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Not ideal. But a light swim won't hurt. Going full Micheal Phelps probably won't be very fun though.
My 2700K has been running at 5.3GHz pretty much since I got it. It is overclocked such that it still overclocks and overvolts dynamically - little point in running at 5.3 on all cores if it's barely being stressed, My GPU isn't overclocked anymore though, an overclocked 780ti just punted too much heat into my cooling loop and made the radiator fans ramp up, frankly unacceptable. :D
It doesn't matter who you elect this round. Everyone thinks you're stupid for getting into a presidential race where there are only losers.
If LoL is the Moba for people who can't play Dota2 what is HoTN? Also I always considered RTS to be stuff like Command and Conquer, Starcraft or the Skirmishes in Total War and SupCom.
Time for rough g10 case protectors?
 What Ace said, I guess it's kinda it's own caricature and meme as well now. 
The HD800 was a little too unforgiving for me. I preferred the Beyer T1, especially since I listen to a fair amount of youtube music.
The SFW preview has surprisingly good acting, except the redhead. The son could probably star in a UK romcom and nobody would know he was a porn actor.
That's still higher than what I paid for my 1866 16GB kit a year or so ago when the memory prices crashed. At least it makes sense to buy the new sockets though, it was hard to justify if you weren't going for 2011 before. Yeah, if they were to go further apart I might as well sit in the middle of a room and get floorstanders...
My desk isn't nearly that wide. Pair it with a 30" and speakers that are slightly wider...another screen isn't happening. Here's an old photo since it's dark as fuk and my desk is covered with paper. 
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