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Yeah, I just lurk. Poke my head in here sometimes. I read way more research papers and articles than coursebooks.
Unless you do a humanities or certain social sciences, you don't need to pick up a textbook ever. Unless of course the lecturere sets questions from one, in which case it might help.
Happy New Year pen-fiers   Jeez, I'm outta practice though, my lettering is shaky as heck :(
Started my 3rd DA:I playthrough, first human male. Nailed it.    
It's about as demanding as battlefield 4, so a single 980 is more than enough unless you're running 4k.
Yeah, it's a great game. Needs a higher difficulty mode though. A permadeath mode with no pause function would be cool, like Witcher 2 insane mode.
Yeah, I don't get xbmc either
You can always push the tines together a little to reduce the flow.
Wut. 25ms greytogrey? wtf?   Pretty much anything has to be better than that, my dell IPS has a 7ms response ffs.
You can do either. Connect to the case fan controller if you want manual control, or to the mobo headers if you want to control them via bios setting or speedfan.
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