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As most have been so far, Gizmodo's review was favorable of the M-100's.  I will simply choose to pretend I didn't read this part.   "You wouldn't want to use these headphones to mix a recording. The mids aren't perfectly articulated the way the highs and lows are. The headphones capture all of the details of recordings, but they don't sound as clear or flat as standard bearers like the Sennhesier HD 250s. Yup, the M-100s' sound has color to it. That's going to...
My underwear is made in Bangladesh.
  The dampening material behind the this the easter egg?
  2:25 - 2:38  "I don't know, I don't know Italian!" - I'm still not sure if you were being serious but 'VOILA' is a French term to call attention to, express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic.  Pronounced 'vwa-la'.   Regardless of your intent, the muscular tissue in my face involuntarily managed to somehow formulate what most would consider to be a smile.  Thanks for the video.
  From this earlier quote, might explain why some did not get there notes.  
That was me.  Sorry, but I needed a new workbench and table saw.  Plus I got a great deal on laser hair removal for my hairy back. 
"The cans have a pleasingly slim profile, so that also means there isn't much depth inside of the earcups from the pads to the metal grills in front of the drivers.   Even though this editor didn't experience major cartilage cramps after a few hours of repeated use, it's safe to say it'll be a weird feel for some -- memory foam pads only help so much when parts of your ears are being pressed against pieces of metal veiled only by a thin strips of fabric.   Kolton...
That's all good to hear.  Looking forward to the review.
If there is a shipping concern, lets contact customer support for that.  It does no service to blather on about it here.  As for hangovers, the best cure is to keep on drinking.
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