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 To my understanding only the front end of the amp needs the shield (input signals).  Not necessary on the power out side like headphones and speakers.  Unless you own a $12k garden hose speaker cable suspended in snake oil an terminated with unobtainium spades.
In that case, if you like the sound of the stock cable, this is a bargain.  I'm fine with the sound, just don't like the stiffness of the stock.  Stripping the cable and putting it into paracord does help immensely.
 I remember reading the same thing somewhere else.  Why pay much more for a fancy looking equivalent of Dan's stock cable.
Ah.  Thanks.
I can get my hands on a friends variac to test this but I will try your other upgrades first.  Do you have the Alpha Dog, which opamp is best for that phone?
 Thank you for your input.  I'm pretty handy with an iron but have no knowledge of the circuit or components.   How do you adjust the voltage?
 Looks like you have respiratory problems.  Hope you find a cure.
 I'm waiting for Kevin or someone he's affiliated with to come out with a complete kit of his clone.   The case I got is very nice.  Thick aluminum, ok machining and a "real" Krell badge!?   Yes these are very low priced boards.  To bad the complete amp isn't offered for around $250 from all the sellers.  I'm hoping there will be many knock-offs of Krell or Kevin like the Black Cube clones.  Many easy changes to those clones that make it sound just as good or better than...
I have a Krell KSA 5 Chinese clone that I am using with my AD.  My impressions here.
  I was not going to do a review on this amp but I figured that there must be someone out there that wondered about the mysterious and elusive Krell KSA 5.       Ever since I started to get serious about headphones, the top of my own/listen list was the Krell KSA 5 and McCormack MID Headphone Amp.  I say "was" because nowadays I've settled down, cleared my extra inventory and settled on just the Alpha Dog and a Emotiva a-100 mini X.  I have found so much enjoyment in...
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