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Nooope. My setup hasn't changed since last year. Agree with mechy here, wireless colour laser ftw. Best £80 I've spent on a peripheral.  China pls.
There are a few things I feel would be much better without technology, dating is one of them. Nobody needs to deal with getting blown off because the other person's tinder match is more attractive than you are.
Just go for a ultrawide 21:9 screen. 
In your case I think a more powerful PSU would actually help if you intend to have both overclocked.
Pork steaks, rice, onion, assorted frozen veg (I can't be bothered with multiple normal veg) and cherry tomatoes on the vine.
It's pretty nuts how much the price of ddr3 has changed. I got my 1866 16GB Hyperx genesis set for £50. Last time I checked it was £140.   10% off everything at Cult Pens. My wallet hurts already.  
I really, really hate 30fps locks. Especially since it's something you actively have to add into the game.
Bagging? The free plastic bags at the store I guess. Sometimes the plastic canvas bag for life things. My parents have a coolbag for fish and stuff, but I live less than 300m from the supermarket.
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