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 I truthfully doubt anyone of us here can hear a loss of quality with one solder point.  Keep in mind that the AD itself has four solder points without the Y split.  Driver to cup connector has two points, connector to TRS is another two points.  Then factor in the numerous solder point inside your amp starting from the output device to the board, traces, wires, pots then the headphone plug. There are also the multiple connectors to go through.  Not putting down your...
I've been down the balanced SE road before.  My advice is to try as many amps as you can and grab the one with the sound you like best.  Balanced or SE should not be a factor for the AD.  The only time that I went with balanced over SE in a amp was when I had the HE-6 and I wanted just a bit more oomph.  In the end I ditched the balanced and used a old SS speaker amp that kicked the hell out of the balanced headphone amp.
Yes.  Yes.  From the same amp with duo outputs, balance is just more of the same sound.  
More volume, more grunt, a bit more headroom but same sound unless its two different amps.
 HA-LAY-LU-YAH!   No disrespect but this is the Alpha Dog thread.  I don't mind being a little off topic if it has something to do with the AD like cables, amps, DAPs, sources, music...blah blah.  Lets not imagine what Dan can do.
 To my understanding only the front end of the amp needs the shield (input signals).  Not necessary on the power out side like headphones and speakers.  Unless you own a $12k garden hose speaker cable suspended in snake oil an terminated with unobtainium spades.
In that case, if you like the sound of the stock cable, this is a bargain.  I'm fine with the sound, just don't like the stiffness of the stock.  Stripping the cable and putting it into paracord does help immensely.
 I remember reading the same thing somewhere else.  Why pay much more for a fancy looking equivalent of Dan's stock cable.
Ah.  Thanks.
I can get my hands on a friends variac to test this but I will try your other upgrades first.  Do you have the Alpha Dog, which opamp is best for that phone?
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