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Try gently pressing on the nib so the tines spread a little further apart, that should give you a bit more ink flow. Pilot pens are indeed a great introduction to pen-fi. :)
1st game I played in league today. Had this gem of a teammate.   I. Don't. Even.
On par with the GTX780ti sounds awfully disappointing for a top end next generation card.
I think I've been to that one. They had the original XBA range and the Phillips Fidelio X1 on display when I last visited...2 years ago? Had some of the high end AT and Ultrasones in the display cabinets too, though you had to ask to demo them.
Titan Z + Pentium anniversary and 4GB ram. No bottlenecks at all rite? XD
What I a GTX Titan Z or a R9 295 X2 if you're poor.  [[SPOILER]]
AQ. I remember that too. It was pretty sweet actually for a free game back then.
Honestly. I'm okay with that.
Very nice, entry for the Pelikan instagram thingy?
I hate you so much right now. Nice finds you lucky panda.
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