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Costco has the triple for $60+shipping right now. Online order only though. Very good deal.
There have been a few of those V5's melting in the Gustard H10.  Some users have posted pictures on that thread.  Some even have opamp failure, not just melting.
I have three of their products.  I can see why they are considered the Apple of China, exceptionally made products with tons of accessories and top notch presentation.  I have the ear bud, the double and the triple.  Over all the sound very good for the price but I am not a bass head and I consider all the items to be bass heavy.
A public apology. Man Tyll, that must have hertsome... Sorry, someone had to do it. Way to man up to a mistake Tyll.
Don't know where the Mojo comment came from but I call BS. That little thing is a Monster. Notice it has two headphone jacks. I've run two planars at the same time on it a few times to deafening levels with no sweat.
You are only speaking for yourself.  Dan has to take into account all his customers.  Like you I have all sorts of adapters and have never broken a thing in my life.  I have fixed many for other people though.  One guy I know at work has broken every socket and connector you can think of.  Almost all of the laptops he has owned has a broken charge socket and at least one broken USB.
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I came across the Torpedo before the Elekit in my search for a diy tube amp and for the exact same reasons you stated, bought the Elekit.
  Have you come across the Torpedo 3 yet?  http://www.head-fi.org/t/781651/torpedo-iii-build-thread
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