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I'll freely admit I haven't bought any audio gear in that price range for a while.
SK have a few nice headphones. The Aviators and Mixmaster's aren't bad at all. Actually very good imo if they happen to be on sale. Not that I can talk about spending too much on cans, not in the slightest.
Slightly blackened and has that memorable burned silicon smell. Most just end up failing slowly though. Not had that many go pop, usually it'll seem fine, then my PC will become less and less stable before the next time it's booted, the BIOS detects less RAM than before.
What is this "budget" you speak of? No, I tend to buy fairly high quality PSU's and do the same with my other components(at least with regards to their power circuitry) although this is mostly because I like to see how far I can push stuff in overclocking. I've killed my fair share of components doing so (schiittones of RAM sticks, 9600GT, AMD Phenom 1050, Intel Core i7 920, ASUS P6T, Intel Core i7 2600K in the last 4 years). I like the extra overhead for watercooling too....
You know what they say, after the Nuclear Apocalypse there will only be three things. Zombies, Cockroaches and Nokias.
I think they're pretty fetching myself. Makes me wonder if someone like MCA could make a less square headband though.
Sigh. The mobile HF looks silly on my desktop. Not as silly as the "new look" AAMML thread though.
Dang. That's a good looking poster.
  Needed a new sac, nib needed smoothing out and then the clip and lever need a polish. Not bad for £16.
Repairing nibs, regrinding and retipping...mostly by hand. That's experience and skill there.
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