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So after owning a pair of MD's for over a month now. I feel like the highs are way too sharp for me. It's to the point where it hurts a bit. I've also recently bought a pair of Amperior's and I'm not just using those almost exclusively. So with all that said, two questions:   1) What are the differences in sound between MD and Amperior? 2) Anyone else have issues with sharp and/or painful highs with the MD?
Yeah, I understand that. Is a clean signal supposed to sound poorly?
Just received my DX50 yesterday, love it with my Amperior (have yet to try it with my DT770/80 and MD).   I've been hearing that the sound coming out of the LO is better than the HO. This is surprising to me because the sound out of the LO super terrible. I am plugging my Amperior directly to the HO and LO btw. Perhaps, I'm missing something?   Btw, I'm pretty new to the audiophile realm.
After reading much of the comments in this thread, decided to take the plunge and order myself a DX50 also. 9th batch to be more specific.   Going to use it with a pair of Amperiors as my on the go rig. Should be good.
I'm thinking about getting one of these for on the go use. I was wondering what's the differences between the three in terms of sound.     Also, if it helps, I currently have:   - Mad Dogs 3.2 and DT770/80 (both are too big to carry around).
Quick question on the hirose connector.   It seems that I can twist the cable right below the hirose male plug while it's connected to the MD. Is this normal?
So here's where I'm at:   I'm 80% sure that I will keep these headphones. Everything about it awesome, except for the bass on some "basshead" songs. The bass isn't consistent to my tastes through those songs.   However, with that said, the rest of my songs sound amazing. This is the main reason why I will more than likely keep these cans.   With that said, this is more than likely a sound signature conflict since it looks like I prefer a v sound signature.   TL;DR:...
 Yeah, I'm thinking my gear might be the cause. Also, I recently ordered this MD (last week), so it should be 3.2.
 edit: i'll take this convo via pm.
 Yeah. Problem is I don't know a closed headphone upgrade from the DT770/80. I was thinking of sending them in to headphile for the darth beyer mod.
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