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Until you feel the card you currently own isn't good enough for the games you play at the resolution you play?
10.5" or 26.7cm according to Nvidia specs.
Are those the only fan mounts? A traditional push pull would be better/
I might get the 1070, depends on pricing and if the AMD counterpart has HBM. I want a HBM card just because they're smaller.
PC build is fine, I'd get more storage for video editing and a bigger SSD...256GB might seem like a lot, but it's tiny and 2TB is gonna fill up very quick. If you have to drop from the 2011 to do so, I would, if you overclock the 6700K it'll be more than fast enough unless you're really planning to hammer it hard in editing. RAM, no reason not to go DDR4, DDR3 is old tech and price isn't very different. GPU, the 980 + 6700K would be better for gaming, especially at the...
Yeah, part of the noise is the fact they use ball bearings instead of sleeve. It's more cost efficient to manufacture a ball bearing with a long life expectancy than a sleeve bearing of equal quality. The majority of Delta's stuff is ball, with a few sleeve bearing fans at the low end (DSB series). http://www.nmbtc.com/fans/white-papers/fans_ball_vs_sleeve/
  That said, they're supposed to be for servers in datacenters, same as nidec and sanace originally, so the "all performance, fk noise levels" makes sense.
  https://youtu.be/jKJmpIu8OQ0?t=15m44s   That's pretty loud. It's not 65dB 48W Delta fan loud or vacuum cleaner loud. But it's pretty dang loud. Probably around 43-45db at a guess?
Sigh, I'm on "up to" 17mbps....i get around 3-5mbps. Rural internet sucks.
Low stress workloads do not need high clock speed by virtue of being less time dependent. I don't care if it takes a couple minutes longer for a background process because i don't notice. With a higher stress process like video rendering our gaming the idiocy of having the higher chicks is directly apparent, thus my processor is setup to ramp up with increasing utilisation and stress. Additionally, my processor does support marginally higher clock speeds at fixed voltage...
New Posts  All Forums: