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same link is leading to a used one for $294 ish now
ITS BEEN A DAY POST ALREADY just kidding, hopefully your liking the sound SO much that you've forgotten to post your review ^^ 
Yea the 10.33 is very versitile 
I agree, while my NFB 10ES2 has a slighty better sound, the Pb2 is darn close! and it's about 1/10 the size and weight
WOW, open mouth insert foot! Thanks for the information man. I appreciate your not insulting me or anything childish but actually provoding some relveant information. I might actually give there little tube amp a try [oh wait nvm I don't own SE cans any moar >.>] non the less, I'm happy to find out that I was wrong [very wrong] about what I thought about he company. I may have to contact them and see if I can do a review or get a sample. 
Welcome Cute! Sorry to hear your having some trouble with your HE 4 but yea, mine too is like the pics posted.    Star felt on the one side, clear mesh on the other 
I've got one of those Hifiman Cables I'm trying to sell actually, about 3m in length. Made from Canare Cable, feel free to pm me. I'm looking to sell it cheaply xD
My point is Audio GD is an established name here on Head Fi, we all already know that King Wa designs and sells amazing amps for an amazing price.  It's a shame your not farmilliar with them, as long as you've been here on Head Fi, but it's reputation preceeds it now iCan we know very little about, but let's look at the name, it starts with "i" chances are I'm betting there are aiming at the iDevice users, the people with the Mindset.  Now I could be wrong, but  Schiit and...
I think it's more [well with the HiFlighKit] capable of being a desktop and portable amp. Granted it'll push about 2.5wpc into 32 ohms [that asumming you've got the right BUffers and op amps and max gain] But if we assume at least 1w pc [worst case scenario] it'll work nicely with the the New Hifiman Orthos, the Mr Speakers Ortho's and any Dynamic headphones.  So it should be decently capable. 
ewww thanks for tellin me that... I used tweesers today on the tops... super gently! but actually one of the pins was slighty bent. Ive never removed thr op amps or buffers before but i reseated them all today straightend the pin with a tweezer. took me 2 painful mins but everythings all clear now. I appreciate u respobding. Ive got a quad of lme 49990s. If the problem appears again n reseating the doesnt fix it ill buy new op amps first but removeing n reinsrting all...
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