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I agree hunting for cd's is a rather funny hobby 
yea good cans eat mp3s and spit em out literally, and Hmmm... I wish I could hear the LCD XC and compare it to my HE 4, although I'd imagine if anything the LCD XC has to be tighter than my old LA MD D2k 
woot woot!!
ewww I want one, how does the LCD XC compare to the HE 400 q.q bass wise 
Oh snap it does come with both, that's good to know I always thought it was $15k for one of the blocks and if ur droping $16000 on a mono block set, the extra $1200 shouldn't be an issue, all things considered 
I had no idea the hp150 was out, I'll have to recommend it more although I DO LIKE Coiled Cables, now Mirror Balls on their head is a tempting offer too lol 
Might as well tell him, it's a $15k Mono BLock, which means you need two of them to get Stero sound [right] in addition, lady won them on the Price is Right... deng didn't know those guyz where givin away LCD Cans, that's kinda neat in addition enjoy the XC, I've been wanting one my self for a while :D 
I agree the two sound simmilar, but if the k550 doesn't "fit your head" the sound is dimished making the HP 150 the better choice due to ergomnomics 
I think I might have said this before, but with headphones like the HE 4, we hit a point at which many high end headphones, and amps "sound the same" but feel different. The reason I love my pb2 and NFB10ES2 is because of the quality of sound and the tactility it gives the HE 4,  this is assuming your working with what should be an ideally "transparent" amp, I've got LME 49990 OP amps in my Pb2 with dummy Buffers, so it's pretty transparent or as much as it can b Non the...
another good point 
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