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Would of worked even better over in the Alpha Dog thread.
Then what next, Beats sound pretty good too?
Wallet drain? I think Red just mortgaged his soul.
Bad transformer or wrong voltage. Need to check it asap.
I glanced over the email on my phone while out shopping and saw it was a Hifiman collaboration and I was sooo hoping it would be a cheap small planar like the T50RP.  Oh well.
Old receivers usually have a Loudness button. This thing does not. Seems it is always in loudness so it has a Linear button, reverse loudness I guess. I always have it pushed in cause I can't handle loudness.
Picked up a new toy for my C's last week.   A/D/S/ R1 receiver.    Almost 35 years old but sounds very good.  Punchy as hell through speakers and headphones.  I opened it to Deoxit the balance knob and it is super clean for a old amp, hardly any dust at all.  My new favorite amp with the C's.
 I have always believed that full Bursons is the clearest window into your music.  Thing is, that is not what everyone wants.  A little synergy here, color there, everyone's palette is different.  My H10 always run full Burson. I have other amps for different flavors but I always come back to the H10 for the truth and sometimes the truth can be ugly.
That one is perfect.  with prime you can get it right away and start burning.
A long time ago I also stretched my HD600 out using speaker also.  The internal metal band can handle a lot of bending before they reshape.  You have to watch out for the plastic cover.  I've seen some people crack their's right where your thumb is.
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