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Hello Victor, Any word on the upgrade output transformers?
Agreed.  After the designers at Elekit, I don't think anyone knows more about this amp.
I checked the specs and it's numbers match up with the KT88 so I thought it would be fine. Not having any problems but Victor says to watch the FETs.
 Hello Evan99,  I am using that very tube right now.  The Psvane KT88 T MkII is the silver bottle.  I am also using the Psvane 12AU7 T MkII.  They sound very clean, detail and spacious right off the bat but a needed warmer mids, and bass oomf.  That all changed after about 8 hours of running.  Now they are my favorite combo.  Everything seems perfect.  I don't think I will be rolling for a long time. These are the tubes I have tried.Top row:  Stock 6L6, Psvane KT88 T-MkII,...
Hello everyone, My name is sunnee and it's been 26 hrs since I rolled my last tube.     I got my TU-8200DX at the start of August and for some reason I missed this whole thread.  I read Effusion's great review in research of this amp but some how missed the thread.  Well, just finished going through the whole thing and nice to meet everyone.   For reference, I bought this amp to drive headphones.  My primary headphone is the MrSpeakers Ether C.  After that is the Sony...
 Don't know about monstrous but the better the amp, the better it sounds.  Just like the CD3000, it can get pretty loud out of a ipod but it needs a good amp to really shine.
 Not that I'm proud or anything but story of my life.  Never won anything, ALWAYS in the wrong line at the supermarket.  I'm that guy. 
I hit the jackpot with that. Ordered the C 1.0 when it just went into full production. I had black adhesives in many places around the cups. One smooth pad and one wrinkley pad and Dan says the only person to have a intermitent problem. I didn't care about the other two but had to send it back for the intermitent issue. Pretty sure someone forgot to solder a wire somewhere. Dan took care of it himself and had it next day back.
My thoughts too. Unless the C has some padding that can be removed.
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