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If it didn't cost the price of a small 3rd world country to ship over I'd get a caselabs STH10.
Happy Birthday mini spamda.
What do you think Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge-E are? If they were designed from the outset as consumer CPU's they wouldn't have most of the fancy Xeon virtualisation tech.
High end Xeons are iirc stress tested before shipping. Anything that doesn't work out at a certain reliability is scrapped. That and they have more error correction and extra features like dual socket support, VTX-D, etc... Stuff that doesn't make it as a Xeon is sometimes scrapped and sold as a consumer chip. Yeah, 12 cores (fooking gigantic die) is probably still hell to fab, so that's gonna hike the price up.
Airflow is a non issue for me. I'll be transferring my loop over and adding in another rad and probably using an internal tube res. So long as there's enough airflow to keep the VRM's from burning I'm fine with it. I'd probably pick a fractal case if I was building an air cooled system.
Yeah, NZXT have come a long way since the craptastic H2. Sadly, the new Kaveri A10 still gets roflstomped in IPC by current gen Intel but it's a nice upgrade from the older gen. Might be nice for mid range gaming laptops and HTPCs that can run the odd game.
Not big enough. Corsair 900D is still my front runner for my next case.
That what happens if you want a fully certified server CPU. Those certs cost money and businesses can afford it. Most consumers can't. Ofc there's also the fact that Intel's server chips schiit all over AMD right now(and possibly for the next decade). The highest priced AMD chips are only ~$800.
I like the A900X quite a lot but it's not remotely portable. The Mad Dogs were pretty good and from all accounts have improved since the version I listened too.
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