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With the hype train rolling like it is, I'm pretty sure you could sell these at cost or pretty close to it. Look at teh DX 90, massive hype and about a month after it was released there where a ton for sale. Some loved, some hated, some wanted a DX 100 after hearing the 90. 
Nice Price, Nice Machine, wish I had the funds on hand xD 
SO here's where things get tricky you have a couple of options Here's a used Gen 5 iPod from a head fi user for $75. one for $220 for $180 I would recommend browsing this thread, to find more deals. Head Fi members take good care of our gear. Best of all we do not sell for profit. As you can see...
Gawd why must you TEMPT me, nice price though orignal chargers and everything to yea 
Yea I've heard of Higurashi, it's another one I might have to work my way into, I think I've seen the scene where she gouges her own eye out, or that of her partner... 
Oh yea I've heard it's a very deep show and it's story is top notch. But yea I'll just shy away from it ^^ 
Yea... it was some kinda of something, your tag is on the money I mean teh dark sexual stuff aside, teh story wasn't to bad. It didn't make me laugh, which is what I enjoy about ecchi Elfen Lied, no I've  not even stated it. I've caught glimpses of episodes from friends, an no me gusta 
If you want to use the Dac with your iPhone get the E18 n this cable  if you want to use the Dac with your xBox get the E17 With the Mono Price Adapter I linked earlier there isn't to many options out right now that will work with all three units,
Honestly my Hype for these has kinda died, Upon hearing it's "warm" and the treble isn't as "bright" as some want I have a feeling it's running the same over played sound signiture as the Shure 1540 and Mad Dog did, and what do the Mad Dog and Shure 1540 have in common? MASSIVE amounts of Hype around them, and while both are very good closed cans, and while the Sony MDR Z7 will out perform them, they all have the tried and true, boring and over played "warm" sound.  If I'm...
Yea see Daughters of Mnemosyne didn't Bother me, :/ but it wasn't really an Ecchi, just kinda dark and... sexual. Anyways Elfen Lied is too gorey and I have no idea how I managed to get  through all of Dead Man Wonderland...   ... the suit is Gorgeous, 
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