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Why don't you just sell it instead of spending more money on IEMs you don't like?
Dyed. You dye plastics during the moulding process to make them certain colours. It's confusing because dying something obviously also refers to the old meaning where you dye the item after manufacture.
Pssh. I like the SE535, I'm always confused why people hate it so much. The XBA-3 is okay, but doesn't synergise too well with my taste in music or my gear. I never thought any of the Shure IEM line up was sibilant.   Mind you, I don't think of it as an endgame IEM.
It's also incredibly ugly.
With current consoles it's a memory limitation. even with the best streaming code, a bunch of 4K textures is going to fill the VRAM quickly. Many current engines support 4K textures. Skyrim has lots of 4K texture mods already, Crysis 1,2 and 3 have 4K mods. Mass Effect 2+3 also have 4K texture mods(I play with exclusively 4K character textures and 2K environments. It has more to do with getting the content out onto a console in a decently sized download as well as...
Oh, my bad, are the lower end kits pre dyed? I was assuming you had to paint all of them. :(
With a proper 4X game, it's good enough that the story is kinda what you make of it. The saga of your civilsation conquering everyone else. I guess I'm an armchair empire builder at heart.
I don't have an account on there. Put it on dropox or something with a funny title. Probably a title relating to x-dressing.
I was never a big fan of SRPGs. The last one I played was Heros of Might and Magic V, I think. The pacing of the combat vs the exploration, etc is just a bit wierd. I quite like 4X turn based games. I miss the Space Empires series.
I'm guessing it's the same plastic as the airfix stuff, so a craft knife should trim the nubs cleanly.
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