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Ssshh. I'm undercover. Nobody suspects the gym teaching the gymnastics class.
Dayum. That'a a nice deal!
You like man seed. In the behind. Also, what gym deal?
I can reach it just fine. You must have small hands. I know everything. I work for the NSA.
Not sure, but I expect it's only big packages because people don't want to have to get tailored packages for their specific card. I also agree with mark, flash is trash.
Lulz. No problems with my Nvidia drivers. I suppose they try harder with the more expensive cards.
Hey, my Sidewinder X5 lasted me a good 3 years!
Mine's a button. I can use it. Currently have it mapped to "=" (which activates a macro in one of my games). I suppose they moved that one. Shame, I liked it where it was.
+1. I'm using the predecessor the MX-2000, which is exactly the same functionally but with a different colour cable braid, black instead of silver thumb button and blue LED DPI lights instead of green.
You wish Panda. ;)
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