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No, I prefer mezzo-forte. Less tiring.
You must not be reading the thread...or the Diary thread.
Spam is delicious.   I miss living in Coventry though, there was a place that served amazing ramen and noodles just a mile from where I lived. Enormous bowls too.
Sounds like the IEM version of the Tardis.
So...a month tops?   Also, info dump on the Radeon HD9970. http://uk.hardware.info/news/34922/specifications-amd-radeon-hd9970-leaked     nformation has leaked on AMD's upcoming series of graphics cards. This includes specifications of the Volcanic Islands top model. If we are to believe Softpedia and the leaked roadmaps, the HD 9000-series won't be launched until the end of this year. The info reveals that the Volcanic Islands cards will be based on 20 nm technology and...
Dussht philturs ftw.
Looks like I'll be getting one.
£120. ACS do a range of nozzle sizes as well, as long as you request the correct one. I know a person on Bit-Tech has a pair of custom tips on his PFE 122s.
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