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Notice most of the complainers are those with a lower post count and not been here since the beginning?  Unfortunately they know not the privilige bestowed upon them.  For this, I am breaking out my crazy voodoo kit and conjuring up spirits of the postal demons to circulate their precious packages to barren wastelands of the universe.  If Kharma has a conscience on the frequency I transmit, let it be now.
Operation Lockdown must have done the trick....that, or everyone got banned.  WiR3D, you out there? You still owe my your Neil Sedaka vinyl collection.
Val tweeted this last night, "Chapter 8 of my life starts today."  My body twitched and was marked with a distinct bowel contraction.  But within seconds I quickly reminded myself that Chapter 11 is the one to fear.  Going to buy some clorox now.  Y'all behave and keep this thread open now.
While waiting for the thread to open back up, my cat 'Thunder', imposes his own lockout.  He's 25 lbs. of claw, hair and teeth.  I'll wait this one out.    
Scrypt: I too was ready to pronounce a valid retort to your own abbreviated tort of sorts.  Yet after the secret meeting in the basement of my brain I could not fulfill such prophecy, realizing the capitalization of the 12th letter of the alphabet in my own namesake was excessively foreboding.  The comma rich environment with which you dwell is equally intimidating.  With brief reverie I welcome the elongated cunctation. But for now the pelagic openness of the blue...
Scrypt...How much tupperware do you have in the cupboard? It's important. p.s. the falcon flies at noon.
The other alleged 'review' thread for the M-100 is 15 pages of clutter and nonsense.  What's the point of another M-100 thread if we have to slum through it to get to reviews.  We can do that here.  Too much of a hassle to be jumping back and forth between the two.  If we are going to start fresh, I nominate AnakChan to open up a new thread simply labelled "V-Moda M-100 Reviews", and lock out the other one. Personally, I prefer slumming over here. The content is so...
'submerged'.....hmmmm.  I bet the mice in Val's head are already turning the wheels...Underwater headphones!
I'm a sucker for tupperware parties.
I guess ya can't please everyone.  I think those soured by the wait should keep in mind we would have nothing to be impatient about if Val had not allowed us behind the scenes coverage to begin with.  
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