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I'm fully integrated into the windows workflow and playflow. I couldn't move to linux for most of my stuff if I wanted to. Linux as a media PC or general home browser/occasional work PC works fine, but not when your workplace is heavily invested in programs that don't have a linux port.
^ This.I just keep phones until it's not capable of doing what I want to use it for. I don't game on my phone, or edit photos or whatever. Basically web browse, skype and call people with the occasional utility app. 
Your photoshop and system colour profiles don't match and lots of schiit has it's own built in profile these days, which certain stuff may or may not ignore/apply. Your browser is probably using internet standard sRGB. (Though firefox does allow to you use any icc profile in it's config settings).Windows is probably using whatever icc profile your monitor came with or the system default sRGB IEC61966 2.1Photoshop is probably using something different too.The picture might...
  Picked up one of these because I often find myself needing a ballpoint.
Yeah, I run s/pdif over a toslink cable to an external dac, although I don't get interference with USB dacs either.
Does it have to be a sound card? I had major EMI issues with both X-fi and Xonar cards.
The X1 price point has me interested. I need a DAP for the gym. My little clip+ doesn't do it anymore.
Yeah, but the tour ones look and read from the spec sheet like overpriced toys.
Congratulations! Here are your results. You're a Mystery You're glued to your games. There���s no level you can���t master, no cheat code you don���t know. You love to explore new things. You're inquisitive and have a really vivid imagination. You really pride yourself on being the first person you know to find out about cool stuff, and when you do make an awesome new discovery no one is going to be able to distract you until you know all about it - and we mean ALL...
The UK doesn't really do rebates. There's the occasional manufacturer cashback, but that's literally an email and in ~1 week after proof of purchase you get the money in your paypal/bank.
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