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3k/1k read write? Why not 8k/11k? 
It's up for preorder here in the UK, prices look pretty amazeballs if the benchmarks hold up.  
 You can't expect much(if any) manufacturer support after 2 years. Frankly you're pretty lucky to get more than one. That said, a S5 of LG G3 etc is still perfectly usable long as you aren't the type of person who hammers it with the latest apps and games. If you just need a basic smartphone for internet, messaging and the occasional photo it's fine, batteryis probably going to be donezo after 3-4 years though.
Ehh, one Safari is enough for me. I'm not really going to collect safari's for the sake of it.
Press the pads into the cup and twist anticlockwise to remove them. If you want to look at the inside of the cups, the screws under the earpad ring holes retain the earcups on. The screws flush with the metal hole the driver in.
Check for any hairs stuck in the driver.
Amy tape will do, if you want it to be easily redouble without glue residue you can use medical tape (though that is somewhat permeable so the effect is lessened) or painters tape.I just used scotchtape. Trimmed the excess with a razor blade, can't even tell it's modded. I'll post a picture when I get off work if you want.
Is that ketchup on spring rolls, what the heck?
I'm not using the same mousepad, mouse or anything else. In fact my desk is completely different.
Just do a ghetto jig with some blue tack holding the filter on the end of the lens. :D
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