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Oh snap theres a PM 1 Tour
Yea I was going to link him to Audio GD but the site is down for me :/ though the Schiit Gear is nice as well! 
Well that really defeats the idea of the "name" game, as I can just spew what ever crap I want and make up something for it latter. If that's your attitude then it's a shame your so egar to cling to it  Let's assume you Meant System of a Down [as that's what SOD makes me thing] So  for N - Neil Young For D- DeathKlock 
Ehh, If your going with a balanced Tube Amp I would recommend that you stick with a Balanced Dac too, to keep things clean and wonderfull sounding. Though You'll only need 2 cords, a USB for the Dac and a Pair of 3pin Cables Ideally I suppose you could stick 2 x 1 x 4 Inch and stack the two on top of each other keep in mind though tubes get Hot so stacking the two atop should REQUIRES that you give at lest like 2 inches of space inbtween the two   But again, having a...
ehhh I think Frank, mentioned he liked the MDR Z7 over the D7k... did Frank mention that the MDR Z7 Was brighter?  But yea, the "refined" DXK series headphones are something to hear, some much so I've sold one an I'm on the verge of getting another. I could get a MDR Z7 but... instead a modded D5k is on my Radar!  Any ways, hoping Frank will send keep his impressions a coming! 
Little Dot MK VI + or VIII SE   The VI+ is for low Impedance Headphones  VIII SE for High Impedance Headphones    I think    Chances the the MK VIII SE will work nicely for the new Audeze Proto Type, the MK VIII SE pushes 2,000 mW PC at 600 ohms, so it should hopefully run at least 500 mW into 1200 Ohms maybe more, maybe less... either way those are my options to you for an amp    For a Dac the Schiit Gungir is at $749, which should save you about $300 for some...
Indeed, these guys are developing a science that's for sure 
   Oh yikes, you guys need to hear a fully modded DXK Series Headphone, My D2K with Cocobolo was well DARK! I loved listening to it with metal an EDM but yea it was dark, Sub Bass was really stellah, mids where nice and the Highs were very Poliete  Still though it was dark! xD maybe Frank can back me up lol 
:/ SWV can you not use abbreviations  Valley of the Giants 
I thought it was Dark, which throws me cuz every one called them Bright too, I should mention, My D2k had Lawton Pads, Lawton Driver Mods, Cocobolo Wood cups and a BTG Midnight Cable... so... it wasn't exactly "stock" but my D2k Was Dark 
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