet lol, that might be your best bet. Your niehgbors might supsect you or some strange magic or something lol No I respect Bills views and I hope this can is end game for you, so I can snatch up all your modded wood backs <3 
      yeaper all about sensitivity 
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