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If you'll send them to Sydney, Australia I'll take them mate
Hi Everyone,   I'm also interested in a Violectric V200.   Same story - based in Sydney, Australia. Let me know if you've got one in 230v that you'd like to sell.   Thanks Soapy 
Hi Everyone,   I'm on the market for an Audio-Gd Master 9.   I'm based in Sydney, so if you have a 230v version and you're looking to move it on drop me a PM.   Thanks, Soapy
Hi @lalala6 - Not sure if you got my PM? 
Hi Everyone,   Can the ZX2 act as a Bluetooth Receiver i.e. can I pair this unit with my Mac Mini and send the audio signal from the Mac to the ZX2?   I ask this with the intention of using the ZX2 as a Bluetooth Adapter for when the kids are asleep and I want to watch something on Netflix and the like? Would the Bluetooth signal received by the ZX2 pass through the LDAC thereby providing a superior SQ experieince when using the Bluetooth protocol?    Thanks, Soapy
@Leviticus - Brilliant, thank you mate :)   Has anyone moved from an AK240 to the Z2, and even more specifically anyone here moved to the Z2 while running the LCD-X/XC's and/or any of the other cans I've listed in my original post?   Keen to hear your thoughts on how you found the transition - any regrets?   I love my AK240 but for the life of me given it's price I'm stumped that Astell & Kern are dragging their heals on leveraging lossless streaming.
Hi Everyone,   With 3 kids ranging from 5 through to 11 months a high quality DAP and reasonably efficient cans are increasingly my only opportunity to feed my inner audiophile. I sold my desktop rig earlier in the year and used some of the funds to upgrade my portable rig and main 2 channel system.   From a portable perspective I'm running an AK240 and an Audeze LCD-X/JH Audio Roxanne's; I'm about to dip my toes into the world of closed back cans and am considering...
Hi Guys,   Thought I'd drop a post here to see if I can have any luck: I'm after a pair of LCD-XC's as my 11 month old son is a very light sleeper and apparently the volumes at which I listen to my X's wakes him up.   If anyone has a pair of XC's and you're willing to let them go let me know. I'm based in Sydney, Australia and would be happy to cover postage fee's etc.   Thanks Soapy  
Hi Everyone,   I'm based in Sydney, Australia and I'm on the hunt for a pair of EL-8's for home use for when the kids are asleep. They are yet to hit to Australia and with a new baby in the house who seems to be a very light sleeper I need a pair of closed back headphones stat.   In the unlikely event any of you guys are experiencing buyers remorse then please let me know via PM.   Thanks, Soapy 
So this is a bit of stab in the dark but if anyone wants to move their closed back EL-8 on and pop it on a plane to Sydney, Australia drop me a PM.    I need a closed can with a new baby in the house and the EL-8's don't hit Australia for another 4 weeks from what I've been told. 
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