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So it's a $40K System... hmm yea kinda think we'd better wait  
hmm I'd still love to hear these. I wonder how they compare to ma LA D5k 
Nice to see you guys an this thread are still active, my LA D5k [I forget what wood I've got on there] still get a lot of head time ^^  happy to see there's still some activity here ^^ in this thread dedicated to the DxK headphones Though I'm wondering if an when they might see a replacement... 
Proably not the place to put it, but for those of us with a HM900 are we getting an upgrade to the HM901S at no cost? There were rumors of just that 
Just realized my i pod nano Makes an awesome portable pocket rig!
      In referance to the Disccusion about the Alpha Pads compared to teh Angled, if you are reffering to the Lawton Angled pads I feel, that the Alpha Pads are Darker than the Lawton Angles, the Lawton Angle Pads are more balanced, both have the same sound stage as well, but the Alpha Pads are a little darker now it should also be noted that Stock Denon Pads and are the "brightest" next are the "stuffed" Denon Pads, follwed by the Lawton Angles, and endnig with the...
I'm also happy to hear your enjoying the cups! I have to say I'm REALLY like the Alpha Pads! I'm using my LA D5k MUCH more than I did my LA D2k [which apprently the two headphones had the same driver, but different wood an pads] either way the Alpha Pads were a winner! 
I might have some information regarding Lohb's cup shortly. He sent me a message, and I'll let you guys know, what I know if he decides to carry out the actions he specified in his email that sat how ever, I would wait for him. His products are rather nice, I've got some wood cups for my HE 4 from him  speaking of the HE 4, I think the headphone sounds terrible for games, so I'm happy to say my LA D5k is my dedicated gaming headphone these days! It adds a nice "weight" to...
I fixed that for you bearFNF <3 but yea, it's... threads like these that have lead to my dis interest in head fi these days 
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