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If only Apple's implementation of the sapphire glass was actually decent. It's like when they had the bendgate thing and it turned out the aluminium alloy was subpar. Same thing here, apple have some cheapo sapphire coated glass that doesn't even have a decently pure sapphire laminate. I'm sure that a purer sapphire laminate would have the same nice mechanical properties (won't shatter as easily as a pure sapphire lens of that thickness, better optical transmission than...
Cough *Audeze, Hifiman *cough
As someone with a broken D2k in a box, I can empathise.
You guys need some rice and instant noodles with your battlestations.    
You already know Mechy. You. Already. Know.
You don't have to have every AAA title installed at the same time though. On the other hand...I've been running 3TB worth of SSDs in my main rig since ~early 2013. Silence for ever!
Before they made them EOL the entire range of Phonaks were 100% worth it imo. The Inear Sounddiver series are also worth the money. If they are comfortable the Ety ER4 series have always been worth every penny. I also liked the Sony XBA-A3 and if I had reason to buy more IEMs (I don't) I'd likely have picked those up when I heard them a while back. You might be able to tell I like BA IEMs rather more than Dynamics, but that's probably more to do with BA IEMs just tending...
I found that with the stock IE80 the mids were kinda poor with the bass bleeding into it. Soundstage is really good for an IEM though. If you can get it for a decent discount it's a good IEM, but I wouldn't pay MSRP. If you mod them then the bass becomes much more controlled (though still impactful, especially if you have the bass port screw tuned up) and really lets the mids shine. Modded it's actually a really good IEM.
Mostly the camera and the less energy efficient (and slower) mediatek chipset are where the sub $300 chinese smartphones compromise. Once you hit the $350+ mark chinese smartphone have pretty good to really good cameras and sport totl qualcomm chipsets. I'd never pay more than $500 for a phone, especially with the kinda of stuff companies like oneplus, xiaomi and huawei are putting out in that price range.
That sucks wink, I guess there's no market for an independent contractor in that field either?
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