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  Yea I can stand behind the NFB28 as well it's amazing! Though Audio GDs $350 offering doesn't even compare to the power output of the Jotunheim, so I'd say for US based consumers Jotunheim is going to be the way to go [it's even balanced] though up near the $700 dollar range I'd say go for Audio GD I've had mine for around 3 years now, an It's... well just like new. Super clean, runs the same as it always has! Things built amazingly 
Sadly, I don't wish to read through 141 pages    but can any one link me to where Jason comments on the Jotunheim, for the LONGEST time the guys at Schiit took a very strong stand against integrated dac/amps [like for ever] so it's odd to see one with their name on it [though tbh it's priced nicely an should bolster sales for them]   I'm just curious to see how they came to this product! If some one has a link to a Blog Entry that'd be awesome 
pics please :D
ooooooooooh nice man! I'd love to see  a break down of what repairs you do as part of the restoration 
That's good to hear, my initial problem with the HE X when I had it was the look an feel of it, an I understood that the HE K V1 was a bit better, but not by much   so hopefully, the V2 feels much better than it's predecssor 
Please let me know how they resolved it. I had issues with my HM 801 in years past an customer care was very helpful back then...
Granted I've googled him, but Google is so very impersonal. Can any one tell me more about this guy? I work in retail and he went through my checkout line last night
still impressed with my HE 4, haven't fired it up in a while but I'm giving it a spin tonight! ^^ very enjoyable
Glad to see this thread is still kicking!    Happy to say my PB2 is still performing well, 
really gorgeous looking cans! Great to see you guys doing a give away to! Congrats in advance to the winner ^^
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