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AAMML Secret Summer? Less time pressure and should be less budget issues since there's no fancy money sucking national holiday around that time.
Congrats DF!
I should play that sometime. I think I've had it for at least a year when it was on sale ons team of indiesomething.
RAMdrive hilarity. Even if it's not big enough to be useful for anything but benching.
That is a little odd. Benchmarks show it pushing 500MB/s+ That said, not all the benchmarks are identical, $k is well know for being more intensive than Seq or 512k.
Companies tend to get the flavor totally wrong or use really schitt quality tea to make their extract. Can't stand must green tea flavored things...or most of the western brand attempts at green tea, especially if they're in teabags.
I've got a cheapass Casio MQ24(£5-8 watch) for my daily beater. Light and doesn't slip down or up my wrist when I'm cycling. Also have an Oris Artelier (633 movment) for more formal situations. Nice and simple design, date window, white face, no subdials. [[SPOILER]]
Oppo PM-1 semi confirmed for a $800-1200 price. Really starting to dislike this continual rise in the cost of higher end gear.
Smells nasty too. There's a good reason it's banned or restricted in certain public areas in Asia.If you still want to try, Google Durian fruit or see if your Asian grocer has them.My grandad brought one back from China 10+ years ago...smelled like sewage.I avoid them when I go back
That doesn't look safe! Yes, I peel fruit with the blade facing away from my body. I actually secure the rear of the blade with my thumb and pull it forward under the skin with my 1st finger, the majority of the time the edge of the blade is under the fruit skin, which is just under or slightly behind my finger. Alternatively I use a potato peeler.
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