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Release the anti-cable hounds!!                          
Can't blame Massdrop for that.  Prices pretty high for post office or and other carrier going internationally.  Just shipped a 4.5 lb box to S. Korea and it was $55.
 I would agree with you because whom ever reversed engineered the V200 into the H10 and came out with a cheaper and better amp did a fine job.  I would let it be but it is a low cost amp and so are the parts.  The 627 does the same thing as the 134 but with better tolerances and specs so it shouldn't hurt.  The H10 sounding better than the V200 is not my opinion but from a couple of reviews I have read.
 Hey neighbor, you should try the Gustard H10.  Clean and powerful amp.
I just went through a number of songs and genres and I see what you mean.  With some music there is no perceived difference.  Pop vocals and mids seem to have the most effect.  With classical, and jazz I can't hear any difference.
The volume change is very slight.  The change in midrange tone is more apparent.  I am changing the dip switches while the music is playing.
After a bit of switching back and forth between +12 and then adding +6, the difference that is most obvious is less pronounced upper mids at +18.  I don't think the overall tone is warmer or there is more bass.  Just higher the gain, less the upper mids.
Amp on +18 driving alpha dog.
For driving the Alpha Dog it does sound better.  Not that I listen really loud but it does sound a little more open and lively at low to moderate volume.
No need to apologize.  Just got mine, no manual of course so I'm just flipping every switch I see. 
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