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Laptops have optical drives still?
I wouldn't consider it a failure. Just, less than optimal. 
A rig in that price range with a CX PSU is acceptable in Europe imo, especially since $800 gets you significantly less here. Those XFX PSU deal aren't a thing sadly. That said, you can find a much better BeQuiet, Antec, Silverstone or Coolermaster PSU in the same price range.
Man, the old 400CX PSU. That was amazing for the price back then. Best value PSU I ever bought.
With what you've said about your current setup I've no doubt the largest source of noise in your system is the GPU. Get a 3rd party GPU cooler. You're already using Noctua fan which are quiet, so there isn't much left.
A 2500k loaded at 65C is perfectly fine. I wouldn't go above a fully stressed temp of ~75/80 though.
Consider yourself lucky.    Fun times with Virgin Media. This is their highest grade consumer service for the area too...I can't wait for the contract to end.  Oh boy. 
Created the perfect resting b***h face character in ArcheAge!    
It used to be ok when headphones were more niche a couple years ago. It's turned into one of the worse subreddits in the last year or so.
Teemo is cancer. Pls no. I like Ashe, but I'd never play her unless I was duo queuing. 
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