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I think the easiest option would be to have the DAC switch setup so that each DAC is named within the script, then each time it changes DAC add a printf (or whatever applescript uses) with the name and a timestamp  listing the DAC to an external log. EDIT: Thread moves too quick, my post is already outdated. ;_; I'm also pretty sure you can switch the windows audio device from at random through matlab script too, not sure if it has this functionality for OSX though.
It's just a 860m, there wasn't a higher spec option and for the price I paid, I don't think I could've gotten anything better either.
Yeah, it's pretty nifty. I love lenovo laptops.
Picked up a new laptop, Lenovo Y50 with the 4k screen. It's pretty nice. Won't have to go back home in the middle of the day to do more computer intensive assignments now.  
I'm not getting the super shiny issue. My hair is no worse (and sadly no better) than a modded origins game. I think a dev said it happens if you have your mesh quality and shader quality missmatched (eg, mesh high and shader on ultra, etc). I though Josie was attractive and Cassandra is attractive in a domineering kinda way. Cassandra has some really cute moments, especially when you catch her with one of Varric's romance serials.Sera...I hate her. Vivenne, she's quite...
Yeah, it does look amazing, but only once you double the install size with mods. Compared to Witcher 2, which just looked stunning outta the box(and similarly, Dragon Age Inquisition).
But. Ma legs never been so sculpted. Also I've had girls hit on me in summer when I cycle with shorts and underarmor top to the gym. Basically my ego explodes in summer...
If I didn't do some background reading I'd get called out on it in progress meeting for my masters project. I get called out for not reading a certain application of laser ablation cleaning last time and that was like the only stuff I hadn't remembered to read. -_-
Yeah, I just lurk. Poke my head in here sometimes. I read way more research papers and articles than coursebooks.
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