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Works perfectly still. :D
I wish CM storm would use a nicer font. It's the main reason for me never considering them as an option.
Well, that special edition kb was expensive. Guess style costs a lot.
Why would you even buy a 970 for 4k? My 780ti isn't that fantastic in some games at 1600p, let alone 4k...
Under the monitor. I'm assuming they're not on their lowest height setting.
My samsung 840 pro's are still fine. Not sure how the new gen stacks up, but you could check them out. Never had any issues with Crucial or Samsung SSDs tbh.
Let me just go kill myself.
Nooope. My setup hasn't changed since last year. Agree with mechy here, wireless colour laser ftw. Best £80 I've spent on a peripheral.  China pls.
There are a few things I feel would be much better without technology, dating is one of them. Nobody needs to deal with getting blown off because the other person's tinder match is more attractive than you are.
Just go for a ultrawide 21:9 screen. 
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