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Works.  No grease, no scent.
 Could do that but then it may be weeks or months till the AP gets to me so I have to hold on to the AD.  Anyone want my first born?  He has a motor mouth so you will need the AD to block out the noise.
 For many of us it is a necessity, not a preference.  If you want to enjoy quality sound without bothering everyone around you than Dan's the man.
 Right you are but it is all jest, no remorse.  Loved the MD's, then the AD's.  Can't wait to upgrade to the AP.  If Dan has figured out a way to make his phones better and offers you his results right away, I think its a great thing.  Many of us here are constantly tinkering and modding to get more out of our brand new phones anyway.  I don't think Dan is pulling an Apple on us but is actually offering us the next better thing as soon as he has perfected it.
Dear Dan,   Used to think you are a stand up guy.  Not any more.  Received a email from mrspeakers introducing the new Prime.  You jerk.  My Alphas hasn't even settle in yet from my MD upgrade and now you have a new headphone.  Be a proper entrepreneur and sit on your ass and give us at least a two year grace period before offering a new product.  Stop with all the researching and developing.     P.S.  My wallet says go to hell.
It must still have enough of an effect on the sound for so many people to here it.  I have changed the wire inside of a headphone before or hardwired a headphone, can't tell the difference.
I have been using Trevor's cables since he just started.  Great cables decent prices.  I've said this before here, he's like the Dan of cables.  Price/performance factor is top notch and he will bend over backwards for you.  Few years ago he even sold me a whole spool of his cable to wire one of my project amps and DIY a few of my headphones.
The air that I am referring to is the airy sense you get from a open headphone.
I have always been happy with the sound of the AD without the treats.  I ordered a set anyway to see what all the ruckus was about.  I believe that the AD is very accurately tuned and that many music is mixed too hot so the AD is just pointing out what is there.  So when the treats came I really felt they were unnecessary.  The most I ever used to have a balance between the hot and natural music is two dots.  After playing with the dots for awhile I did notice a little...
 I truthfully doubt anyone of us here can hear a loss of quality with one solder point.  Keep in mind that the AD itself has four solder points without the Y split.  Driver to cup connector has two points, connector to TRS is another two points.  Then factor in the numerous solder point inside your amp starting from the output device to the board, traces, wires, pots then the headphone plug. There are also the multiple connectors to go through.  Not putting down your...
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