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Twice Val has requested for you all to curb the shipping talk.  But you press on.  Blatant disregard or diminished cognitive skills?
AnakChan is on a bender? Show us the tattoo man! 
Crossing my fingers I get a flame tested unit.  They will whisper to me of fear and endless torture. Their unending spasms of pain lodged in my carotid artery while their nightmarish screams bounce off the inside of my skin and descend to the tips of my toes.
  Could you elaborate on this?  And, thanks for the review!
  I will admit, this definitely looks more appetizing than my meatloaf.
I'm making meatloaf tomorrow for dinner, you're all invited.
ding ding
It's true, the child-like avatars and adolescent shield designs represented in this thread has given me pause for concern in my quest for the M-100's.  Questioning my own status in the target audience for these headphones. Fortunately, I have chalked it up as a superficial demographic anomaly and trudged onward. 
x's 3.14
New Posts  All Forums: