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Topre doesn't feel sharp enough. I like the sharp click response of blues and browns. For the same reason I dislike all linear switches (especially reds). Blacks, greens, clears are all a bit too heavy for me as well - prolonged use of these makes my hands cramp.
 Finally someone else who doesn't like topres. People on keyboard forums get really triggered when I say that topre sucks.
There's always this gem:https://www.techinasia.com/chinas-top-mobile-game-complete-league-legends-ripoff
A truly woofderful purchase. :D
I spent 3-4 minutes trying to type out a response to the microwave tray.   I've got nothing.
Li-ion phone batteries.
They're not even close in terms of stiffness. I'd demonstrate with a nexus 7 battery, but I don't want to burn my house down.
Both non removable and removable battery designs are fine.   Non removable batteries do tend to be on the malleable side though, since it is assumed the phone chassis is providing the structural support that prevents dangerous levels of flex.   Removable batteries have a slightly stronger construction (as opposed to being a bag of lithium layers and electrolyte wrapped in foil and plastic) and are typically stiffened for protection (and so you don't damage it in...
 Across all devices? Through wireless only or wired as well? There's a lot of factors that could be messing with your internet speed.
Noise floor at time of testing was ~38dB. Meter was sealed between earpads and results were recorded using A-weighting. Max: 54.58 dB Mean: 48.84 dB Max: 81.1 dB Mean: 54.73 dB Max: 73.89 dB Mean: 61.57 dB
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