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I remember when you had that case. For me:1st 2nd and probably an M-ATX when I next change case. These full towers are just too effing big, a well designed m-atx that can accommodate a water loop will do fine.
It's a catastrophe. ......                                                                                                                                                           ...I'll get my coat. LOL.
Hello. :P
Just use a spoiler tag + gore warning? That way it's their own fault. A bit like if you decide to play Amnesia Dark Descent in a dark room with the volume up and have nightmares.
I'm well past the honeymoon with my Raven 02. I'm gonna build a microATX next time I upgrade I think. Watercooled raven 02 ~ 20kg and is a pain in the ass to transport, especially when I have to carry my also heavy ass dell 3011 around too. Watercooled matx probably much better.Hey, I never left the skype. :P
It looks nice, but I don't really want to play more than one moba at a time. I can't really play more than one game of each genre concurrently. Top lane Lux. I don't even know man. Low level EUW seems way dumber than low level NA. There's no way I should be able to top lane on Lux.
Jesus. You must have a big house. Oh, I suppose, good luck with...ummm...your "endeavours" with those sorority girls?
EUW, with a L10 NA smurf.
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