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I can't actually touch-type.   Touch-typing:   Not touchtyping (using pretty much just three fingers and thumb on either hand).     Also the way that 10fastfingers only has a double line word preview and instantly scrolls up after one line is really jarring.   You probably shouldn't get bloodbourne. By the time you've played MGSV and Witcher 3 it'll probably be on sale again anyway.
Ahh yeah, true. Rec.2020...still impossibru. They're getting close with laser panels and QLED though. I think they're up to 97% now. Still absolutely no content because recording and broadcast tech isn't keeping pace. It's a driver issue with the SP3. Intel and MS not playing ball. The issue isn't present with the SP4.
The MBP 2016 is 92% sRGB and 77% Adobe RGB. A very respectable score for a non wide gamut IPS laptop screen and competitive with the likes of the Surface screens.
Wasn't the MBP 13 2012 pretty damned good for it's form factor (back in 2012) so long as you picked up an 8GB model? The new generation kinda suffers from bugs, some weird design decisions and much, much stiffer competition on the windows ultrabook side. All those together make the 2016 MBP look much more underwhelming and worse value than it really is (not that it isn't still poor value for money, the 13" less so than the 15" with touchbar models).
Lol nobody uses Final Cut Pro unless they haven't got any other option. Even apple's internal marketing dept doesn't use FCP.
Wonder why that never blew up. Guess nobody bothered to check their thinkpads.   I still think Lenovo business and high end consumer stuff is good. Every company missteps every now and then.
Really? I can't find anything on google that says any thinkpads were ever affected.
Only a few of the Dell screens are still 16:10. Mostly the ones that share panels with the Ezio and NEC screens.   Also, the Ezio CG318-4K is a dream screen. 31.5" diagonal, 19:10 aspect ratio (4096x2160), 99% aRGB and 98% DCI-P3 and a true 16bit LUT. Only £5k :(
 As someone still using a 16:10 screen, I'd hate to sacrifice this for a ultrawide (hate them) or a 16:9 (less effective area). The comeback might happen though with stuff like the surface studio and surface book using 3:2 panels. Yeah, I really want Zen and Vega to knock it outta the park. The hype sounds good, but only time will tell. I imagine Intel is holding back their high end Kaby-Lake both due to poor yields and as a response to Zen if it stomps Skylake. If nothing...
A T430, man that's a trooper of a laptop. That and the X220 really set a ridiculously high standard for business class laptops back then.
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