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Anything that can be downsized enough electronically will probably end up rolled into a cellphone in the future. In terms of cameras, I expect the very high end film and broadcast as well as professional photographers will still use DSLRs and the ilk, simply because mobile lenses are limited by physical size.
It depends, I would probably be happy enough to use stock TIM on a basic third party cooler like a 212, especially if I'm not overclocking the build.If it's a srz-ballz-2-wallz build then I'd use decent paste. I've got a few tubes of Noctua NT-H1 that I typically use. Don't really go in for the metal based ones these days, even if they offer slighty better performance. IC Diamond is apparently amazing, but sooo expensive and it's slightly abrasive so it rubs the serials...
Corsair makes good schiit. They're always in my recommended lists, but I don't actually buy much from them myself, the times I've been looking some other brand has beaten them in my area for price/performance. The original 2009 model CX400 was a beast. Based on a redesign of the Seasonic SII, I used that to power a media server then in an emergency used it to power my main rig for a couple weeks - no small feat since I was using a power hungry i7 950 back then. Do agree...
I remember when you had that case. For me:1st 2nd and probably an M-ATX when I next change case. These full towers are just too effing big, a well designed m-atx that can accommodate a water loop will do fine.
It's a catastrophe. ......                                                                                                                                                           ...I'll get my coat. LOL.
Hello. :P
Just use a spoiler tag + gore warning? That way it's their own fault. A bit like if you decide to play Amnesia Dark Descent in a dark room with the volume up and have nightmares.
I'm well past the honeymoon with my Raven 02. I'm gonna build a microATX next time I upgrade I think. Watercooled raven 02 ~ 20kg and is a pain in the ass to transport, especially when I have to carry my also heavy ass dell 3011 around too. Watercooled matx probably much better.Hey, I never left the skype. :P
It looks nice, but I don't really want to play more than one moba at a time. I can't really play more than one game of each genre concurrently. Top lane Lux. I don't even know man. Low level EUW seems way dumber than low level NA. There's no way I should be able to top lane on Lux.
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