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Most 27' screens I see at a lowish price are either terrible TN panels or have 1080p resolution, which I would really dislike on a large monitor(1440 or 1600 at least for 27"+). I'd love to upgrade my monitor to a equivalent quality thin bezel one with a 4k res, but it's just not available right now at any kind of sane price (that and I'd have nowhere to put my current U3011, which I certainly wouldn't sell). Glossy is a no-no for me as well, same with downgrading to TN...
How does he dust them all?
Nope, any GPU should be able to drive a 2560x1080 screen.
Yus. My 780ti pays off.   What's it from AAMMLers?
I'm am a modern young person. It's ugly as heck.
Wuts a DVD/Bluray? Wut is optical media?
Metal Falcon or Resin? I imported my Resin falcon from Japan for 60% of the UK cost, miraculously didn't get hit by customs.
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