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Honestly, I'd LOVE to try the LCD XC my self. It's a serious consideration of mine, I hear that the LCD XC has a upper mid range coloration simmilar to the W1000x, the LCD XC should be wonderful regardless! I mean Azudze Flag Ship Wood Closed back, should be an easy upgrade to the W1000X! 
Guys SHAME ON ME there is an ACTUAL record Shop, and apprently a rather famous one near me called Killgor Troue, here in Myrtle Beach sc :O. I've NEVER been and I'm TOTALLY going to go in there in about the next hour! With my POrtable gear with me :3. Let's hope I can find some AudioPhiles there ^^ 
Ahh... either way I'll Post what I have here soon enough!   Thankfully both of my portable woodies, are 32 ohm highly sensitive headphones, so power wise I don't need much.    My HE 4 isn't good for any where outside of home, seeing as it's open ya know! 
actually I can comment on this I dont have a D5000 I have a very modded D2000 [which might as well be a D5k considering the wood cups on it, recable, the lawton pads ect...ect...] Anyways, the Sub Bass and highs of the MD/AD something D2k are better, the soundstage and overall level of detail a a step up. The D2k after many mods is really my favorite closed back bass can! I do like it ALOT Non the less where the D2k falls shorts is the mids, I remember the HP100 had such...
Based on the specs is sounds wodnerful, I've got a Sabre ES90XX chip[s] in my Audio GD 10ES2 and they sound wonderful   How ever the review was... so... well HYPE ALERT. I mean it was very vague. I'm a little astonished it got front page coverage with such vague wording.   I assume that it's a very clean sounding DAP, aside from that not much   I still enjoy my hm801 [line out into my pb2]  so I suppose I'll be using it a little while longer... still I'd love to get...
YOU BUY NOW I actually have the Hifi Flight Kit, I only use the Dummy Buffers and LME 49990 Quads, so take those out of the equation and I'd be more than happy to sell you the other OP amps and buffers in the Kit I don't use
Actually, I like the Hifiman HE 4 and the Beyer DYnamic DT 880 [the T1 would be useful as well] But I think you'd enjoy either the Beyer Dyanmic T90, T1 or the DT 880 or the Hifiman HE 4 [NOT THE HE 400!]
same link is leading to a used one for $294 ish now
ITS BEEN A DAY POST ALREADY just kidding, hopefully your liking the sound SO much that you've forgotten to post your review ^^ 
Yea the 10.33 is very versitile 
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