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Fostex TH900 - $1999 ... .. .   [[SPOILER]]     Head-Fi, where audiophools are born and wallets come to die.
I've been down that road. I'm not adding up, I'll just feel bad.
  Amazing what you can do with lots of spare time and dedication.    
Comfort huh? Get a pair of TH900s. 
ATH A1000 pads   Denon D2/5/7K pads   Fostex TH600/900 pads   Mr Speakers Alpha Pads   A900ti pads   J$ denon pads   Lawton Angle Pads   Shure SRH840/940 pads(but don't tuck under the lip at the back properly)   Fostex T50RP pads(same problem as the shure pads)   All the above fit the A900X.
Thanks. It's the newer fat(although still better that a lot of 3/4" fatties) Century II. I picked one up today.
No longer interested. Closed.
Thinking about selling my D2k to part fund trying out the TH600. but I dunno if I want to give them up since they're EOL. 1st world problems.     [[SPOILER]]
Looks very sleek as well.
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