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Actually that helps alot. Input from the man that built the headphone is very good input. Thanks.
Thank you for your input. Now I am even more confused.
 Maybe you missed my question but with the Zotl2 and Kenzie, which did you like more.  Did you use to Ether C to listen to them?  Thanks
 My interest is between the Microzotl 2 and Kenzie.  I had the Liquid Carbon for a week and preferred Gustard H10 with Burson op-amps over it.
Funny that you mention these amps because I was researching them earlier today. Now the important question, which sounds better and why? Thanks.
I've only had them on for about an hour with no issues.  They are compact around ear headphones so it could be tight if you have big ears or ones that stick out or elf.  I have burned mine in for about 12 hrs just because.  One thing I noticed is that they sound pretty good overall and stay that way with most source.  From a Ipod Classic to portable amps to a QP1R, the sound is very similar.  Ipod to QP1R should not sound the same.  This headphone is not revealing with...
Mine came today.  Hard to find better sound for $40.  Nice deal.
@Robobandit, you can't be impatient in this game. I've waited close to two years for an amp. I've read stories here of people waiting years for their amps and headphone only to be stiffed. Two weeks is nothing.
Would of worked even better over in the Alpha Dog thread.
Then what next, Beats sound pretty good too?
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