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I just have to ask, has any one heard of or know of another Flagship in the works from ATH? Sony just launched a brand new Wood Back Flagship, an I've yet to see anything from ATH aside from the W1000Z, which is by no means a flag ship :/   that said, nice to see the W3000ANV is still getting some daily chatter 
I'm gonna bring this back from the dead, this thread is a huge life saver given recent events! Thanks for all your hard works since then, to every one whose been updating this thread ^^ 
Yea I know it's dieing, really hoping iBasso  does an upgrade for the PB2, 
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhm I'm really just happy my HE 4 is still running strong! Here's to hoping it lives forever!!!!!!! 
Super pumped to see who's gonna get to grab these beauties :D 
  Yea I can stand behind the NFB28 as well it's amazing! Though Audio GDs $350 offering doesn't even compare to the power output of the Jotunheim, so I'd say for US based consumers Jotunheim is going to be the way to go [it's even balanced] though up near the $700 dollar range I'd say go for Audio GD I've had mine for around 3 years now, an It's... well just like new. Super clean, runs the same as it always has! Things built amazingly 
Sadly, I don't wish to read through 141 pages    but can any one link me to where Jason comments on the Jotunheim, for the LONGEST time the guys at Schiit took a very strong stand against integrated dac/amps [like for ever] so it's odd to see one with their name on it [though tbh it's priced nicely an should bolster sales for them]   I'm just curious to see how they came to this product! If some one has a link to a Blog Entry that'd be awesome 
pics please :D
ooooooooooh nice man! I'd love to see  a break down of what repairs you do as part of the restoration 
That's good to hear, my initial problem with the HE X when I had it was the look an feel of it, an I understood that the HE K V1 was a bit better, but not by much   so hopefully, the V2 feels much better than it's predecssor 
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