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Sorry, misread your post to be the HRT Music Streamer which is most grainy thin sounding DAC's  I have ever used.
I run itunes on my PC and I just have to set the sound settings to 24/192.  I know nothing about Mac and very little about PC but I think there must be some settings for Mac.
 Get rid of the HRT.  I put my music on my ipod classic and run a line out dock to the H10 and it sounds better.
 You need to let them know one of the dual's in the back needs a notch on one side.
 OK, just did a short A/B session with the stock chips and the Burson.  I've been using some other stuff before I got the Burson in so I needed a refresher. I have to say that I am very surprised by how good the stock set sounds.  No wonder the H10 is such a hit.  Tonally, stock and Burson sound very much alike.  The Burson is slightly more mid forward but that may be because vocals sound free-er, unrestricted.  Then again that is with every sound.  Cymbals ring out more....
 The H10 may be one of the best made and sounding amp under $500 or even $1000 from some comments made.  I figured from the money I saved might as well get the best opamps.
I've read about better treble and bass but I don't hear that.  Same tones and frequency response but just smoother, natural and organic sounding.  Also the treble, mid and bass crossover is very good.  Like listening to a speaker with a very good crossover network or a full range speaker  with no crossover like a Fostex or Lowther.  This is on a Gustard H10 headphone amp.
Hello,    Just posted my take on the resistor mod here.
Hello,  I wanted to do the resister mod for my MA900 but couldn't find any instructions.  I'm sick today, couldn't sleep all night so here's my take on the mod.     Remove pads to access the five small phillip head screws.  Eventhough this is a single entry cable, you will need to open both sides.     Remove the bezel or ring holding the driver (Thing in background).  The driver is suspended by the grill with just one tab and peg.  Top of picture.     The...
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