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Being honest, back at that time British engineering was ummm...poor. Just look at the cars we built in that time period lol. Total garbage.
Never really looked into gun ownership in the UK, so I couldn't tell you. The A1 sa80 was pretty bad so the army complained. The replacement A2 fixed the issues and it's a pretty nice gun, reliable, easy to maintain and compact. I'd still take a mimi over it just because LMGs are fun as all hell to use.
wrt guns.   I haven't shot or been on a range since 6th form (18 years old, last year of school in the UK). I can appreciate guns, but don't really see the need for one here. There's a shooting range about 200m away from my house at the local community center as well so it's not as if it's difficult to find places to shoot if you want.   Guns I did get to play with, SA80 (in cadet, light support weapon and standard variants), L110A2 light machine gun and the No.8...
Ahh, governments. I expect VPN services will be in high demand in the Philippines this year. Invest early.
A house so I don't have to ask a landlord if I can put holes in the walls for speaker brackets etc.
 It's from Thailand, I have no idea why it's got a mexican dude on it lol.
 I'm already prepared. While you lot have to go searching for food, I've got mah bags of rice.
If they remove the jack then they won't get my money. Simple as that really.
I must be lucky, my cheapo chinaphone gets ~66ms latency. My older chinaphone is terrible though ~396ms latency.
At no point have I ever had a pile of raw beef an no suitable kitchen knife at hand. That said, you use your fixies for heavier duty stuff than most people being on a ship and all. I think for most people, a decent quality folder is enough. I personally would never use a folder for cooking.
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