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Seems reasonable for the price. Router market is pretty saturated in the $120-200 region though so it doesn't really stand out. 
 It's mostly because it's not really applicable to everyday physics or engineering. Additionally the equations that are relevant for explaining it are more complicated and fiddlier to use than Newtons Law. It's not really very useful to use relativistic equations for "a car accelerates to 5m/s" style questions after all. Finally there's piles of background that's required to even start understanding the maths, gotta have the foundations before you can build the rest of the...
In keeping with Valentines Day.     Feathered a bit because I wrote it on the back of a chocolate box XD. I should get some blank Rhodia Oxford paper I guess.
 Gaming and/or editing can eat up a lot of memory very quickly. 8GB is a pretty good number for most people, at least for a desktop/laptop that is likely to see reasonably heavy multimedia use. Clearly a lighter user or someone who runs a OS that isn't as hungry as windows could easily do with 4GB or even 2GB. Tech writers likely suggest that 8GB is a minimum because that safely covers the vast majority of possible uses the average joe will use their computer for....
A desktop 980 in any laptop form factor is going to be limited by cooling, not least if it's stuck in there with a desktop CPU. The thermal paste they use is the least of the problems with a unit like that.
Asking people in forums is research!     right?
Long term it's better to disassemble it and put your own non-schitty thermal paste in there.
Try and get that 8GB ram in a dual 4GB kit so you have space left for another 8GB kit if you ever want to upgrade. Also what GW2 server are you on?
Should able to pick up a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid for that kinda price or below. The Corsair K65 is around the same price point and looks flashier, the RGB version is still ~140EUR though. If you'd rather have a numpad instead of the arrow keys + home group there's the CM Storm Quickfire TK as well, roughly the same price as the Rapid.
The tessellation in ROTR is insane. Such a pretty game.
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