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I no longer care if people buy stuff that's higher spec than they need. It's their money and like Panda said, it's subsidizes the times when I shell out for that stuff (or when I can pick up a 2nd hand previously TOTL item that's never even been stressed, much less overclocked a year later XD)
You're doing it wrong.
Sounds unsanitary. Just get her a "back massager".Then when they regret it they plaster it all over social media, even if it wasn't anything particularly bad. Just makes things harder for people who legitimately find themselves in bad situations. 1440p is so last year. Triple 2160p NEC/Ezio setup or bust.
Not even close. I keep the TH900, A900X and the KRK 8400 available at my desk almost all the time, but the rest are rarely rotated out of storage. Eventually I'll get around to buying a decent open can and keep that on hand as well.   Likewise with IEMs, I keep my LivePro 4 CIEMs with me whenever I go out and usually bring the Shure SE425 to the gym. The Phonak PFE 232 and 112 get an airing every so often. The rest don't really get any use unless I feel like a very...
Your own fault :P
The 2500K was ridiculous value as well. Reminded me of the old Q6600, which in itself was a legendary CPU. Q6600, i7 920, 2500K/2600K/2700K and some of the Pentium E series as well as the Pentium G6950. Ahh, the good old days.
Her right arm angle is all kinds of messed up in that image.
Depends on the company. Most EA games are rushed through, Ubisoft is the same with Ass Creed. Basically assume it's crap on release if it's on a yearly release cycle and isn't a super basic FIFA type game. My Y50's 870M is far slower than say...a GTX670.My Y50's i7 4710HQ is slower than a stock clock i7 2700K, let alone the 5.2GHz overclocked one in my desktop. The gap is the same as it has been for the last 4-5 years, at least in terms of price/performance, if not...
Put them in my wallet. Swipe with whole wallet.
New Posts  All Forums: