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Item: JH Audio Layla (version 1) Universal IEM Location: Sydney, Australia Price: $1500 [FIRM]  Item Condition: 9/10  Reason for selling: Clearing some much loved components to accommodate a broader change of direction with my 2 channel rig  Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:    Considered the best UIEM going round at the moment this is yet another component I'm putting up for sale with a heavy heart. I love these Layla's and at one point...
As it hard as it is, the first thing I'd do is take a deep breath and believe that what ever is wrong with it there will almost invariably be a solution i.e. it will be repairable. Where are you located? Are there any local HiFi forums you know of. I live in Australia and we're lucky enough to have a great local forum which helped put me in touch with a tech when a component of mine failed. 
 I listen to a ton of electronica: Progressive Hose, Tech House, Deep House, Techno etc. The Abyss is unbelievably good. My headphone station also has a 2 channel near field setup with two locally produced mini-monitors that are on-par with Magico Mini's. I can't tell you how often I have to take the Abyss' off to make sure it's not my monitors playing, only to realise that the soundstage and imaging hearing is not coming from my speakers but my headphones. I love them...
Hi Everyone - I've got a ZX2 complete with OEM Sony case & screen protector I'll be listing for $US690/$AU950 soon if anyone's interested.   Thanks, Soapy
 LOL - Ross! - that's frustrating (for both you and me)! I'm glad you're enjoying it mate - it's a great DAC. 
If anyone's interested in a 220v-240v Pavane's that's less than a year old in silver I may let my one go for $US3600. 
Greetings all any Headfi'rs looking for a 240v V281 let me know as I'll be selling my one soon! :) 
Hi Guys,   I'm thinking of entering the DAVE club, however a few (potentially trivial) questions I'm hoping you guys could help me with.   Part of the appeal of the DAVE is it's form factor which would allow me to take it with me when I'm traveling and use it similar to how Rob described in his post above i.e. in a hotel room listening to my headphones.   The laptop the unit would be connected would be running Windows 10. My questions are:   1) Is it simply a...
Hi Guys - Any idea how I could use the ZX2 as a USB DAC? I'd like to connect it to a desktop PC, have it recognised as a USB DAC and stream Spotify. I can't seem to be able to find how to get it to be recognised as a USB DAC as opposed to a USB HDD. 
To all the Violectric V281 owners out there - a question: Since my MSB Analog isn't truly balanced, I've got my V281 connected to it via Cardas Clear single ended RCA's. Since owning the Abyss I had the gain settings set to +6 (the second highest gain setting). Earlier this week I was installing some new XLR's (from the MSB to my 2 channel amp) and selected the highest gain setting i.e. +12. Where before on the +6 setting I would regularly listen to the Abyss with the...
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