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  I don't know what 'fangtasia red' is but those two designs will definitely pop on the black shields.  Your avatar pic would look good too, maybe even better.
  Yes, crossfade LP phantom chrome with blue shield kit. I'm guessing you are interested in the chrome bracket that holds the earcups instead of black?  Me too.  Amazon selling phantom chrome LP's for $96 right now without the shield kit.
#3 minus the March Madness.  The shuttle popping out of the top of the shield on the other images looks a bit 'phallic'. I don't see any problem engraving this except maybe the tree in the upper right quadrant.   It might come out looking like an ink splatter. But I say go for it.
After much deliberation I have determined the first song to be played on my M-100's......"Naughty Girls Need Love too" by Samantha Fox.
Ty- The coat of arms design looks better. But lose the 'ncaa' brackets and extend the sword tips at the bottom.  I noticed one image does not have the sword tips and the other one does, but they are just little nubs. 
Picture was taken from Hong Kong V-Moda Facebook page at the High-End Audio Show on 8-10-12.  I don't post on the 'big thread' anymore. But I am aware of the additional corked port announcement and noticed it was absent in this photo also.  I'm guessing they just didn't have the newer version in time for the expo.  And you know Val, loves to keep us guessing. 
Some more color schemes for your consideration.  M-100's on the left!  
Great design.  Although, it looks a little like scruffy is fixin' to dry hump the vents. Might look better if it was just a head shot?
redrum REDRUM!  'night bleeders
scrypt... You should post here more often.
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