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@preproman - Congrats. What an amazing system you've got there.   I'm looking at the following DAC's re: my next DAC purchase:   - Bricasti M1 - Totaldac D1 Dual - Metrum Pavane   I've already got an MSB Analog + Analog Powerbase which I love, but after something a touch different by way of tonality, and if possible resolution.   Of the 3 listed the pricing and user feedback suggest that the Totaldac should come out ahead, comfortably. However I'd love to hear...
Hi Everyone,   I'm after a pair of XLR to RCA signal cables. They need to be about longer than 0.75M at a minimum.   I know there was a classified with a Audioquest Sky XLR to RCA cable but for the life of me I can't find that listing.   Cheers, GS
@fire2368 - there's a Pass Labs Aleph that's popped up on Stereonet:   They do run a touch hot though! :)
All good guys - spoke to Fried and he confirmed it's all good. Listening to my AB-1266's + Subpac via the V281 as I type this. Un****ing believable. :)
Mate,   I'm sorry to hear about this. It could happen to any of us, so don't beat yourself up over it.   While it sucks now, look at the bigger picture: the fact that you were in a position to own the SSAK240 means you're in a relatively good place financially compared to so much of the population. Further to that you figured out how to get the money to source and purchase the player before and you will again.   Lastly, in a few years time this would have been a...
Thanks mate - I guess what I want to verify is whether I can use it as a line-out + headphone amp i.e. amplified headphone signal to the Abyss and line signal via 2 X RCA to 3.5mm to the Subpac. 
/me slaps head - what was I thinking. Here I am trying to figure out all how I could enable the headphone out + run a parallel line out when the answer has been staring at me the whole time. I had no idea the v281 could have the headphone out activated AS WELL AS the line-out. I love this amp - I just head to press the line-out button and it appears I can run both outputs in parallel.   At the risk on erring on the side of caution, I'll seek clarification from @fdg or...
 Mate - I was wondering what damage if any I'd do if I sent the amplified signal from V281 to the Subpac's line-in. I was effectively doing that from my portable amp (AK240, and later Sony ZX2) but of course the single ended output from the V281 is a different proposition. Anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks guys - that's exactly what I was going to do. I have a Grado 6.3 to 3.5 adapter which I'll be using with Subpac.
 Thanks mate! :) Did i speak to you today on the phone re: the Pavane? My fear is that the Subpac would present some weird load to the V281 and everything will fall to ****.
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