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I don't need a doctorate. Doctorates are for hardcore researchers and academia, neither of which I have much interest in. A masters in engineering will do me fiine.
I was talking about some(not many) universities offering bursaries/grants to exceptionally high flying students. Tilpo iirc gets something because he's on a 90% average mark in his course, although ofc, that's in the Netherlands, but the premise is similar here, albeit typically at 80%, not 90%.
True. Someone entering undergrad now would expect to pay £9000 in fees, £90/week for 45 weeks in accommodation and if non in a catered hall probably an extra £2500 in food, if they eat frugally(more like £3000).   So between £15,550 ($23.6K) and £16,050 ($24.4K), still a bloody massive hike from the £3k tuition a couple years ago.
Lucky you with the scholarships and grants.  Nothing even remotely similar here unless you're from an exceptionally poor family, although certain universities do have financial bonuses for students on an exceptional score, such as a consistent 80% plus(similar to Tilpo's 90% thing). Uk higher education is going down the pan...
He sings. He's white. ... Literal meaning ftw.
Seen it. It was posted in the Diary thread about 3 days ago. 
Atom only posts here and in the skype. :)
I'm using an NZXT Sentry LX for my fan control, cracking little thing with 6 channels and masses of power incase you want to run 5400rpm deltas. Prior to that I used a mCubed T-balancer, which was just too much effort to set up. I'm a fan of the Silverstone APs, Sharkoon Silent eagles and ol'reliable the Yate Loon DSL12.
That would be genuinely awesome.
Woo. Got a serious buyer for my SRH840. Yay!
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