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Very nice, entry for the Pelikan instagram thingy?
I hate you so much right now. Nice finds you lucky panda.
Sure. Old review pic, but I never posted it here.  Old doodle with a personal favorite pen, the resin Falcon. or what about some revision using a dip pen?
Yeah, I can deal with getting my ear licked if it's a real-life thing. But for some reason it's weirder listening to a fake version.
Didn't that ear lick get posted last year too? Probably multiple times...every few months. Still creepzor. Occulus Rift for Departure Ep3(if she ever makes it) + Star Citizen + Elite:Dangerous.
Her voice really annoys me. I didn't even make it to 1:30.
I don't understand modern phones. So many options, yet they nearly all suck.  Nice job on the drawing. loled at the "IEM Stand". 1440p phone screens. Don't understand why. It's not as if I have a habit of looking at my phone from 2" away.My phone is old. Only has a 720p 4.5" screen. A 128GB Micro SDXC card mean igaf about storage capacity limited though :P
Use a piece of rubber and a pair of pliers (I use old bike tyre inner tube) to get a good grip while pushing the screwdriver down with the other hand.
Anything that can be downsized enough electronically will probably end up rolled into a cellphone in the future. In terms of cameras, I expect the very high end film and broadcast as well as professional photographers will still use DSLRs and the ilk, simply because mobile lenses are limited by physical size.
It depends, I would probably be happy enough to use stock TIM on a basic third party cooler like a 212, especially if I'm not overclocking the build.If it's a srz-ballz-2-wallz build then I'd use decent paste. I've got a few tubes of Noctua NT-H1 that I typically use. Don't really go in for the metal based ones these days, even if they offer slighty better performance. IC Diamond is apparently amazing, but sooo expensive and it's slightly abrasive so it rubs the serials...
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