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 Wealthy parents. After all stuff like, "dad's work laptop cost $2k, so why should Brandon get $2k for his first computer?"Alternatively, "Sorry Kyle, we can't be there for your birthday because we have an important business dinner in NYC, but here's $3k so buy yourself a happy childhood?"
The "heat trapping" is due to the increased use of additional materials other than silicon to prevent current leakage etc. These always have really really poor thermal conductivity compared to the bulk silicon transistors in old stuff. It's obviously a lot more complex and all, but "heat trapping" is enough for most tech sites.
 I'd be pretty miffed if the caps weren't at least stuff like Nichicon, Panasonic, Rubycon etc. The "exotic" solid poly caps are nice to look at.
Better suggest it on massdrop. How can I pre-order this.
Both fit.
I know that feeling. I saw a cintiq 27QHD go for £570 this month...Just add I was basically broke from Xmas spending. ;_;
Pro tip, if you get ciems don't stand on them accidentally or otherwise. This happened to my livepro 4's a couple months ago.
Did an MEng.
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