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How is a softbox and a light more demanding than the $1000 camera...
What Bowei said on the 6950. Speculators market atm and the high-hash card prices fluctuate with the coin value. Also, Bowei, you'd be better off checking out some softboxes and studio lights.
You can if you're cool with replacing the plugs.
Yep. That's a tidy job.
*hides Hello Kitty boxers*
I grew up using chopsticks. I can effectively use them in both hands. I like to randomly swap chopstick hands when I eat meals with my parents because it annoys them. 
Ssshh. I'm undercover. Nobody suspects the gym teaching the gymnastics class.
Dayum. That'a a nice deal!
You like man seed. In the behind. Also, what gym deal?
I can reach it just fine. You must have small hands. I know everything. I work for the NSA.
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