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Practice. Staedler is a German brand, so it's pretty cheaply available here. I dunno how easy it is to get stateside. They make great stuff for technical drawing and sketching. You caught meh! I have SWTOR on Ramdisk, it gets streamed from SSD to RAMdisk where it's kept unless I power the PC off(never), then when I change areas it take a second or so.
Com at meh bruh
I've had that problem before. It's usually because the chassis manufacturer grounds everything on the front ports to the same point, I know Antec do this. Solution is just to avoid using the front headphone port.
That lightsaber
I still think a 6" phone is ridiculous.
Just go full student and live on $0.2 per portion ramen and frozen chicken for the next month.
        The game feels very...Witchery. I like it. Bioware definately took lessons from Witcher 2 and integrated them pretty well. The tactical combat system is a bit odd, the camera's limited max zoom being the issue more than anything else. but it's not the train wreak people complained about. Had to update drivers to play it otherwise it froze every now and then.   Except the KB/M controls. They suck. Like, they really, really, really suck.
Dragon Age Inquisition next week. Please don't suck. *fingers crossed*
Future proof until 4k star citizen.XD
980 is pretty nice, the improved power consumption and thermals yet still being a tad ahead of the 780ti. Quite jelly. I'll hold out for the titan refresh or the 980ti though, my setup still works fine and star citizen isn't coming out this year so I'm not to worried about any games needing extra power at 1600p. Power consumption isn't am issue either, since my rent includes electricity.
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