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It doesn't have to, but if people are still buying it regardless of the massive price hike and if the loss in custom is countered by an increase in profit...capitalism.
If the FXD80 didn't appear to have really quite wide nozzles, I'd buy one to try. £52 in the UK isn't too bad.   Looks like we're getting somewhere, either the new Shure is amazing and their answer to IEMs like the TG334 or it's an expensive duck like the K3003. I'm hoping if they sound good, the tech will filter down the range.
Not to mention the first public firmware is probably going to be a little...iffy. Still, £200. Not bad.
Might have. Not sure. The sarcasm is strong with this one.I try to avoid thinking about it.
Nope. It's not just you. I remember when the height of my ambitions in audiophillia was to own the IE8 and a D7000. Then the IE80 kinda sucked and the D7000 is EOL and overpriced. Not to mention the DAPs costing more than a carbon framed bike...
The metal thing? It's used to change the treble filters in the nozzle.
Vocaloid is just...bad to my ears. It's the Japanese version of death metal. Screechy noise. I can't imagine how painful it'd be on a treble focused pair of IEMs or headphones.   <3 Binaural recordings on studio monitors. 
I liked the thin nozzles. Because I have ungodly small canals.   10% of $50 is only $5. Which is £35 and still a massive discount from the UK price gouge. I rather expect it would be curbstomped in terms of performance by my PFE though.   Hmmm. Well, the little video segment from Jude mentions that he doesn't use the treble reducer tip, and I like my treble quite sparkly. I'll hold off and hope Shure bring one to the October London Meet.   Once one company sees it can get...
I'd prefer to work on my little personal projects. Too much effort and pressure with a public paid one.   1080p was made popular by the film and tv industry. I don't believe a 25xx by xxxx screen was midrange for TFTs in 2003, although my old 16" Sony CRT could handle it.   I don't think most people could really justify an $18k or even the revise $8.5k screen. The resolution is a bit too high to be used raw, I'd be straining my eyes a lot with that resolution on a 22.5"...
Skyrim still has the best ragdolls.
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