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I think the Nexus One was a result of Google not knowing exactly how to specify their ideal phone or having a super solid idea of what they wanted to do with the Nexus brand back then.
Most non vein sensing fingerprint readers are terrible from a security standpoint. Never played DOTA2, I think the main difference is the lack of a turn rate on champion movement and the fact creeps physically block you though. Otherwise it's just another MOBA.
I thought the LoL community was toxic...
I wouldn't buy an Iroshizuku ink unless I really liked it, that and I live within cycling distance of the Diamine factory. :P
Screw you.I'll just listen to my new music album.   [[SPOILER]]
and here I am with a 720p phone...
I dunno, I haven't tried it. I game on my desktop and haven't installed any games on the laptop yet.
I think the easiest option would be to have the DAC switch setup so that each DAC is named within the script, then each time it changes DAC add a printf (or whatever applescript uses) with the name and a timestamp  listing the DAC to an external log. EDIT: Thread moves too quick, my post is already outdated. ;_; I'm also pretty sure you can switch the windows audio device from at random through matlab script too, not sure if it has this functionality for OSX though.
It's just a 860m, there wasn't a higher spec option and for the price I paid, I don't think I could've gotten anything better either.
Yeah, it's pretty nifty. I love lenovo laptops.
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