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Wut. I haven't been paying attention to the news about windows 10.
Yeah....I'd rather have a desktop instead of that thing.
Quad core minimum, 6-8GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive if you're going to store anime on it, a 128GB+ SSD if you're not, both if it supports it. Discrete graphics, at least GTX870m or better and a IPS 1080p panel or better.
A light dinner of rice, snow peas and salmon, topped with lemon and cottage cheese.
Works perfectly still. :D
I wish CM storm would use a nicer font. It's the main reason for me never considering them as an option.
Well, that special edition kb was expensive. Guess style costs a lot.
Why would you even buy a 970 for 4k? My 780ti isn't that fantastic in some games at 1600p, let alone 4k...
Under the monitor. I'm assuming they're not on their lowest height setting.
My samsung 840 pro's are still fine. Not sure how the new gen stacks up, but you could check them out. Never had any issues with Crucial or Samsung SSDs tbh.
New Posts  All Forums: