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I use F5, but I have moderately large hands so it's less awkward to stretch my index finger over to F5 than to cramp my little finger over to CTRL.   That said I could use CTRL+R easily since I have CTRL mapped to a mouse button.   Also: Merry Christmas you degenerates.
 I don't like ultrawides. The missing vertical space makes them kinda meh.
 I still can't decide between Triss or Yen. Triss was there in game 1 and 2, but Yen has the whole book history. Arrrgh! I need to buy the figs at some point when I have some free cash, Triss, Yen, Ciri and a Star Guardian Lux...that's probably like £160 worth of figures sadly. Ciri is played by the same actress who did Hawke in Dragon Age 2, The Imperial Agent in SWTOR and Brynn Cole in ME3. Love her. Yeah I bought my 780ti 2 weeks before the 980 came out. At least it was...
Honestly if I had the money to throw at a mid-high end amp/dac system I'd probably get a Woo Fireflies just because it's ridiculously pretty.       That thing is just gorgeous.
 You'll make your ears bleed if you listen to 80% of modern j or kpop with the HD800. That goes up to 90% for western pop. The HD800S might be slightly more forgiving, idk, haven't listened to one.
 For a mobile device (not a portable workstation type laptop though) a well thought out design (looks good, can take a beating, ergonomic), great battery life and a nice daylight usable screen trump specs. So long as it is "fast enough" that general computing isn't a chore (looking at you Atom, Celeron, low end AMD APUs) the difference between such devices in real world, general usage scenarios is minimal. Specs only really matter when you actually need them, eg, 4K...
Yeah, but is that 33k yen I see?
When I type my default left hand position is around wasd (actually QWD) little finger hovers over the modifier keys permanently.   EDIT: This is probably a habit from several years of playing MMOs where I had to lead raids and the pricks didn't use voice chat - type instructions as fast as possible, but without moving your hands away from the "ready position" so you can still dodge AOE and fire your rotation.
I can't actually touch-type.   Touch-typing:   Not touchtyping (using pretty much just three fingers and thumb on either hand).     Also the way that 10fastfingers only has a double line word preview and instantly scrolls up after one line is really jarring.   You probably shouldn't get bloodbourne. By the time you've played MGSV and Witcher 3 it'll probably be on sale again anyway.
Ahh yeah, true. Rec.2020...still impossibru. They're getting close with laser panels and QLED though. I think they're up to 97% now. Still absolutely no content because recording and broadcast tech isn't keeping pace. It's a driver issue with the SP3. Intel and MS not playing ball. The issue isn't present with the SP4.
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