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I've never had acai berry as a juice or even a fresh berry. My mum puts the dried acai berries in just about every soup ever though.
I just can't drink most smoothies. There's something about the consistency that makes me want to throw up. It's almost ok if I go for a 50% fruit/50% water blend, but then it tastes like schiit. I usually have porridge, toast + fruit with a mug of tea in the morning or eggs, bacon and stuff. If I'm in a hurry it's just a protein shake + toast or a bowl of musili and fruit.
Depressing ass LoL game. Just started a smurf account, level 1. Went into inter bots to level up so I could PvP.   My team fed and ragequit at 15 mins and score ended up 1:21 (only kill was my Lux top, because everyone else QQed that 2v1 top was too hard, even if I played support with them...can't save people who tower dive constantly without a minion wave.)   Le Sigh.
More like I haven't bought any new audio gear for 6 months. 
I preordered the £130 collectors edition. It'd better not suck!
While I didn't know the guy very well, I did enjoy his humorous posts and friendly nature. A loss to the head-fi community for sure and I wish his family all the best.
Not tried a brush pen, but I dabbled in chinese brush caligraphy(my dad saw me writing with fountain pens and said if I liked that I should try his brushes). It's hard. Totally different mindset to using a fountain pen.
Yeah, plan your potions, poisons and stuff. Otherwise you'll get into some tricky situations.
Witcher 2 is far to easy, even on permadeath insane mode. Can't wait for W3 though.
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