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Interesting fact.  Val weighs 143 lbs.  I think we need to put him on the 'largemouth bass diet' of pulled pork samiches, fried yucca, and beer.  Or at least we should all chip in and get him a repulsively gigantic 5 layer chocolate cake.
  x2 for the Eddie Vedder reference and his collaboration to the movie soundtrack "Into the Wild".  I have tickets to see him in November.  Primarily vocals and ukulele, will be interesting to hear how this sounds on the M-100 as well.
OK Thanks.  They're darker than I expected compared to the matte finish of the earcups.  Which to me is a plus...they look awesome!
  Can anybody confirm if these shield colors are matte, gunmetal, or shiny black?   Hard to tell with the transparent shiny protector on them. 
  Sending good thoughts!  I personally know what you are going through.  So yeah, don't worry about any updates.  At the same time, stick around....this forum can be rather therapeutic at times.
I'm familiar with that post, but they never indicated which thread they were talking about.  Either way, this thread will never be locked. I'm staying here until I rot.
'Development' thread to us because we have been here all the while.  The title doesn't say anything about development...it says 'Reviews'.   What difference does it make who started the thread?  I said DJSquared could inform what page the reviews start because he is active and can edit his post on the first page to the newcomers.  It is not a monster thread if you bookmark the last page you were on.  Surely you dont start on page 1 everytime you visit the site.  As I...
Is it really necessary to have another forum for the M-100?  So what if there are over 400 pages in here. DJSquared can update his post on the first page to let everone know the review section begins on such and such page.  There are already 9 pages of junk over there that will have to be sifted through anyhow. The forum name is misleading as well..."M-100 & VTF-100 Appreciation Thread"... WTF is a VTF?  There's no such thing.  It was just a promo code name to order the...
  As Curly alluded to, you have to be in a unique state of mind to appreciate the nuances of Merzbow.  For me, I like to prepare lasagna, clean my compound mitre saw, or bust sod while it's buzzing melody grinds it's way into the carbon essence of everything around it.  Regardless I wasn't looking for a musical debate.  Just wanted to hear AnakChan's impression of its range in relation with the M-100.  Needless to say I think Anak is overwhelmed by all the review requests...
AnakChan...Thanks for the sneak peak. I genuinely fear the indignity of soiling myself when strapping into the M-100's for the first time. I too shall wear diapers.  Also, could you listen to the track "716" by Merzbow during your analysis of the M-100's.  Greatly anticipating your impressions!
New Posts  All Forums: