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A desktop 980 in any laptop form factor is going to be limited by cooling, not least if it's stuck in there with a desktop CPU. The thermal paste they use is the least of the problems with a unit like that.
Asking people in forums is research!     right?
Long term it's better to disassemble it and put your own non-schitty thermal paste in there.
Try and get that 8GB ram in a dual 4GB kit so you have space left for another 8GB kit if you ever want to upgrade. Also what GW2 server are you on?
Should able to pick up a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid for that kinda price or below. The Corsair K65 is around the same price point and looks flashier, the RGB version is still ~140EUR though. If you'd rather have a numpad instead of the arrow keys + home group there's the CM Storm Quickfire TK as well, roughly the same price as the Rapid.
The tessellation in ROTR is insane. Such a pretty game.
Laptops have optical drives still?
I wouldn't consider it a failure. Just, less than optimal. 
A rig in that price range with a CX PSU is acceptable in Europe imo, especially since $800 gets you significantly less here. Those XFX PSU deal aren't a thing sadly. That said, you can find a much better BeQuiet, Antec, Silverstone or Coolermaster PSU in the same price range.
Man, the old 400CX PSU. That was amazing for the price back then. Best value PSU I ever bought.
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