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All the games can be played standalone, they pretty much feed the lore too you in each game if you want to understand the universe. All three games are pretty unique in terms of gameplay, DA:O (first one) being similar to an updated version of the old Bioware Baldur's Gate style games, DA2 being similar, but more of an arcade feel and DA:I being like Bioware's answer to Skyrim and Witcher. I liked all three tbh, though DA2 is the weakest (which hardly matters when it can...
Dragon Age Inquisition
Screenshot dump time                                  
I don't really understand what extra features you need on a torrent program.
Old school bit-torrent.
The only people in my immediate family with clean computers are my dad (because he only does three things, spreadsheets, iplayer and browse stocks) and my 2nd youngest sister (because she actually listens to me when i tell her not to **** with settings and install random crap).
Storage can be an issue. I keep lossless files on my server, but when loading onto my phone or dap I convert them to 320kbs mp3.
You should probably increase the fidelity of your files. 128/192 is a significant quality drop from 320kbs AAC or mp3. Far more significant I'm certain than any improvement the HA2 can offer. It's a amp/dac, not Jesus.
I'll give it a try when it's on sale. I had remember me and was rather unimpressed. The plot was more fun than the gameplay...
Those of you who play league know whats up. Rito pls.   http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/acer_xb270hu.htm Also, schiit mang...144hz, gsync, IPS and 1440p. Want, want, want. Also wouldn't mind a 30" 1600p version or a 4k one.   The stand is the definition of cheap and nasty though. If I did get one I'd need to put it on a monitor arm.
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