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Potentially because a fairly large number of those traits are also negatives for a lot of women.
Moderately interested, but not really interested enough to ask for an EU tour. Not to mention the £500 price tag if I end up really liking them...better not to tempt fate.
My school didn't even have a soccer/football team. I'm talking more about the professional game than amateur. In school, the sports teams are probably filled with jocks anyway, most of which are unlikely to make it a living.
I would be inclined to agree, if footballers weren't all egotistical dickwads. Rugby has strict rules about contact areas and tackling etiquette, which means direct head injuries and spinal cord injuries of the sort found in American Football are very uncommon. It's also the reason why American Football needs body armour and Rugby doesn't. Then again, my favorite team sport is water polo, then field hockey, then rugby.
American Football is basically a bunch of big dudes ramming each other so another big dude can throw a 30cm long egg to a big dude running up the field. Rugby is a more elegant sport, for a more civilised age.
Dangit. You're 1" taller than me. 35-40lbs lighter though. I felt the same way when I was in HK and China last summer. Weirdly tall, then back home...average.
Age gap means very little. Even at your ages, a 1.5 year gap isn't a big deal. 
I get the feeling most SD cards are dreadful. This is supposed to be a class 6, 4GB card.   For comparison, this is 16GB USB Stick.
Pretty sure only a few people read that budget thing. I know my SS didn't(because I checked the price) and didn't read the first post until about a week after I'd sent my gift.
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