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*hugs his LA D5k* I dont intend to sell my pair of Denons <.<  I had to aprt with my LA D2k and I will not do the same with my LA D5k, not unless the W1000Z can prove to have a simmilar sound to the Denons, and it might 
That is not a question you need to be asking in public nor sharing my personal issues with all of Head Fi, and no it's not fixed
they do look very rustic! How do they sound indeed 
      Got a chance to sit down and Give 7Keys Senn Grado a listen, it's been a really busy couple of weeks for me. In between work, holidays, finals and a couple of deaths I've not had much free time.    Compared to my Walnut Senn Grado, 7Keys Western Red Cedar I noticed his had a little bit more lower mid body. guitars and other stringed instruments had more weight to them compared to my Walnut Senn Grado, in addition the Western Red Cedar SennGrado was a little...
Menu Planning class, and yes you right thanks for that input 
I made a menu for a Asian Bistro, check it out and let me know what you guys would order ^^
           let me know what you guys would order I know there are spelling errors, and the menu reads a little showy   still take a look at leave your orders here :3 pick an app, a soup or salad, a drink, a dessert and a curry    but what I really needed was numbers, to generate a Menu mix, so please place an order, if half the menu sounds horrid, tell me and place an order as I need some numbers in addition to the re working of the Menu it self 
sounds good
muhahaha, sounds like these are indeed shaping up to be a nice slice of compeition for the MDR Z7, I wonder how they compare to my poor little Franken W1000X, it's nice to hear they still have some bite in the treble,  I'll have to grab a pair of these in the spring 
sadly, it's more pressing things that get in the way of communication, that and 7keys this was a little SPUR OF THE MOMENT, which I regret not thinking about how busy I would be this time of year :/  that said guys, I spent about 2 weeks with my MS1i  [which has been listening on my drive to and from work and school] , and I switched to the Senn Grado Today, while it held together, I found it to be... much more balanced in terms of sound of the MS1i, espically in the upper...
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