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Motherboard would be better quality than the subpar headphone out of  PC speakers. Don't give yourself tinnitus.
The KGSSHV I saw in London was big enough to be used as a desk when not in operation!
Was it used?   £145+£10 shipped from Amazon.
LOL. Even TwinQY couldn't have done better than that.
Listen to it? Seems like it'd make interesting competition for the srs-2170 and the ESP-950.
$500? Can't go wrong.
It won't. :P   Also, I've been browsing for "cheap" and fairly local(to the EU) CIEMs recently and noticed that a German company, inear-monitoring has a few of their CIEM models now as universals, anyone in the thread given any of their stuff a try before?
Dab of superglue on the finger if it's not paper. Small pin if it is. Doesn't matter except for aesthetics, it's just a dust cover.
This is a thing apparently.   More western companies need to make asian fit glasses. It's too much fuss to go looking for Japanese brands all the time.
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