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Since it's nice and sunny today here's a couple photos showing off that Sargasso Sea sheen.       It does bleed like mad on lower quality paper however, so coated stuff or more parchmenty paper is best.
Around 70% of current prices
After using old wet noodles and dip pens for a while I went back to the old Falcon SF. It felt so...stiff and unresponsive and lines were just so fat. I guess if I can put aside some money I'll see if that needlepoint nib mod for the falcon is any good. I think Greg Muskin as well as Mottishaw do them now. Until then I might order a janky jinhao to try and bodge a dip nib into.   On the other hand, I was using Diamine Sargasso Sea, I'd totally forgotten the amount of...
Yeah, the CGTalk thread on the mobilestudio was like "wtf, that price lol" and "16:9 lol".
How to buy a laptop for art and design.   Do lots of research.   Save money.   More research.   More money.   Consider brand X.   ... .... ..... .... ...   Buy a Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16 and hope your bank manager doesn't hate you.   Also, what's this 99% sRGB rubbish. Where's that extra 1%. Wouldn't use anything less than 100% sRGB and 96% Adobe RGB. Jeez, you plebs.
I guess bars and clubs aren't as big a thing on American universities? Most UK ones have their own student bars and nightclubs built into the student union building(s). Alcohol isn't typically served at the bars until after 9ish, though you can get food and a pint on a campus pub at any time of day.   Society events pretty much revolved around nights out on bar/pub crawls and nightclubs, at least for the societies I was a member of. Even the Chinasoc/HKsoc had night out...
Ahh, that sucks then. I can only recommend the alphas or the lawton pads in that case. Here's my set of Alpha pads on the denon rings.
 Don't need coffee if you're waking up in the afternoon. :P
 They're very tight, much like putting shure pads onto the ring. The Alpha pads are much easier to fit onto the mounting ring (and imo, sound better and feel more comfortable).
Holy schiit. That's basically a whole ATH-M50X + next day courier worth of whiskey.
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