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I've got to hear one of Dan's Flagships  either way, in recent times Hifiman has really irked me in a lot of ways, I'm hoping to see Dan take the spot that they once held for so long, that said any news on a Mid Tier Open Back Planar and super excited to see yet another new Flagship from this team! 
that's good to know, though I'd imagine the wait time could be due to a huge increase in sales due to the new trade in company, still though you'd hope they would have smoothed stuff like this out before
mhmm, I'm hoping to get my self a Fretless 5 string here soon, an Obscura was pretty kickin! 
I'm sure you guys caught this band, but I just found them an WOW... just freaking wow... I'm SOLD     that bassist just blows my mind! An yea there's a good bit of screaming but it's mixed really nicely so I don't mind 
Well guys it's the 7th :D but in all seriousness, this was an excellent tour! I think you guys have really paved the way into having a wonderful new entry point for closed backs! Plus I'm a bit of a wood fetisht so those cups are just major brownie points 
ooh does the 1075 come in bricks like that? I've mutilated a few cases trying to cut out foam with the right shape I might have to pick one up if it comes with removable foam bricks!  an yea the PB2 is still one of my favorite amps! It sounds better than a LOT of desktop amps I've had over the years 
there's the question to be asked 
I have the same pads on my HE 4 as a matter of fact, an yea I like the sound stage that they add 
Wow... I guess this is both good and BAD news   I don't have Stock ePads on have some off brand... and well they weren't super duper in there [you could kinda hear something... moving ish] so I glued them inside of the assembly... but now like 4 months later it seems they are REALLY in there [and one's upside down] either way the bass is level an I can't hear any real differance despite the upside down ePad    Either way I guess I'm not selling these I did kinda wanna...
so there are two sets of pads :o I wonder how it sounds 
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