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Been waiting for RPGWizard to hook us up with one of them fancy illustrations of the orange cable. Dude is killer with photoshop.
How do you take headphones off your head? Seriously??
And now that pre-orders do have a tentative date of today or tomorrow, I think it is a good time to disclose a bit more info on them.  Or at least a better breakdown of the color schemes available. Has the secret password been confirmed yet?
While I dont have a pubed out head of lettuce I can see your concern with that gnarly hinge.  Val has long stringy 'Anthony Kiedis-type' hair and hasn't mentioned any hair grabbing issues.  But, If push comes to shove, I'll just get a mullet. I'd still like to know if that hinge can open a beer bottle.           
Not sure why y'all waitin' 'til now to bark about the headband...this, the eve of PPU pre-orders. Are your coconuts really so small that they wont fit?  I need to see this, can you post some pics?
SHARK WEEK starts in 20 minutes!  M-100's and sharks....this is going to be a good week.
  I'm pretty sure the 'surprise feature' on the matte black will be 2 orange cables.  I think Val may have forgotten he already told us this.  Either way, that's the one I'm gettin'.  And I hope there are scuff marks, spit and game-worn battle-tested DNA patina all over it.  I want to feel the terror they endured as I hold them in my hands. Their screams of maniacal torture to rumble through my body and pulsate in my brain. Knowing in the end they are the survivors and...
  You've mentioned the boom-mic several times.  Give us an illustration/example of how this might look.  A while back I was guessing one of the extra secret features was a mic attachment for the opposed earcup.  Wondering how your version plays out.  If there is a jack in the opposite earcup that is not in use, would it not leak sound or disrupt acoustic integrity?  I always say the more holes the better but not so sure in this case.
  I second this times a thousand regarding the anticipation and delayed release.  I think I'm set on the matte black with orange cables but still a little confused about which colors the PPU's will be.
  Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now.  Thanks again for the review. If you see Val with his goodie bag full of M-100's in Tokyo can you give us an ampless impression?  And maybe discretely pull on his hair just to see if it's a rug or not?
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