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I must be lucky, my cheapo chinaphone gets ~66ms latency. My older chinaphone is terrible though ~396ms latency.
At no point have I ever had a pile of raw beef an no suitable kitchen knife at hand. That said, you use your fixies for heavier duty stuff than most people being on a ship and all. I think for most people, a decent quality folder is enough. I personally would never use a folder for cooking.
Legit looks like me after a few shots.
The Dell cintq clone uses wacom emr tech though. So aside from competing on color accuracy(possibly better if they use the tech from ultrasharps) and price (can't possibly be higher than wacom lol) it still doesn't introduce a true competitor to the cintq series. Especially if wacom hobble the drivers and the pen for the Dell so it doesn't have tilt and rotation. Minority report coming to a tv near you? I can totally see this being used in next gen combat vehicles as well.
 £145/yr. ;-;
Well, when everyone who wants to watch tv or use iplayer is legally required to pay a tv licence for the bbc, you have a lot of funding to throw at things.
Most of the big bbc documentaries are 4k if you buy them or watch on an enabled tv. I'm pretty sure planet earth 2 is 4k. They detailed plans for a proper 4k+hdr rollout across the uk network in December as well.
Ahh fireball. That's some stuff you should drink in moderation. Not for the alcoholic content, but because it's a freaking laxative lol.
The performance increase from M.2 isn't that noticeable in actual use sadly.   I haven't been able to go ham on PC hardware like I did when I was in year 1-2 uni. Lack of decent performance upgrades (for the money) have kinda meant it never felt worth it. Even now my 2700K (that I overclocked so it single core turbos to 5.3GHz and 4 core turbos to 5) is fine. Been setting the money I haven't been spending on audio schiit and PC schiit into a investment account that'll...
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