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 I never said it was a good approach. I merely stated why it wasn't successful. Also I don't believe human rights are cast-iron. I think there are several things a person can do that imo, would support taking away their human rights. If you can't act like a human, you aren't human to me. This is a viewpoint I apply to serial killers, serial rapists, slavers and the ilk.
Prohibition didn't work because you weren't tough enough. Rest assured if the penalty for use was death or hard labor for 30 years, it would've been successful.   I don't really care about america's obsession with weed, it doesn't affect me in any way other than making the country a less enticing holiday destination (weed smoke is vile). However I do think that it would be logical to increase the healthcare premiums for complications arising from sustained drug abuse...
Sorry to all the Americans. You can always apply to be a British colony again though.
Topre doesn't feel sharp enough. I like the sharp click response of blues and browns. For the same reason I dislike all linear switches (especially reds). Blacks, greens, clears are all a bit too heavy for me as well - prolonged use of these makes my hands cramp.
 Finally someone else who doesn't like topres. People on keyboard forums get really triggered when I say that topre sucks.
There's always this gem:
A truly woofderful purchase. :D
I spent 3-4 minutes trying to type out a response to the microwave tray.   I've got nothing.
Li-ion phone batteries.
They're not even close in terms of stiffness. I'd demonstrate with a nexus 7 battery, but I don't want to burn my house down.
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