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    Too late suckas, Dan started rolling the day he thought the T50RP had potential and his car ain't got no brakes.
I had the same finding when I had the Carbon for a week.  3 out of 3 people that A/B the two amps chose the H10 with the Bursons.  The owner of the Carbon sold it afterwards.  I thought the Carbon sounded very good, but like the H10 just a bit more.
I was a teen in the 80's, still love the music more than most of today's pop stuff.  The recording is better than most of the digital stuff of today.  Sounds more natural to me.  Even with the tape hiss or hum or noise, the Ether C picks it all up very clearly and I love it.  Just sounds real.
 I would of tried your pads on my Ether C during the meet if I had known all of this earlier.
Stick with the Primes for as long as you can, they are great headphones. I waited a long time before buying the Ether C because I enjoyed the Alphas so much. If you are still looking for work headphones try iems. I recently bought a Sony XBA 100 which I forgot to bring to the meet. Sonys newest armature offering. Single driver but very good sounding. Lean on sub bass but very good over all.
I am very happy with the QP1R, great match with the Ether C and most of my music.  I have not heard the Grace 902 or the Oppo HA-1 but I have come across many high praises for both.  Since Oppo's phones are all planars and that HA-1 looks like a beast, would really like to get my hands on one.
That will be a whole new can of worms.  Cables, amp and DAC all have to be balanced.  A very good SE amp will sound just as good if not better than a so so balanced set up.
Hey Sam, could be the cheapskate in me saying your rig doesn't sound three time better than mine.  With this hobby we all know that in the end the wallet always loses.
Here is my 2 cents on the Stax 007A and Ether E.   I had a quick listen early on in the meet for about a minute on each headphone.  I can't recall the song but it was one I did not know.  I found the Stax to be more musical and warmer but it also had a tad less treble presence than the Ether.  I walked away thinking about all the things that I've read about the Ether E and now that I actually listened to it it sounded so.. "bland" was the word that came to mind.  I...
The Mojo is a terrific DAC and it comes with a free amp the puts most amps to shame.
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