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Kevin Gilmore's Klone   Original Krell interior.
I misunderstood that there was a LCD2 clone. I use the amp with my Alpha Dog and to my ears it is the best amp I have used with the Alpha. I have also used a friends Oppo PM3 and it takes the PM3 to another level. Sub bass and bass slam is just wow!
Guess you have not met some of the Lehmann Linear fans when the Lovely Cube just came out.
I think iLuv had some kind of inline deal to add controls and mic to any headphone similar to this apple and sennheiser.       You can also get replacement cables like this and put on MrSpeakers connectors. This is from SOL.
You've inspired me to get off my butt and revive my LC...tomorrow...maybe.  I'm a member of Procrastinators of America.
Seriously?  One of the best account name ever.
All lies! I need picture proof!
Waiting to see how the closed EL-8 stacks up against the AD or AP.  
 Makes me feel like a ass because I made it on the upgrade list then declined because I wanted a kayak.  Now its too cold even in Houston to get on the water. 
Look down the connector and you will see five splines.  Four small and one large.  The large spline should point to pads.  
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