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Wouldn't even matter to me if the SQ was affected or not. Smoke smell gets everywhere. I would never buy a gear of any kind that was previously owned by a heavy or moderate smoker.
You bought a lenovo? YKYAAW you bring a a portable DAC with you when shopping for a new phone.
I have no idea how you can game with a track pad. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be accurate or fast enough in FPS games nor would I have a good enough APM for MOBAs and RTS games.
I only use chrome because of the plugins and the fact all my tabs are synced. The actual brower is pretty meh and imo Firefox is even worse.
That looks like an Asus.
It should show up as K or whatever in CPU-Z or in the Windows system thingy.
Pen spinning is hard....with a fountain pen.
I no longer care if people buy stuff that's higher spec than they need. It's their money and like Panda said, it's subsidizes the times when I shell out for that stuff (or when I can pick up a 2nd hand previously TOTL item that's never even been stressed, much less overclocked a year later XD)
You're doing it wrong.
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