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Man the XB 700 and 1000 were SWEET looking, but as Hawaii Said, a first listen will be the best. As it seems these are picky about sources 
yay grats to ya! 
haha, good for OS X
I would recommend you at least get a Fiio E07k, it'll improve the sound of your PC and your iPod n amp your headphones nicely 
Hey, nice post man! Nice to have you here but yea, if your son has an interest in electronics or learning about that stuff, modding might be a good hobby for him! An Beyers take well to mods 
I don't want to get anything without at least hearing it first, that said any and all wood backs are at least up for consideration. I'm happy with what I have, only reason to upgrade is to get something better, no side grades. And I like the look of my wood backs honestly. An I'm not ready to "dismiss" the Z7 I've just lost interest in reading any reviews for it, since like the LCD XC there's only far left or far right impressions of it. As you know the XC is on my list of...
yea that was my next comment, Macs r not "less Vulnerable" you've got the Shell Shock to worry with as well as hackers stealing your nudes Too bad, guess that bubbles been popped! 
Yea I would keep the more sensitive cash comments for Private Messages, but if you and He agree'd on a price and what not and he gave you his email, then pay pal is the way to go. Make sure you get tracking as well, in the event that you do not or he says that he "cant provide it" contact pay pal asap. 
[[SPOILER]]  With regards to Windows 8, I love it on "conveniance" machines. Like a lap top, something where I might hop on for 20 mins, check bank statements, derp around head fi or even do some work for school. It's very get up n go, and for that I like it Now I would never use windows 8 on my Desktop, it lacks support for a lot of games for starters. I can't easily get to the Bios which is a no go since I repair my own machine, which is often over clocked from time to...
I have not heard any of the V-Moda Cans, but the M100 is one the V-Moda can I hear the most positive feed back about!    How ever the differance between the LP2 and M100 is not only price but driver size, the M100 is going to be the better sounding headphone, for starters it's a larger driver and it's priced above the LP2, why price is usually not realitive to "performance" with V Moda their prices r pretty straight forward, with the M100 being the larger "full sized"...
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