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Not tried a brush pen, but I dabbled in chinese brush caligraphy(my dad saw me writing with fountain pens and said if I liked that I should try his brushes). It's hard. Totally different mindset to using a fountain pen.
Yeah, plan your potions, poisons and stuff. Otherwise you'll get into some tricky situations.
Witcher 2 is far to easy, even on permadeath insane mode. Can't wait for W3 though.
I can run my Lamy converter down in 1-2 days with a 0.5mm stub nib and 3 days with the EF just in everyday note taking. During revision time it won't last the day.
Lol wut? $ks a year in red envelopes?
Lenovo is always pretty good value. I'd avoid their mini case units though, no upgrade space at all, not even for another HDD or SSD. The fans are crazy loud on those too. More noise than is I turned all my radiator fans to max.
How is a softbox and a light more demanding than the $1000 camera...
What Bowei said on the 6950. Speculators market atm and the high-hash card prices fluctuate with the coin value. Also, Bowei, you'd be better off checking out some softboxes and studio lights.
You can if you're cool with replacing the plugs.
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