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I guess bars and clubs aren't as big a thing on American universities? Most UK ones have their own student bars and nightclubs built into the student union building(s). Alcohol isn't typically served at the bars until after 9ish, though you can get food and a pint on a campus pub at any time of day.   Society events pretty much revolved around nights out on bar/pub crawls and nightclubs, at least for the societies I was a member of. Even the Chinasoc/HKsoc had night out...
Ahh, that sucks then. I can only recommend the alphas or the lawton pads in that case. Here's my set of Alpha pads on the denon rings.
 Don't need coffee if you're waking up in the afternoon. :P
 They're very tight, much like putting shure pads onto the ring. The Alpha pads are much easier to fit onto the mounting ring (and imo, sound better and feel more comfortable).
Holy schiit. That's basically a whole ATH-M50X + next day courier worth of whiskey.
We don't really do much manufacture now, but with stuff like ARM, Dyson, Rolls Royce and BAE our engineering design had improved significantly in terms of quality. The country isn't big enough to be a leader in all categories of engineering anymore, but the areas we have specialised in we're pretty good at it...for now anyway.
Being honest, back at that time British engineering was ummm...poor. Just look at the cars we built in that time period lol. Total garbage.
Never really looked into gun ownership in the UK, so I couldn't tell you. The A1 sa80 was pretty bad so the army complained. The replacement A2 fixed the issues and it's a pretty nice gun, reliable, easy to maintain and compact. I'd still take a mimi over it just because LMGs are fun as all hell to use.
wrt guns.   I haven't shot or been on a range since 6th form (18 years old, last year of school in the UK). I can appreciate guns, but don't really see the need for one here. There's a shooting range about 200m away from my house at the local community center as well so it's not as if it's difficult to find places to shoot if you want.   Guns I did get to play with, SA80 (in cadet, light support weapon and standard variants), L110A2 light machine gun and the No.8...
Ahh, governments. I expect VPN services will be in high demand in the Philippines this year. Invest early.
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