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The HP 150 should do fine with an entry level Sound Card out of your Computer 
No what is the phones Operating system, you should not have gotten the Cable,   I would recommend you start to reaserach what phones [Manufactor and Operating Systems] can support Audio Line Out Natively or through software, unlike a DAP, a cell phone has to be told you run LINE out of the DAC. There for, you  need to find the right phone and Software to use on that phone to get the Line Out to work properly. I can only hope the Phone and cable you purchased are...
oooh Very nice, I can confirm the W1000X is a nice sounding headphone, so applying a custom Wood Back to an existing ATH Closed Back should yeild some nice results! 
Any one know where, or with whom PM-2 Unit is xD 
I should get in Contact with Cayin and see if I get a US based tour going, I'd really like to hear it!  The new pics, wow it looks gorgeous! Nice to see the Final Verision of it wasn't so rounded! It's got a much more modest curve it seems, though it does look a lot better in these latest pictures! 
Thats assuming I don't get any Shadows xD, I  might try the edits again with my White Sheet, as it's a VERY stark color contrast to the old Yellow sheet I had and edited in the Senn Grado Pic either way, I don't hate the White Sheet, I might play around with it some on my day off. I've got way to much to do <.< I need Video Reviews of EVERYTHING I own, and Honestly I like the White sheet in the Videos it adds a touch of extra Light to my some what "dark" room. either way,...
Yeap and as I mentioned before I was worried about the fit, and it wasn't an issue, I jack the Cups ALL THE way up on the head band and I get teh same optimal comfort and sound on them, as I did with teh Grado Headband, and may I say... the Auvio Headband with @cCasper TFG  ALL BLACK headphone cable does look really nice!  I'm sorry to say Joe but @cCasper TFG really out did him self on the Cable! Looks stellar, a smidge better than the Senn Grado I got from you a few...
TO get better quality with the C5 you need to use a Line out from your Phone, which runs out of your Phones DAC and skips the Amp, to do that... well the methods vary depending on your phone? U got an iPhone or an Android 
Cmon guys don't squirel out on my Now!   Any way here is some more eye candy for you, in particullar is my Newest Cable from @cCasper TFG he did an EXCELLENT job on this cable! It's solid Black from head to toe! Matches the headphone really well! Going to see if I can get him to do me a Unsleeved Braided Cable here shortly!            also Pics of my LA D5k     
Takes to long, I did one Photo Shopped pic and it was a pain   Looks good I think but took forever to edit here's MY senn Grado, big up @cCasper TFG for the cable! It's matching :D Black on black on Black on Black Walnut!   
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